Isaac Oppenheimer, Vancouver Alderman

Alderman-Isaac Oppenheimer

This biography of Vancouver Alderman Isaac Oppenheimer was originally published in the Vancouver Daily World newspaper of December 31, 1888, and transcribed by volunteer Chris Mizzoni in May of 2018. Chris also transcribed the original 1886 nomination, signed by Isaac Oppenheimer, below.


Has represented Ward 5 ever since the city was incorporated, and has been elected at the head of the poll on each occasison. He was born in the city of Bleskaskel, Bavaria, in the year 1835. He remained there until 1848, in which year he left for the United States, residing in the city of New Orleans, La, until the year 1852. Leaving New Orleans he left for California, remaining there one year, after which he took up his residence, for a period of six years, in the State of Oregon, and also California, eventually leaving for British Columbia in beginning of the year 1859, and has resided in this Province ever since. In the December of 1871 he made a tour of the east and remained absent for about 7 months, after a prolonged stay of 11 years in the vicinity of Lytton, Cariboo, and Big Bend country. During his stay in the mountains he always identified himself with the miners as one of their number and used his utmost endeavors to forward their interests and any rising industries and new developments. He was at that time in partnership with his brother, and the name of Oppenheimer Bros. was known at all points in the Province. Ald. Isaac Oppenheimer may be said, in conjunction with David Oppenheimer, to have established the business of the firm in Lytton, Cariboo, Yale, Dog Creek, Barkerville, Richfield and also Victoria. During his stay in the Cariboo district he was recognized as a friend to the miners, and took a lead in carrying out all work, such as drainage of the mines. Ald. Oppenheimer has been familiar with this townsite both before and since the city was incorporated, has large interests in the Vancouver Improvement Co’s property, also in every ward excepting ward 2, and cannot fail to be recognized as an active workman not only in measures undertaken by the Councils of 1887, 1888 but may be expected to exhibit his energy, and careful and good judgement in all matters which may come up for consideration at the meeting of the new Council.

City Clerk’s Office

Vancouver, B.C. 1886

I Robert Couth a resident voter of Fifth Ward hereby propose nominate
Mr. Isaac Oppenheimer as a fit and proper person to represent Ward No. 5 in the Municipal Council of the City of Vancouver for the year 1887.

I (Manley Sparks) hereby second the Nomination of Mr. Isaac Oppenheimer as representative of Ward No.5 for the Municipal Council of The City of Vancouver for the year 1887.

I Isaac Oppenheimer hereby agree to accept the Nomination as Alderman for the Fifth Ward of the City of Vancouver for the year 1887.

Isaac Oppenheimer