No pay for injured water main worker – January 8, 1894

The Fire Water and Light Committee recommended William Aviy be allowed half time [pay] since his injury working on the water main – Council disallowed. Council approved the Finance committee’s recommendation to write off 240.00 in back taxes.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 5 pages 657- 660

[volume 5 page 657]

Vancouver BC
8th January 1894

The Council met on Monday 8th January 1894
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Anderson, Salsbury Cargill Hobson Towler Franklin, Brown Hackett & McCraney
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From John Melyer contradicting certain statements made by a member of the Council regarding Insurance rates.
Referred to Finance Committee

From J. Buntzen Business Manager of the Vanc. Street Railway & Light Co stating that the Company would place new lights on the centre of Granville St bridge and corner of Seventh Avenue and Cedar Street. Filed

From W. T. Thwaite et al asking that the Market Hall be granted to hold a Public Meeting on Wednesday night
Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded “ Towler
That the request be granted. Carried

From Victor Giroux stating that he had done some work on the mess house at the Reservoir, and that the Contractors refused to pay him $4.00 due him, and asking the Council to help him get his pay.
Referred to the Water Commissioners

[volume 5 page 658]

The following reports were received and read.

Fire Water & Light Committee

The F.W. & L. Committee met on Wednesday January 3rd 1894
Present Aldermen Franklin, Salsbury & Towler
It was recommended:-
That Wm Aviy be allowed half time while laid up from the effects of injuries received while working on the New Water Main at the Narrows.

That Wm Club be appointed on the Fire brigade temporarily, in place of Geo. Evans, who is laid up with a broken leg.

That the following accounts be recommended for payment
Wm Murphy Firemen’s Pants 187.00
D. Brown Wiring #3 Fire Hall etc 23.60
McLennan & McFeely Shovel etc. 1.25
Chowder & Penzer Feed 176.05
C.F. Foreman Supplies 16.40
B.C. Mills T & T.Co Lumber 1.30
Can. Gen. Elect. Co Wire rc 223.68
L. Brighouse Feed of Horse 10.00
I. Forbes Shoeing 4.00
G.H. Bazley “ 12.00
L.T. Tilley Letter Pad .50
B.C. Iron Works Co. Boiler plate rc 2.50
D. Wilsin Horse Blankets rc 8.80
Thos Lobb Horse Shoeing 1.60
W. Hooper et al W.W. P.R. 302.35

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded “ Franklin
That the Clause in reference to Wm Airie be referred back Carried

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded “ Cargill
That the report be adopted as amended. Carried

[volume 5 page 659]

Finance Committee met on Friday January 5th 1894.
Present Alderman Anderson, Cargill & Hobson
It was recommended:
That the following accounts were recommended for payment.

News Advertiser Supplies $53.55
A. J. Paterson et al Clerical work 68.50
C.F. Foreman Supplies 2.04
Duncan McRae Assessing 200.00

That the Tax Collector be authorized to strike from the Roll the taxes on the following buildings, the same being uncollectable.

541 C.P.R. reserve building for 1893 $4.50
“ “ “ “ “ 1892 $3.75 1893 6.00
200 a A. B29 Lot 3 “ 1892 $19.70
541 B 14 Lot 10 1890 $70.94 1891 $114.00

That the Communications from Chas Duncan asking for a reduction of the Auctioneer’s license be referred to the City Solicitor.
Moved by Alderman Hackett
Seconded “ Towler
That the report be adopted. Carried

Board of Works.

The Board of Works met on January 4th 1894
Present Aldermen McCraney, Salsbury, Franklin & Hackett

It was recommended
That the sum of ninety dollars be ordered paid as a full settlement of J. J. Nickson’s claim re sewers.

That the Street Inspector arrange for the

[volume 5 page 660]

extension of sidewalk asked for by Frances Hartley

That the sum of $300.00 be paid to E. Cook as a final settlement in full of all claims in connection with the reconstruction of the sewer at the Court House Block.

That J. M. Holland’s bend be accepted and that he be paid $193.74 for refund for curbing and cement walk at the Holland Block.

That tenders be called for the following tenders to be sent in by 3 p. m. on January 18th. Delivery of crushed rock on the Streets from the Gore Ave. slip

That tenders be called up to 3 pm on January 25th for the following
a) Salt glazed vitrified pipe for Basement drain on Granville St & surface drain on Hastings Street
b) Gratings for catch basins.

That the following accounts were recommended for payment.
McLellan & McFeely Nails rc $9.45
B.C. Mills lumber 182.63
Boyd & Clandenning Grading 450.00
Lomas et al Payroll 83.20

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded “ Towler
That the report be adopted. Carried.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Franklin gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council be would move an amendment in the Water Commissioners Bylaw with a view to have all money paid into the City Treasurer’s Office and that all cheques drawn shall be signed by the Water Commissioners and the City Treasurer.

The Council then adjourned.
F. Cope Mayor
Thos McGuigan City Clerk