Vancouver to buy horses for fire department – January 9, 1888

horse drawn tank
Horse drawn tank taken abut 1911, AM1669-: CVA 389-76

Reports from the Committees established the previous week. Appointment of Council Committee under Mayor Oppenheimer to purchase team of horses for fire engine. Letter from F Munro noting that Keefer has hired Chinese, letter from Keefer explaining. Discussion about precautions regarding smallpox.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 155-163

[vol 2 page 155]

Vancouver January 9th 1888

The Council met on Monday January 9th 1888 at 7.30 P.M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Alexander, Bell-Irving, Brighouse, Couth, Clark, Dougall, Humphries, Lefevre, Mannion and Oppenheimer.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From W.L. McDonald, re the Park Road; Referred to the Board of Works with power to act.

From Thos. Dunn re increased Candle Power for the Electric Lights; Referred to F. L & W Committee.

Item No. 3

From J.W. McFarland Secretary of Vancouver Water Works Co. asking for permission to take a tracing from Map shewing the Sewerage pipes of the City. Permission granted.

From Phillip Fewster re the establishment of a Mill in Vancouver. Filed.

From James B. Babington applying for a civic position. Filed. [page 156]

From Jas Cooper Keith acknowleding receipt of resolution of Council. Filed.

From F. Munro and others drawing the attention of Council to the employment of Chinese by H. F. Keefer. Referred to City Solicitor.

From H.F. Keefer explaining the circumstances under which the Chinese were employed. Referred to City Solicitor.

From William Ellison applying for the position of Sexton. Filed.

From Secretary of Fire Brigade giving list of New officers elected and the names of the Firemen. Referred to F. W. & L. Committee.

From L.L. Black re Hawkins, The Solicitor was instructed to give his final decision as soon as possible.

From John. P. Lawson giving estimate of the cost of constructing a bank on Water Street.

Item No. 4

Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Lefevre That the Board of Works be instructed to call for tenders for the construction of the bank mentioned. Carried.

[Vol 2 page 157]
From John. P. Lawson re the grading of Georgia Street. Referred to the Board of Works.

From John. P. Lawson re condition of Streets and Sidewalks. Referred to the Board of Works with power to act.

From J.M. Boswell, Collector of Customs re precautions against Small pox. Filed.

From H.A. Mellon and others re the grading of Nicola Street. Referred to Board of Works.

The following accounts were read and referred to their proper Committees.
L. W. Haywood, Railway Fares, $16.00
McLennan and McFeely Stoves etc. 28.75
W. Ashford, Milk 35.50
Vancouver Electric Light Co. 180.00
Office rent for Mr. McLean 28.00
Thomson Bros. Stationery 5.65
Telegraph Co. 1.45
Jos McDonald, Shed 6.00
Robert Couth, Coal 21.00
Vancouver Bazaar 2.25
John Scuitto, Bread 12.86
Leamey & Kyle, Lumber 77.00
K. Rutherford, Teaming 2.00

[Vol 2 page 158]
Vancouver Wine Co. $4.25
Campbell & Martin 5.00
Hayes & McIntosh 19.06
Charles Nelson 6.00
Robert Matheson 7.25
F.W. Hart 18.00


Item No. 5

F.W.&L. No 1.
The first meeting of the Fire, Water and Light Committee for A.D. 1888 was held on Thursday January 5th, Alderman Humphries being appointed Chairman. The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Thos. Lye & Co Nails etc. $8.40
Thos. Dunn & Co. Nozzle $36.60
F.X. Martin, Coal oil 3.00
B.B. Skinner, hauling engine 2.50
Your Committee has again taken into consideration the purchase of a team for the Fire Engine and with that object in view have appointed His Worship the Mayor in conjunction with Aldermen Humphries and Brighouse to make the Selection of a team suitable for the purpose. In the meantime we would press upon the Board of Works the necessity of having stalls erected in the fire hall for their reception.
We have instructed the City Engineer and the Chairman of this Committee to submit an estimate of the cost of constructing a tank on Water Street in front of the fire hall, int being considered necessary to have one in that vicinity.
We would also urge upon the Council the necessity of appointing a Committee from among themselves to wait upon the Vancouver Water Works Company and ascertain their views in regard to a water supply for the City.
We have appointed Thursday of every week at 4 P.M. as our regular day of meeting.

sgd Jos Humphries, Chairman

Adopted. Alexander, Mannion.

Item No. 6

Health No. 1

The Board of Health met on Thursday January 5th 1888 and beg to report that Alderman Lefevre has been appointed Chairman for the current year and that the regular meetings of the Board will be held on each Friday at 2.30 P.M.

In order to take all possible precautions against the introduction of Small pox into the City; we would strongly recommend that the Medical Health Officer be required to examine every passenger from vessels coming into port to see that they have no infectious disease.

sgd J.M. Lefevre, Chairman

[vol 2 page 160]

Moved by Alderman Alexander Seonded by Alderman Mannion that the Report be sent back to the Committee. Carried.

Item No. 7

Works No 1

Board of Works met on Wednesday January 4th at 3 P.M. and beg to report that Alderman Bell-Irving has been appointed Chairman for the current year and that Friday of each week at 4 P.M. is appointed for the regular day of meeting.
We have been instructed the Inspector of the Park Road to furnish a report shewing whether the terms of the contracts for said road are strictly complied with.
J.G. McDonald has been notified to have his derrick which is used in the construction of a building on Granville Street, raised to a Sufficient height to allow all conveyances passing under it.
The City Engineer has been instructed to prepare a plan for the information of this Board, shewing by different colored lines, the streets that are graded, planked, gravelled and sidewalked, the location of banks and the amount of work under construction but uncompleted.
The City Solicitor has been instructed to furnish this opinion to Council as to the position of Mssrs Dunn and Ferguson in the Hawkins matter.

sgd H. Bell-Irving Chairman

[vol 2 page 161]

The first meeting of the Finance Committee was held on Wednesday January 4th 1888, Alderman Alexander being appointed Chairman for the current year. The following report is submitted for the approval of Council:-
With a view of estimating our expenditure for the current year we would recommend that each standing Committee be required to furnish to this board as soon as convenient; an estimate of their proposed expenditure for the year.
That a Committee be struck from the Council to revise the City By-Laws and have them printed in pamphlet form.
We have examined and compared the tenders furnished the City Clerk for the year 1888 and would recommend that the advertising be awarded to the daily News Advertiser and the printing to Herald Printing and Publishing Co and Mr. Robert Mathison, according to the terms of their respective tenders.
We have appointed Friday of each week as the regular meeting day of this Committee. The account of [page 162] John Clough amounting to $7.50 for services rendered in connection with Mr. McLean’s office is recommended for payment.
sgd Rich. H. Alexander, Chairman

Approved on motion of Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Lefevre.


Item No 9

Moved by Alderman Humphries, seconded by Alderman Couth, that the Finance Committee take into consideration the purchase of furniture for the City Engineer’s office. Carried.

Item No 10

Moved by Alderman Humphries, seconded by Alderman Couth, that the Fire Water and Light Committee take into consideration the placing of a lamp on Westminster Avenue in front of the Baptist Church, it being agreed that the lamp will be light and the oil supplied by the Church members. Carried.

Item No 11

His Worship the Mayor appointed the Chairman of each Standing Committee to interview the Vancouver Water Works Company and Aldermen Alexander, Couth, Bell-Irving and Dougall to revise the City By-Laws.

[vol 2 page 163]

Item No 12

Notice of Motion

Alderman Humphries gave notice that he would at next meeting of Council introduce a by-law to prevent or regulate the firing off of guns etc. within the City limits.
The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk