By-law will regulate firing of guns, bonfires within City of Vancouver – January 16, 1888

Bylaw introduced to regulate firing of guns, setting off firecrackers and bonfires. Public library requests donation for the purchase of books. City Solicitor gives opinion that Keefer not guilty of breach of contract by buying gravel from Chinese merchant. Payment of $600 to Keefer for gravel. Amended lease for CPR for Cricket Grounds submitted. Changes to Park Road and Bridge across Coal Harbour. Locks to be put on desks of Aldermen. Public library requests donation for the purchase of books. Advertisement for the position of City Scavenger. Efforts to increase candlepower of Electric Streetlights.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 164-172

[vol 2 pg 164]

Vancouver January 16th 1888 at 7:30 p.m.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Alexander, Bell-Irving, Clark, Couth, Dougall, Humphries, Lefevre, Mannion

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From City Solicitor giving it as his opinion that Mssrs Dunn and Ferguson were empowered to proceed with the contracts entered into by Heardins.

From Leamy and Kyle petitioning for the planking of Cambie Street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From J.W. McFarland thanking Council for granting him permission to take a tracing from the Sewer map.

From Lewis Eggert applying for the position of Fire Inspector.

From City Solicitor giving it as his opinion that H. F Keefer was not guilty of a breach of the contract by buying gravel from Chinese.

[vol 2 pg 165]

From Thomson Bros. submitting catalogues and price lists of the Schlerght and Field Co’s office Cabinets.
Referred to Finance Committee.


Finances No 2.
The Finance Committee met on Friday January 13th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:
A.R. Reid, Stationery $8.25
Robert Mathison 7.25
Thomson Bros 5.65
Canadian Pacific Telegraph Co. 1.45
Robert Couth & Co. Coal 14.00
Herald Printing & Publishing Co. 20.75
Jonathan Miller 1.85
Daily News-Advertiser 31.95
We recommend that the City Clerk’s salary be raised to $100.00 a month, and that the City Engineer be empowered to purchase the necessary furniture for his office.
J.H. West, on behalf of the workmen employed by Wm Heardins having entered suit against the Corporation to recover wages for work on Streets and Sewers. We would recommend that the City Solicitor be instructed to retain Messrs Corbould and McColl for

[vol 2 page 166]

the defense and give them all the necessary information and instructions on the matter.
We have carefully examined the lease submitted by the C.P.R. Solicitors for the Cricket Ground and have struck out the objectionable clauses and now beg to submit the amended form for the approval of Council.
Sgd Rich. H. Alexander
Adopted. Mannion – Clark

Works No. 2
The Board of Works met on Friday January 13th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:-
Jos Mc Donald, erecting shed $6.00
Vancouver Bazaar, Stationery 2.25
Leamy and Kyle, Plank 77.00
Office rent for Mr. Mohun 28.00
J.W. Cameron, fixing Sidewalks 22.50
Phillip Breen, Repairs 3.00
Woodaman and Edgar, Blacksmithing .75
Jas. B. McKim, Street Work 1.00
H.F. Keefer, Estimate on Gravel 608.90
James Heartney, Park Road 1532.52
The following recommendations are submitted for the approval of Council.
That steps be taken towards the expropriation of the Gore and the junction of Powell and Alexander Streets.
That the City Clerk communicate with Mr. Abbott determine upon

[vol 2 page 167]

what terms the recreation grounds can be purchased, and that the City Engineer prepare a plan of the Foreshore of False Creek.
We ask for further time for the consideration of the petitions for the improvement of Georgia and Nicola Streets and for the appointment of an assistant road inspector.
We have instructed the Chairman of the Board of Works to bring in an estimate of the cost of a proposed change to the Park Road and submit same to the next meeting of the Council.
The following tenders have been received for the tank on Water Street:-

H. Connacher
For a Tank 48 x 12 x 12, $493.00
J.H. Hayden
For a Tank 48 x 12 x 12, $490.00, and $35.00 for each additional foot in depth.

Johnston, Brown & Co.
For a tank 48 x 12 x 12, $387.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 13 423.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 14 458.80
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 15 499.60
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 16 550.40

McDonald & Cameron
For a tank 48 x 12 x 12, $500.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 13 565.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 14 640.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 15 720.00

[vol2 p168]

For a Tank 48 x 12 x 16 $825.00

W.E. McCoskrie
For a tank 48 x 12 x 12 $534.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 14 623.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 15 675.00
” ” ” 48 x 12 x 16 720.00
We recommend that the contract be awarded to Johnston Brown & Co. for whatever depth of tank may be considered necessary.
sgd. H. Bell-Irving
Adopted Alexander-Clark

No. 15 Police No. 1
The Police Committee met on Thursday January 12th 1888, and appointed Alderman Mannion Chairman for the current year: –
The following accounts are recommended for payment:-
C.W. Heaywood, Railway fares $16.00
McLennan and McFeely, Stove etc. 27.75
John Scuitto, Bread, 12.86
Van Voldenburgh & Bro, Meat 12.45
sgd. Jos Mannion
Adopted Clark- Humphries

No. 16 Fire, Water and Light No. 2
The Fire, Water and Light Committee met on Thursday January 12th 1888 and beg to report that the following accounts

[vol 2 pg169]

have been examined and found correct and are recommended for payment:-
Electric Illuminating Co. $180.00
Robert Couth & Co., Coal 7.00
Robert Rutherford 2.00
Charles Nelson 1.00
F.W. Heart .50 cts
We have instructed the Chairman of this Committee to interview the president of the Electric Illuminating Co with a view of ascertaining the cost of installing and maintaining the proposed increased candle power lights.
In order to prevent the hose from being cut in two be passing trains we would recommend that a man be placed on the track during the progress of a fire to give the train notice of obstruction on the rails.
sgd. J Humphries,

No. 16 Health No. 2
The Board of Health met on Friday, January 13th, 1888 and recommend the payment of the following accounts:-
FW. Heart, Burial of Chapman $14.50
Charles Nelson, Medicine 5.00
Heays and McIntosh, Meat 19.00
Campbell & Martin, Bread 5.00
Vancouver Wine Co. 4.25
Walter Ashford, Milk 33.50
McLennan & McFeely 1.00
We recommend that an advertisement be inserted

[vol 2 pg170]
in the paper calling for the position of City Scavenger, furnished with all contrivances for removing night-soil and submitting the price of his services.
sgd. J. M. Lefevre
adopted Alexander – Bell-Irving

A Deputation from the Public Library of the City appeared before the bar of Council asking for a donation assist them in buying books for their library.
The Council promised to consider the matter after which the deputation withdrew.

Alderman Humphries presented a report from the President of the Electric Illuminating Company shewing the cost of the increased candle power lights which was referred to the Fire, Water & Light Committee.

No. 18 Moved by Alderman Humphries
Seconded by Alderman Clark
That the City Clerk be instructed to have Locks placed on each of the Alderman’s desks.
Moved by Alderman Lefevre seconded by Alderman Mannion
That Mr. John be instructed to prepare a plan shewing the blocks already sewered and

[vol 2 pg 171]
those which will require to be sewered this year.

Moved by Alderman Lefevre, seconded by Alderman Dougall
No. 20 That the Board of Works be empowered to make the changes and on the Park Road and build the bridge across Coal Harbour as shown by the Chairman of the Board of Works.

Moved by Alderman Alexander, seconded by Alderman Humphries
No. 21 That the awarding of the contract for Station Six of the Park Road be deferred for two weeks until it can be found whether the shore side can be used for this work.


No. 22 Alderman Humphries introduced a By-Law to permit or to regulate the firing off of guns , the firing or setting off of fire balls, squibs, crackers, or other fireworks and the making of bonfires within the City of Vancouver, which was read for the first time.

Notice of Motion

No. 23 Alderman Couth gave notice that he would at next meeting of Council introduce a By-Law regulating the Storage of Gunpowder etc. within the limits of the City.

[vol 2 pg 172]
The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk