Library Board Selected – January 31, 1898

Seven candidates were selected to the Library Board. Additional police Actions of Constable Butler were upheld in arresting a boy while he was at school.

This transcript was made in 2022 by Transcribimus volunteer Joanne McCormick

Source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 8 pages 137 – 147

[Volume 8 page] 137

Vancouver Jan 31st 1898.

The Council met on Monday January 31 1898.
Present His worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Townley, Painter, Mc Queen, Neelands, McGuigan, McPhaiden, Brown, Foreman, McMorran and Bruce.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the City Auditor furnishing a Report shewing the correctness of the accounts of the Free Library Board for A. D. 1897.

From the City Clerk asking to appointed to administer the Estate of Wm. Moon who died in the hospital owing the City.

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by ” McMorran
That the City Clerk be authorized to apply for letters of Administration as requested by him.

From the Chief of Police asking for hand cuffs, batons, etc.
Laid over.

From the President of the Board of trade asking the Council to supply a number of folders or small pamphlets for circulation.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Knowdell Hodson + Brown asking for repairs to Pender Street near their premises.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the Electric Lights.

[Volume 8 page] 138

From the residents of Fairview asking that the Street Railway Co be requested to give a 20 Minutes service on 9th Av.
Referred to the railway Committee

From Thos. B. Shoebotham asking for a Music Hall License.
Laid Over

From the Lieutenant Governor acknowledging receipt communication re appointment of License Commissioners.

From the B. C. Mills drawing attention to the disgraceful condition of Carroll Street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Wm McCraney reporting on his trip east in connection with the distribution of Klondike pamphlets.

From the Parsons Produce Co asking permission to construct a smoke house on the blind lane east of Carroll Street.

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by Alderman Townley
that the request of the Parsons Produce Co be granted in so far as this Council can grant the same. it being understood that they take all risk in connection with the matter provided same is not a nuisance.

From J. Gibbins drawing attention to the unsafe condition of a sidewalk on Granville Street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Geo. McL. Brown Executive Agent of the C. P. R. asking Council to apply to the Legislature at the next session for

[Volume 8 page] 139

amendments to the City Charter covering certain requests made by the Company for exemption.
Referred to adjourned meeting of Council

The following Reports were received and read:-

Water and Market Committee

The Water and Market Committee met on Wednesday January 26th 1898. Present the Full Board.
Mr. Bowser waited upon the Committee re water rates on house 740 Bute Street. It was decided to accept $15.00 in full payment of the above account.

Shelton + Co wrote offering a rebate of $5.00 on London Blinds.

Moved by Alderman Townley that the stair exits and fire escape for the new City Hall be left in the hands of the Mayor, the Chairman and the City Engineer.

Moved by Alderman McMorran that Lindley’s rent be reduced to $35.00 per week from this time forward.

Moved by Alderman McMorran that F. W. Boultbee’s salary be restored to the amount received by him when he joined the service of the City in 1892 viz $100 per month to take effect from the first of January 1898.

Resolved that the Chairman be authorized to sign a certificate on account of S. J. Lafont.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Ashcroft Mfg. Co.Supplies$5.00

[Volume 8 page] 140

A. LintonBoat Hire$22.00
Thos H. BoydBalance of Contract274.70
Geo AdamsLabor8.20
Evans Coleman + EvansSupplies4.75
Water Works PayrollLabor584.20
J. E. Barwick1.90
Hastings Saw MillSupplies33.50
Chas. Woodward3.00
Thos. VeitchTeaming15.85
Shelton + CoSupplies123.50

sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by ” Bruce
That the report be adopted except the clause recommending the raising of the Salary of F. W. Boultbee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday January 28th 1898. Present the full board.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

W. E. JohnstoneSalary$60.00
The Plaza Livery StablesHack5.00
John WesleyMap1.00
Hicks Bros.Hacks15.00
W. C. Marshall5.00
Evans Coleman + EvansSupplies20.06

Resolved that the contract for supplying wood to the city be approved and be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate seal affixed thereto.

The following tenders were recommended for recommended for acceptance:-

BindingG. A. Roedde
AdvertisingNews Advertiser + World
BurialsKemp + Simpson on condition that pauper children be buried at $8.00 each, adults at $15.00 each

[Volume 8 page] 141

DrugsMcDowell + Co.
ChemicalsNelson Co.
Green Groceries + FishDominion Fish Co.
GroceriesCity Grocery Co.

Resolved that the coal contract be not awarded and that the city Clerk be instructed to ascertain from the Accountant the quantity of coal consumed during the year and get quotations from the mine owners with a view of the city purchasing from them direct.

Resolved that the contract for hauling saw dust be not awarded.


From the Board of Works asking for a grant of $5000 in anticipation of the appropriations and from the Park Commissioners for $1000.
Both requests granted.

From. M. C. McLean on behalf of the Poultry and Pet Dog Association asking for a grant of $100.00 and the liberty of using the Market Shed.
Resolved that they be granted $50.00 and the free use of the Market Sheds on condition that they leave the premises in as clean a condition as they found them.

From R. E. Gosnell statistician Victoria asking City to subscribe for a copy of the British Columbian Year Book.
Laid over the City Clerk to remind Mr. Gosnell that a copy has not been received.

From Burnet and Johnson asking for a share of the civic insurance.
Filed for reference

[Volume 8 page] 142

From J. C McLagan Manger of the World P + P Co. asking the City to subscribe for 2000 copies of his Klondike Edition.
Resolved that the City subscribe for 2,000 copies at 4 cents each done up in wrappers and that they be sold later on when they are to be distributed.

From the City clerk and Accountant asking of an increase of salary.
Laid over.

sgd Jas McQueen

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by ” Painter
That the report be adopted as read

Moved in amendment by Alderman Brown
Seconded by ” Painter
That the clause in the Report in relation to 2,000 copies of the World be amended by adding provided the cost does not exceed the appropriation.

Amendment lost. Motion Carried.

Fire and Police Committee

The Fire and Police committee met on Tuesday January 25th 1898. Present the full Board.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

W. J. McGuiganInquest$10.00
Evans Coleman + EvansSupplies14.77
H. KirbyRepairs.50
M. RaeKeep of Dogs1.20
McIntosh + coSupplies.50
A. E. Lees + co2.00
W. A. CumyowInterpreting6.00


From the Chief of Police recommending

[Volume 8 page] 143

That the Night watchmen Purdy and McGirr have their allowances raised to $20,00 per month respectively.
Laid over until a statement is obtained as to what they receive from all sources at present.

From the Chief of police recommending the the Police Force be increased in view of the large influx of strangers expected in the near future.
He asked that the specials (Chas. Mulhern, John McLean and Thos. Wylie) be appointed on the regular force and two more specials appointed.

Moved by Alderman McQueen
That Charles Mulhern, John McLean and Thos Wylie be placed on the regular force at a salary of $60.00 per month each.

Moved by Alderman Townley
That the Chief of Police be empowered to employ one or more specials temporarily subject to the approval of the Board.

From D. W. Kells asking for a position on the Police Force.
Referred to the Chief of Police to examine into his capacity for the position.

From John Mellon laying a complaint against Police Constable Butler for arresting his son at the Public School.

Moved by Alderman Townley
That Officer Butler be reprimanded for arresting the boy in school during school hours and that in future that the police be instructed to use better discretion in such matters.

Resolved that the Chief of Police be authorized to purchase six police badges and clubs.

sgd R. A. McMorran

[Volume 8 page] 144

Moved by Alderman Foreman
Seconded by ” Alderman McMorran
That the Report be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 27th of January 1898. Present the full Board.


From H. Gain asking permission to put in hinges on sidewalk in front of premises on Cordova St. used to put in wood under house.
Permission granted subject to giving a note indemnifying the City against accidents and to the satisfaction of Engineer.

From S. Thompson asking that the square at the intersection of Powell, Alexander, Water and Carrall be put in better condition.
Resolved that this Board recommends that the City have the following portions of streets paved with wood blocks under the local Improvement system:-

Seymour Street from Hastings to Cordova 260 ft more or less
Richards Street ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” “
Water St from Cordova to Carrall 1,600 ft ” ” “
Alexander St from Carrall to Westminster Av. 1,200 ft ” ” “

From F. C. Morton asking for a sidewalk at junction of Pender + Georgia streets north side.
Referred to Engineer to give them temporary walk.

From Martin + Robertson etal asking that grade of sidewalk at the McClary Co’s new building be raised to correspond with the centre of the street.
Resolved that this recommends that this change of grade be made.

[Volume 8 page] 145

From Mssrs Davis Marshall McMillan Abbot re Mssrs Thompson Bros claim for damages for alleged injury to property also from the City Solicitor saying that it was a matter for the City Engineer to deal with.
Referred to the City Engineer to find out the probably cost of fixing the sewer.

From Thos. P. Shetol etal asking that 6 ft walk proposed to be laid on 7th av east of Carolina St be put down on the south side instead of the north side.
Referred to Alderman McMorran and Engineer to examine and decide which side it bad better be laid.

From large numbers of petitioners asking that rocks at English Bay beach be removed by City men.
Laid over, the Committee agreeing to go in a body to examine the beach at low tide on february 10th.

From Thos Veitch asking for 10 per cent returned on his rock hauling contract for 1897.
Resolved that his request be granted.

From the McClary Manufacturing Co offering to supply enamelled street signs for use on streets 1000 signs at $400 as per sample submitted.
Resolved that the City Engineer obtain from them a [future?] for the 1000 signs per the better sample submitted also to see if any other Canadian firms manufacture the same kind of signs.

The Parson Produce Company submitted plan for a small brick smoke house to be built within the Fire Limits.
Plan approved subject to a copy being deposited in the office.

Resolved that the foreman for Ward 5

[Volume 8 page] 146

be instructed to lower the sidewalk on 9th Avenue where complained of near Carolina street under directions from Alderman McMorran and the City Engineer.

Resolved that the Foreman for Ward One be instructed to turn the water from the roadway on Jervis Street opposite Lot 8. Block 29. DL 185.

Resolved that the Finance Committee be requested to place the sum of $5000 to the Credit of the Board of Works to meet current expenditure until the Estimates are prepared.

Resolved that the subscriptions to both the News. Advertiser and World be renewed for 1898.

The condition of Seaton Street at Red Cross Brewery was discussed and the Engineer was instructed to examine and report.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

B. C. T + T. Co.Supplies$67.41
Clarke + Stuart4.10
D. J. McLean5.25
Thos Dunn + co20.00
Robertson + Hackett288.41
W. L. Tait133.08
S. Elkins et alLabor644.45

sgd H. J. Painter

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by ” McMorran
That the Report be adopted.

Unfinished Business

Under the head of unfinished business the following names were submitted as candidated for the Free Library board for 1898:-

[Volume 8 page] 147

Geo. Walker, Wm. Brown, J. J. Dougan, Wm. Prentice, G. W. Hobson, J. M. Whitehead, Chas Hill Tout, R. B. Ellis and W. A. Wilson.

A Ballot having been taken it was found that the following received a majority of the council:- Wm. Brown, J. J. Dougan, Wm. prentice, G. W. Hobson, j. M. Whitehead, Chas. Hill-Tout and W. A. Wilson.

It was then moved by Alderman Townley
Seconded by Alderman Painter
That the election of the seven be made unanimous.


Moved by Alderman Mc Morran
Seconded by ” Townley
That the following account be paid:-

J. W. McIntoshBringing prisoners from Victoria$14.55


Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by ” McGuigan
That the following account be paid.
To money advanced by City Treasurer to Officer Butler for expenses to Seattle in connection with the arrest of Miss Forbes. $20.00

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by ” McGuigan
That an account be rendered to the Government for all expenses incurred by the city in connection with the arrest of prisoners brought in from outside the City for crimes committed in the City.

Moved by Alderman McGuigan
Seconded by ” Foreman
That the Council stand adjourned to meet on Tuesday Feb 1st at 10 am to consider amendments to the Charter.

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk