Contractors must complete work for City of Vancouver on time, or pay – July 4, 1887

City Clerk to advise all present and future contractors that if contracts with the City are not completed in the specified time, City Council will take them off the contractors’ hands, complete them, and bill the contractor for the cost. William Harkins’ tender for constructing sewers was accepted. Vote of thanks to Admiral Sir Michael Culene-Seymour and the officers of the Pacific Squadron for their presence and assistance in celebrating Her Majesty’s Jubilee on July 1st.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 385-390

Vancouver July 4th 1887

The Council met on Monday July 4th 1887 at 7.30. P.M.

Present Aldermen Clark, Hamilton, Humphries, Lefevre, Lockerby, D. Oppenheimer, Isaac Oppenheimer and Sanders.

Alderman Hamilton was appointed Chairman in the absence of Mayor MacLean.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

From Leamy and Kyle asking that Cambie and Smithe Streets be opened up.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From H.J. Cambie asking that Georgia Street be improved.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Thornton Fell claiming $522 on behalf of Chinese for putting out fires on the Brighouse Estate.
Laid over till return of the Mayor.

Thos. Dunn & Co., Nails etc. $8.95 B. of W.
Thos. Dunn & Co., Shovels etc. 233.15 F.W.L.
Wm. Harkins, Powell St. 9957.40 B. of W.
Wm. Harkins, Granville St 1382 B. of W.
Wm. Harkins, Park 500 B. of W.
Wm. Harkins, Tank 400 B. of W.
Wm. Harkins, teaming 22.00 B. of W.
W.L. McDonald & Co, Tank $493.00 B. of W.
Abrams & Co, Matting etc. $67.46 Finance
Hargreaves & Kemp, fixings $1.75 B. of W.
J.B. Thornton, Polish .50 Finance
J.B. Thornton, groceries 6.92 Health
J.B. Thornton, groceries 6.90 Health
S.T. Tilley, Stamps 25.25 Finance
G.H. Wright, Bread 7.35 Health
F.W. Hart, Blinds 5.00 Finance
Wm. Urquhart, Water Barrels 9.75 Health
W. Ayer, Scavenger Work 18.00 Health
W. Ayer, Scavenger Work 5.50 Health
Gutta Percha & Rubber Co., Hose 473.33 F.W.L.
McDonald & Cameron 38.00 F.W.L.
B.B. Skinner, Drayage 4.00 Health
Vancouver Herald, printing 46.00 B. of W.
Wm. Templeton, Pails 1.00 F.W.L.
Mrs. Dunbar, attendance 61.00 Health
Thos. P. Walling, Interpreter 5.00 Police
Owen Hughes, Washing etc. 13.00 Health
Albert Lodge, Express 75 cts Police
Robert Couth, Coal 7.00 F.W.L.
Vancouver News, Advertiser 76.52 Finance
John M. Stewart, Boarding 91.50 Police

No 44
The Board of Works.

The Board of Works met on Monday July 4th 1887 to consider tenders for constructing sewers and beg to submit an analysis of the tenders as made by the Sewerage Engineer
sgd L.A. Hamilton

City Hall, Vancouver 4th July 1887
The Chairman and Members
of the Board of Works,
In accordance with your verbal instructions I have examined the tenders for sewerage and have the honor (sic) to report:
1st that four tenders have been received.
Messrs. Cook & Sweet, $8166.68
Messrs. McDonald & Cameron 6090.66
Messrs. Stephenson & McCraney 5783.35
Mr. W. Harkins 5183.36

2nd On checking the Bills of Quantities in regard to rates and prices I found a few trifling errors which should make the total amounts read thus viz.
Messrs. Cook and Sweet $8174.55
Messrs. McDonald & Cameron 6136.11
Messrs. Stephenson & McCraney 5788.40
Mr. W. Harkins 5184.52

3rd The prices of the outlet work irrespective of joists and flooring are as follows:
Messrs. Cook and Sweet $2472.92
Messrs. McDonald & Cameron 2055.47
Messrs. Stephenson & McCraney 2154.20
Mr. W. Harkins 1761.10

Bearing in mind that the additional work will exceed that provided for in these tenders it would appear that deducting the cost of the outlet works the following are the amounts on which the contractors proportionately tendered for the Sewers viz.
Messrs. Cook and Sweet 5701.63
Messrs. McDonald & Cameron 4080.64
Messrs. Stephenson & McCraney 3134.15
Mr. W. Harkins 3423.42

In the tenders sent in by Messrs. McDonald and Cameron, and Stephenson and McCraney the Bonds are not signed by the Bondsmen.

Mr. Harkins asks for 60 days and Messrs. Cook and Sweet 90 days for the completion of the work. I may add that I do not think under the circumstances the former period is sufficient.

I have the honor (sic) to be gentlemen
Your obedient Servant
Sgd Edward Mohun, C.E.

Moved by Alderman Lefevre seconded by Alderman D. Oppenheimer
that the tender of Wm. Harkins for the construction of the Sewers be accepted and the contract signed forthwith.

Moved by Alderman Isaac Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Humphries
that the City Clerk be instructed to notify all contractors that unless all contracts now in force or in future to be in force, are completed according to the time specified in such contracts that the City Council will take them off the contractors’ hands and complete them, and charge the additional costs if any to such contractors.


Alderman Humphries moved the first reading of a By-Law regulating the weight of Bread etc. Seconded by Alderman Isaac Oppenheimer.

2nd reading on motion of Alderman Humphries seconded by Alder. I. Oppenheimer.
Council went into Committee of the whole on motion of Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Humphries with Alderman Lefevre in the Chair.
The By-Law was numbered 39 and read over clause by clause, and passed.

The Committee then rose to report By-Law as passed in Committee.
Third reading moved by Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Sanders.
By-Law ordered to be Gazetted, signed and engrossed on motion of Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Clark.

Moved by Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Humphries,
that the thanks of this Corporation are due to Admiral Sir Michael Culene-Seymour and the officers of the fleet for their presence and valuable assistance rendered to the citizens of Vancouver in celebrating Her Majesty’s Jubilee on the 1st of July and that a Communication to that effect be transmitted to the Admiral of the Pacific Squadron.

The City Clerk was granted leave of absence to attend the Court let at New Westminster.

The Council then adjourned.
M.A. MacLean

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk