Street Railway Purchase By-law overturned – July 9, 1894

market hall and auction shed 1895
Market Hall & auction shed on Main Street ca. 1895 photo courtesy City of Vancouver archives

By-law proposals for both the street railway purchase and the $60,000 were defeated. All City work in progress which is not strictly within the original Estimates must be stopped as quickly as safety allows. Dr. Kendall has not delivered the rock crushing plant to the new contractor. J.W. Bond complained his stable at the South end of the Granville Street bridge had been torn down: police to investigate.

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City of Vancouver Archives
COV S-32, Volume 6, pages 144-151

[volume 5 page 144]

Vancouver July 9th 1894.
The Council met on Monday July 9th 1894.
Present – His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Salsbury, Queen, McDowell, McPhaiden, Wm Brown, C.L. Brown and Bethune.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the City Clerk stating that the Street Railway Purchase By-Law had been defeated by a Majority of 346 and the $60,000 By-Law by a Majority of 11 Filed

From A. Campbell Reddie, Deputy Provincial Secretary, making a claim on behalf of the Captain of the Barque Gutenberg for $150.00 for illegal detention in the Port of Vancouver.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From the Supreme Court Garnisheeing certain monies due to W.H. Kendall
Referred to the City Solicitor

From W. H. Hooper and E. H. Downing asking for the refund of a portion of the License money paid by them previous to the 1st of July.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From H. Abbott stating that he could not recognize the claim for the keep of the Chinaman affected with Smallpox.
Referred to the City Solicitor

[vol 6 page 145]

From H. B. Small, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture stating that whatever may have been the terms of the wording of the Order -in- Council re grant for the support of lepers the clear intention was not exclusively in aid to any particular City

That the Communication be acknowledged and request him to instruct Victoria to act accordingly.

From James M. Holland Asking for an amendment to the Health By-Law.
Referred to the Health Committee.

From Norman Fraser asking permission to use Cross a portion of the Isolation Hospital grounds with his loads.
Permission granted on motion of Alderman McDowell Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden

From Alderman Salsbury reporting that the best price obtainable for the purchase of the lots in front of the City Hospital was $7500.00 on the following terms:-
$1500.00 Cash on the 16th of September balance in two equal annual instalments of $3000.00 each with interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum the City having the option to pay the balance in whole or in part at any time prior to the due date if they see fit to do so.
The Report was adopted on motion of Alderman McDowell seconded by Alderman C.L. Brown.

From H.A. Bell asking permission to use a portion of Hastings Street west with building material
Referred to the Board of Works

[volume 6 page 146]

From Dr. Thomas furnishing monthly report. Filed

From Mrs. A. Chealtham asking for a reduction of the Shooting Gallery License.
Referred to Finance Committee

From J. J. Blake asking to have access to all papers in connection with the City Engineer investigation.
Moved by Alderman MCDowell
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That all the necessary documents by placed in the custody of the Police Magistrate to which Mr. Blake and all other parties interested may have access. Carried.


The following Reports were received and read:

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on June 28th. Present Aldermen McCraney, Shaw, Brown and Queen.
A teamster who claimed of not being able to get money due to him from the contractor for the Reservoir was referred to the City Solicitor and the Water Committee.

The City Solicitor appeared before the Board in reference to the action to be taken re the Rock Crushing plant;
Resolved that the offer made by W.H. Kendall of $400.00 for the plant excepting the crusher and water wheel be refused and that the City Solicitor be instructed to take steps to recover the plant from W.H. Kendall and damages for his delay in delivery.

[volume 6 page 147]

The City Engineer reported in regard to the account of Ludger Roy amounting to $14.65 for extra work in making certain sewer connections referred to him.
Resolved that Mr. Roy be paid the sum of $3.65 in full settlement of his claim.

From W.C. Stevens etal asking for a sidewalk on Grove St. Laid over.

J.W. Bond complained of a stable owned by him at the South end of the Granville Street bridge having been torn down.
Referred to the Police Committee to investigate.

Resolved that the tenders received for a new street sprinkler be not entertained until funds are provided for the purpose, and that the City Treasurer be authorized to return the deposits.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
E. Clough Express hire $4.00
Van Elec Ry & Light Co. Tickets 5.00
Market Hardware Store. Supplies 11.00
G. Telford etal. Labor 1066.40

Resolved that $350.00 be paid James Dixon as a progress estimate for work done during this month on Basement Drain on Granville St.
sgd H.P. McCraney

The Board met on July 5th 1894. Present – Aldermen McCraney, Shaw and Brown.

From T.E. Julian, Architect, stating that he is about to have a building erected for C. McLachlin and

[volume 6 page 148]

Asking that Bute & Burnaby Streets be opened up to the premises.
Referred to the Street Inspector to arrange for the chaingang being put to work there as soon as possible.
From J. Brenton, Health Inspector in reference to the advisability of putting in a drain on the South side of Dupont Street
Referred to the Board of Health.
From W. Manson asking for a better sidewalk Barclay Street between Bute & Nicola.
Laid over
From David Wait & Co asking for the use of certain portions of Georgia & Burrard Streets at the Christ Church Corner for building purposes.
Resolved that permission be granted for 1/3 of the streets as requested, provided a satisfactory bond to the amount of $160.00 is furnished.

From A.E.E. Clark in reference to the non -delivery of the Rock crushing plant.
Resolved that unless delivery be given to the City Engineer by Dr. Kendall of all plank in his possession the property of the City, that proceedings be taken against for the recovery of damages caused by his refusal to deliver.

Resolved also that unless immediate delivery is given the City Engineer be authorized and instructed to purchase all such piping and other plank necessary to complete the work rock crushing plant to be charged up against any monies due to Dr. W.H. Kendall, the late contractor.

[volume 6 page 149]

The following accounts were recommended for payment
J.A. Skinner & Co. supplies $2.25
E. Shurgold. Labor 5.00
F. Filion supplies. 3.00
Martin Kelly Curbstones. 303.75
D.H. Morfan etal Labor. 119.10
sgd H.P. McCraney
Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Queen
That the Report be adopted Carried.

Water Committee
The Water Committee met on Friday June 29th
Present – Aldermen Wm Brown, Queen, Bethune and McPhaiden
The following renders for Cast Iron pipe specials & Lead:-
Lead. C.I. Pipe Flexible Specials
E.G. Anderson & Co 694.40
Chas Stinson 760. $43.00 $43.00 $58.00
J. Burns for Gartshore 830. 46.00 56.00 29/10 C
BC Iron Works 1 month $81 3 months $67.20 7 mon $67.20
3 mon $51.75 7 mon 38.00
1 mon 51.75 3 mon 51.75 7 mon 45.50
4 c
Vancouver City Iron Works 3.68 ¼

That the Contract for Cast Iron pipe and lead be awarded to the B.C. IronWorks Co pipe to be delivered within 7 months and lead within 3 months.
That the Vancouver City Iron Works be awarded to contract for specials
Sgd Wm Brown

[volume 6 page 150]
The Report was adopted on motion of Alderman Wm Brown, seconded by Alderman C.L. Brown.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee met on Friday June 29th 1894
Present – Aldermen Salsbury, McPhaiden, Wm Brown and Bethune.
That all street work not strictly within the Estimates should be stopped as soon as safety will admit in view of the fact that there are no monies provided for that purpose and all committees are at the same time desired to reduce their expenditure to the lowest possible amount for the balance of the year.

The following accounts were recommended for payment
News.Advertiser Ads $94.70
City Printing Works Supplies 5.00
J.J. Cowdery. Clinical Work 12.50
H.Kersey. Repairs 1.00

The Committee met again on Friday July 6th 1894.
Present the full board.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Bank of Montreal. Notes etc. $23,288.78
The World P&P Co. Ads 138.75
News.Advertiser “ 10.97
Lee & Stewart. Hack hire 1.00
Mackay Bros. Lettering etc. 7.25
F.W. Hart. Supplies. 7.75
A. Rounsefell etal. Election fees. 85.50
sgd W.F. Salsbury

[volume 6 page 151]

The Report was adopted on motion of Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by Alderman Salsbury.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman MCDowell
Seconded by “ McCraney
That the amendments to the Health By-Law be read a first time. Carried

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Queen
That the By-Law to prevent the grown to weeds compelling the destruction thereof be read a first time. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Shaw.
That before the Franklin-Tracy investigation is begun Messrs Franklin and Tracy give bond that the investigation be carried on to a conclusion at their own expense, that is to say after the the $500.50 allowed by the City might be expended. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Queen
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the sum of Two hundred dollars the proceeds of the sale of two horses in the fire department be placed to the credit of the fire committee in addition to the sum provided in the Estimates to enable them to replace the horses sold. Carried.

The Board then adjourned
Thos McGuigan City Clerk

W Brown