The Fire, Water & Light Committee continues its research into tunnelling “the narrows”, and asked the City Engineer to examine the strata below the waters. A pair of horses was purchased for $500, and the Number Two Fire Hall was approved to have plumbing installed at a cost of $231.

This transcript was made in 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Linda Evans

Illustration: CVA 102-26 – Vancouver water works, Capilano water pipe repair

photograph depicting the repairing of a break in the Capilano water pipes crossing First Narrows. Diver, Richard Thomas Llewellyn, pictured on right and first caretaker of the Stanley Park shore, Frank Harris behind him.

Original handwritten minutes : City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 5 pages 480-485

[vol 5 pg 480]

Vancouver July 10th 1893

The Council met on Monday July 10th 1893. Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Anderson, Salsbury, Collins, Hackett, McCraney, Cargill, Franklin, Hobson, Brown & Towler.

The Minutes of the last regular and special meetings were read and adopted.


From Steward and Mills rendering an account for re-wiring the City Hospital.

Referred to the Board of Health

From A.E. Beck stating that the next sitting of the County Court would be held on the 12th day of July.


From Ivan Bushong quoting prices for safes.

Referred to the Health Committee

From Wulffsohn + Bewicke stating that they would accept $100000 for the portion of Lot at the corner of Hastings and Cambie Streets desired by the City.

Referred to the Board of Works

From A. L. St. George asking the Council to extend the time for receiving tenders on hose etc.


From Lynch + Begg asking the Council to subscribe for a number of pamphlets containing a description of the City.

Moved by Alderman Towler

Seconded by “ Franklin

That the Communication be filed.


From Mssrs Corbould + McColl solicitors for McQuarrie + Co. serving summons on the City for $500 for breach of contract.

Referred to the City Solicitor

From Robert Campbell again asking for the consideration of his claim.


[vol 5 pg 481]

From D. McPhaiden in reference to connection with the sewer in rear of his premises.

Referred to the Board of Works

The following Reports were received and read:-

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday July 7th 1893, all the members being present.

It was recommended:

1. That the communication from J. S. Povol asking for compensation for loss of clothing destroyed by order of the Health Inspector be filed; also the communication from P. A. Fichel asking the City to subscribe for copies of the Stuart Pocket Map.

2. That the communication from E. J. Clark asking the City to reconvey to him the South Park be laid over.

3. That the following accounts be paid:-

Gurney Cab Co. Cab hire $3.50

C. P. Telegraph Co. Telegrams $3.88

Provincial Gov’t Teachers’ Salaries 7263.32

Telephone Co. Rent 34.80

Bank of BC Postage .75

News Advertiser Supplies 26.75

J. Miller “ 6.00

Tilley + Son “ 1.25

The World P + P Co. Advertising 27.15

Thos. Booth Police Duty 10.00

Bayles Bros Supplies 8.65

Wm. Simpson Labor 15.35

Chas Rae “ 38.00

E. Larsen Police Duty 5.00

B. B. Haywood “ “ 10.00

Vancouver City Bank “Miowera” 32.00

Wellington Coal Yards Coal 10.02

sgd. R. A. Anderson


The report was adopted on motion of Alderman Hackett seconded by Alderman Hobson.

[vol 5 pg 482]

F. W. + L. Committee

The F. W. + L. Committee met on Friday July 5th 1893 at 4 p.m. all members being present.

It was recommended:

1. That tenders be called for the supplying of 1000 feet of rubber hose, also for rubber coats and boots for the firemen, tenders to be in Wednesday the 19th inst at 12 o’clock noon, samples to accompany tenders.

2. That the Underwriters who wrote regarding the tunnelling under the Narrows be informed that the Committee fully appreciate the gravity of the question regarding the present temporary stoppage of the water, and are seriously considering the suggestions contained in their communication.

3. That the City Engineer be instructed to take immediate steps to ascertain the nature of the Strata beneath the Narrows with a view to tunnelling.

4. That the communication from F. C. Innes asking for larger service to the elevator in Shelton + Co store be referred to the City Engineer.

5. That A. T. St. George be awarded the contract for supplying a hose wagon for the sum of $500.00

6. That W. G. Warren’s tender be accepted for plumbing No. 2 Fire Hall for the sum of $231.00

7. That F. S. Dobson, who wrote regarding a suspended pipe across the Narrows, be informed that if he sends in a proposition at his own expense the Committee will consider it.

8. That the following accounts be paid:-

J. H. Carlisle Fares to N. W. $1.50

Creamer + Langley Supplies 69.41

Mason + Peterson “ 1.00

J. Miller “ 50.00

G. H. Bazley Shoeing 11.50

S. T. Tilley + Son Supplies 1.25

McLennan + McFeely “ 10.31

[vol 5 pg 483]

Crowder + Penzer Supplies 26.08

Ontario Water Meter Co. “ 748.50

Wm Hamilton Mfg Co “ 2.16

Crowder + Penzer “ 22.80

News Advertiser Ad 2.80

Thomson Bros. Supplies 1.20

Wm. Murphy Uniforms 584.00

J. + W. Powe Supplies 11.00


J. L. Franklin


Moved by Alderman Towler

Seconded by “ Franklin

That the time for receiving tenders for hose etc. be amended to read 4 weeks.


The balance of the Report was adopted on motion of Alderman Towler seconded by Ald Brown.

Board of Works.

The Board of Works met on Thursday July 6th a893 all the members being present.

It was recommended:-

1. That J. W. Balmain’s salary be increased to $4.00 per day.

2. That the communication from J. J. Nickson in reference to deterioration for want of pipe be filed.

3. That a copy of the claim of J. J. Nickson on Section 10 of the Sewers and the Inspector’s report be sent to the B.C. Pottery and Terra Cotta Co, who are supplying the pipe.

4. That the communication from W. J. Henning re the removal of roots off 9th Av. be referred to the St. Inspector.

5. That the City Engineer be instructed to see what can be done to drain the slops from the premises known as the American Restaurant, into the sewer.

6. That E. J. Clark be appointed Arbitrator on the exprop-

[vol 5 pg 484]

riation of a piece of land from the N. W. corner of Cambie and Hastings Streets, being part of Lot 12, B 11, S41/

7. That the following tenders be accepted:-

Powell St. cutting down grade

Grant St. grading Robt Moore 315.

Dunlevy Av. 6 fot sidewalk A.D. McDonald 17 cts per ft.

Prior St. 6 ft “ E. C. Bretton 15 c “ “

Jackson Av. 6 : “ C. G. Garrison 15 “ “ “

8. That tenders be called up to the 13th inst for the following new work:

5th Av grading for about 700 ft past Quebec St

10th Av “ “ “ 100 “ at east of Pr Ed St.

9. That the following accounts be paid:-

James Purdy supplies $50.00

Thos Veitch extra hauling 15.00

News – Advertiser printing 5.00

D. McKinnon 90.00

D. McGillivray st paving etc. 3288.87

C. G. Garrison Quebec St. 155.31

B. C. M. T. + T. Co. supplies 44.22

Thos. Dunn “ .80

E. C. Britton sidewalking 140.74

Evans, Coleman + Evans sewer pipe 475.49

H. Lomas etal. labor 433.70

sgd H. P. McCraney


Moved by Alderman Salsbury

Seconded by “ Brown

That the Report be adopted.


Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Collins

Seconded by “ McCraney

That the Rules be suspended and a By-Law introduced for the purchase of the Vancouver Elec Ry + Light Co’s assets.


The By-Law was read a first time.

[vol 5 pg 485]

Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ Brown

That the following account be paid:-

J. D. Crichton + co, team of horses $500.00


Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ Towler

That the following labor account be paid:

W. Hooper et al. $818.75


The Council then adjourned

F Cope


Thos. F. McGuigan

City Clerk

Fire, Water & Light Committee considers tunnelling “The Narrows” – July 10, 1893