Council unanimously backs smallpox quarantine against Victoria – July 22, 1892

Council unanimously backs Mayor Fred Cope’s announced smallpox quarantine. Mayors of other municipalities to be contacted to join the quarantine formed by Vancouver and New Westminster.

This transcript was made in 2017 by Transcribimus volunteer Christine Cathcart
and sponsored by the Woodward family

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 page 88 only

[vol 5 pg 88]

Vancouver July 22nd 1892
A special meeting of the Council was held on Friday July 22nd 1892.
Present – Aldermen Anderson, Connon, Collins, Scoullar, McCraney, Franklin, Odlum and Mills.
Alderman Collins was appointed Chairman.

A report was received from the Health Inspector on the Small Pox cases.

Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by Alderman Anderson
That the Council of the City of Vancouver assembled do hereby place on record their entire and unaltered approval of the action taken by Mayor Cope in the protection of the public health and the prevention of the introduction of Small Pox from points where the prevalence of the disease has warranted this and other municipalities within the province to declare a quarantine against Victoria.
The Council then adjourned

The following resolution should be in the minutes of the previous meeting:

Moved by Alderman Mc Craney
Seconded by Alderman Franklin
That the Mayor communicate at once with the Reeves of each of the municipalities in the N. W. District asking them to co-operate with this City and New Westminster in enforcing the quarantine against Victoria or other infected parts.