City barbers request to be allowed to re-open their shops on Sundays, and the request is seconded by the hotel keepers. Royal City Planing Mills objects to the Cambie Street Bridge being built without a draw (a section that can be raised or drawn aside). Dispute between the Athletic Club and the contractor selected to lay out cricket ground and lacrosse pitch at Stanley Park. Contractor claims work is complete; Athletic Club says not. $400 held back on contractors’ account until issue is settled.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 477-484

[Volume 3 page 477]

Vancouver July 28th, 1890

The Council met on Monday July 28, 1890
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Browning, Garden, Fox, Sentell, McLeod, Costello, Doering & Mason.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

From Robson Bros et al praying for the improvement of Harris Street.
Referred to Board of Works

From F.L. Budlong asking for the privilege of using Lots 12 to 15. B. 200A, as a site for a slaughter house.
Referred to Board of Health

From Walter Taylor asking that Helmcken Street be graveled
Referred to Board of Works

From M. W. Thain notifying the Council to stop dumping garbage in the Harbor.
Referred to Board of Health

From Andrew C. Muir asking the Council to arrange re wood on Cemetery Grounds.
Referred to Board of Works

From John Boultbee issuing a Summons in the Abray case.
Referred to City Solicitor

From F. C. Cotton, asking that the lane in Block 28. 541 be graded.
Referred to Board of Works

[Volume 3 page 478]

From the Royal City Planing Mills Co giving notice of an application for an injunction to prevent the construction of Cambie St Bridge without a draw.
Referred to City Solicitor

From John Irving president of the Vancouver Water Works Co giving notice of an application for an injunction to prevent further action under By-Law No 101.
Referred to City Solicitor

From Messrs Tatlow & Spinks enclosing two accounts for expenses connected with fixing fences on Oppenheimer Street.
Referred to Finance Committee

From Wm Cargill Secy of the G. S. S. Co asking for a subsidy.
Referred to Finance Committee

From the Secretary of the Vancouver Water Works Co notifying Council that the Company would lower the water pipes on Oppenheimer and Princess Streets and look to the Council for repayment.
Referred to the Board of Works

From John Cooper, Engineer of Fire Hall No 2 asking for an increase of Salary.
Referred to F. W. & L. Committee

From F. W. Hart asking for further repairs to the North Arm Road.
Referred to the Board of Works

From W. Harrison on behalf of the Odd Fellows asking for a plot in the Public Cemetery for the Society.
Referred to the Board of Works

[Volume 3 page 479]

From the Secretary of the Board of Trade asking for certain amendments to By-Law 102.
Referred to License Committee

From R. C. Timmins et al City Barbers asking to be allowed to keep their shops open on Sundays.
Referred to Special Committee.

From Chs E. Tisdall et al Traders asking for a refund of last year’s license.
Referred to License Committee.

From S. S. Gere et al Hotel keepers expressing their willingness to have the Barber Shops kept open on Sundays.
Referred to Special Committee

From Wm. Skene et al Merchants protesting against the enforcement of By – Laws Nos. 79 and 102 in their present form.
Referred to License Committee

From the Gardeners and Florists suggesting certain amendments to the Market By-Law.
Referred to Committee of the Whole

Finance No. 20
The Finance Committee met on Friday July 25th 1890.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Browning, Costello, Fox and Garden. We beg to recommend:-

1. That the Report of the Board of Works be approved.

2. That the City Clerk be instructed to

[Volume 3 page 480]
Purchase a copy of Harrison’s Municipal Manual and Dillon on Corporations for the City offices.

3. That the City Solicitor be instructed to look after the interests of the City in the applications made by the Royal City Planing Mills Coy against Messrs Leamy and Kyle for an injunction to restrain said Leamy and Kyle from building a bridge across False Creek from Cambie Street, without a draw.
Re the application of D. Cartmel for remission or modification of taxes on the property of the Vancouver Manufacturing and Trading Co. this Committee cannot see its way clear to recommend rebate of taxes on this property.
J. M. Browning

Moved by Alderman McLeod
Seconded by Alderman Fox
That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted.

Works No. 20
The Board of Works met on Thursday July 24, 1890.
Present Aldermen Browning, Costello, Horne and Sentell

We beg to recommend:-
1. That the following accounts be paid:-
John Costello, Alexander St. 157.50
Martin & Balkwell, Homer St. 20.00
do Dufferin St. 522.00
do Bute St 1080.00
W. C. Muir, Sophy St. 81.40
McDonald & Barton, Cemetery Rd. 131.00
A. D. McDonald, Hawks Av. 156.60
A. Godfrey & Co, Supplies 19.58
John Telford, Helmcken Street 45.37
Do Lane B 95.541 43.22
D. Gibbons, Oppenheimer St. 114.75
H. F. Keefer, Market building 1650.70
Thos Dunn & Co, Supplies 16.20
R. C. Planing Mills Co 54.28
A Parker, Salary 75.00
John Telford, Homer St. 269.35
F. L. Budlong, 6th Av Bridge 444.96

2. That the Petition of H. F. Keefer asking for an extension of the Sewer in Block 10.196 be referred to the Sanitary Engineer to examine, and report upon.

3. That Alderman Costello be authorized to Secure the Services of a Provincial Land Surveyor to establish the line on 11th Av regarding the original Government Survey.

4. That the grading of Robson St. one block west of Nicola St. be referred to Ald. Browning to report upon for next meeting.

5. That the City Engineer be instructed to give the Sanitary Engineer the grades of the lanes where Sewers are being constructed.

6. That W.C. Muir be paid $26.00 for filling in earth on Hastings Street.

[Volume 3 page 482]

7. That the following tenders be invited:
a) Grading Pender St. from Abbott St. to Railway track, the expense to be taken from the Boxdrain on Pender St in Ward 1.
b) Grading Harris St. from Gore Ave to Carl Av.
c) Grading 11th Av from Quebec to Westminster.

8. That Dufferin Street Bridge be covered 20 ft wide instead of 16 ft according to recommendations of the City Engineer.

9. That the City Engineers be instructed to notify the contractors on the East End Park to push their contract to completion immediately otherwise the City will have to put on men to do the work at their expense.

10. A communication was received from A. St. G. Hamersley, Secy of Brockton Pt Athletic Club informing the Committee that certain differences had arisen between the contractor and Engineers representing the City and the club as to whether the contract had been completed or not and that is was agreed in order to settle all disputes, that if there were over $800 due the contractor, the City should retain $400 for completion of contracts and balance should be paid to the Contractor.
The above agreement was made subject to the approval of the Board of Works. The Club wished the sanction of the Board to lay down 50 square yards about the centre of the eastern portion of the grounds for a cricket pitch, and on the west end for a lacrosse ground.
They had engaged the services of Mr. Eldon, an experienced gardener to supervise and carry out the work, and purpose doing it by day labor on the advice of the Engineers, as from the Engineers as from the nature of the work in cannot be carried out satisfactorily by contract.
The remainder of the grounds to be seeded down and made level.
The Secretary requested the Board to Sanction the expenditure and allow the work to be proceeded with and all payments to be made on joint certificates from the City Engineer and the Engineer appointed by the Club
It was resolved that the request of the Club be granted, and that all payments be made as suggested.

11. That the City Engineer be instructed to examine and report upon the petition of John Williams for the construction of a box drain in the gully between Seaton and Eveligh Streets.

12. The petition from J. Nesbit et al asking to have Homer St. graded and full with was laid over.
Sgd M. Costello
For Chairman

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the Report with Alderman Costello in the Chair. The report was read Clause by Clause and reported to Council as complete without Amendments. The report was then adopted on

[Volume 3 page 484]

motion of Alderman Sentell seconded by Alderman Fox.


Moved by Alderman Garden
Seconded by Alderman Browning
That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Vancouver Water Works Co asking what is their intention regarding the extension of the System to Mount Pleasant and other portions of the City.

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That the following accounts be paid:-
B. Romang et al Street Work, 262.05

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer

Thos. G. McGuigan City Clerk

Barbers clamour to re-open on Sundays – July 28, 1890
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