Smallpox quarantine lifted – July 28, 1892

This transcript was made in 2017 by Transcribimus volunteer Christine Cathcart
and sponsored by the Woodward family

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 pages 97 only

[vol 5 pg 97]

Vancouver July 28th 1892

The Council met on Thursday July 28th 1892 at 10 a.m.

Present Acting Mayor Anderson, Aldermen Connon, Collins, Scoullar, McCraney, Franklin, Mills and Gavan.

Moved by Alderman Connon.
Seconded by Alderman Collins

Whereas from the reports issued by the Health Officers it appears that the City of Victoria has now checked the spread of the disease of small pox and apparently has it under control.
And whereas the City of New Westminster has seen fit to raise the quarantine against the influx into that City of passengers from Victoria and thereby rendered it a matter of very great difficulty on the part of the City of Vancouver to efficiently carry out the quarantine regulations, hitherto enforced, if it was considered necessary to continue them.
Therefore be it resolved that the quarantine enforced up to this date be released and the Medical Health Officers be instructed to strictly carry out the Provincial Health Regulations and the City Health By-Laws as far as may under the present circumstances be considered by them necessary for the preservation of the Public Health.

The Council thus adjourned
F Cope
(signed) Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk