Chinese residents to be evicted from Stanley Park – June 3, 1889

Health inspector to remove “nuisances” along the Park Road, “particularly the Chinese in the vicinity of the Lodge”. [Stanley] Park ranger instructed to impound dogs without license tags. Call for tenders to supply fire alarms to city.

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and Joy Marie Vasquez

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 28-35

[volume 3 page 28]

Vancouver June 3rd 1889

The Council met on Monday, June 3rd 1889.

Present His Worship, Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Brewer, Brighouse, Costello, Horne, Mason, McConnell, Oppenheimer, Salsbury and Whetham.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the Secretary of the Fire Brigade asking that the Revenue Tax be paid to the Department instead of to the Government. Filed.

From the Knights of Labor asking the Council not to expend $1,200.00 in copies of the West Shore. Filed.

From W. H. Evans et al asking for the improvement of Keefer Street. Referred to the Board of Works.

From S. McHugh et al praying that J. B. Babington be appointed City Wharfinger. Laid on the Table.

From O. Burnitt et al praying for certain Street improvements in Ward 5. Referred to the B of Works.

From Wm S. Kene in reference to the License on Commercial Travellers and Commission Merchants. Referred to the License Committee.

[volume 3 page 29]

From H. Abbott, General Superintendent of the C. P. R., Co informing Council that the Vancouver Wharfage and Storage Co had recognized the rights of the Co. to the Beach at that point. Laid on the table.


Works No 15
The Board of Works met on Thursday May 30th 1889 a full Board being present:

We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:-

Wm. Power, Granville Street $110.00
F. Young, Dunsmuir Street 90.10
do Columbia Av. 227.01
Goodmurphy & McLellan, Pender St et al 124.07
McMellan & Kelly, Seymour St. 123.50
Francis Crosbie, Lane in B13, 541 50.25
Boyd & Clandening, Richards St. 50.00
McDonald & Cameron, Barclay St 20.00
A. Bunker, Hastings St. etc. 105.00
Crowder & Penzer, feed 1.50
C. P. R. Co Granville Street 265.00
James Hartney, Nicola Street 55.14
DL. Gow, Lane in Block 8, 196 303.13
D. McAlister, Hawks Av. 264.18
D. McDonald, Hastings St. Sec 2 457.20
Augus Fraser, Heatley Av. 329.12
do Oppenheimer St 695.86
H. Blyth et al Street Ward 58.52

2. That James Ironside’s tender for the construction of the Pound fence be accepted and also the tender of Angus Fraser for the grading of Seymour Street between Drake and Pacific Streets.

[volume 3 page 30]

3. That Dr. Park be permitted to erect a tool shed to be used while constructing his building.

4. That the Hon. F. G. Vernon be furnished with an Estimate of the Cost of Constructing a road from the City Boundary to the East Park.

5. That Baldwell & Co. be allowed 8 cts a cubic yard for filling up the streets from an excavation on Cordova Street.

6. That J. Brenton be engaged at $50.00 per month to clean and repair the Sewers and that he be placed on the monthly pay-roll; such salary to date from May 1st 1889.

7. That Charles Walker be engaged as temporary Pound Keeper at 75 cts per day and pound fees, pending the completion of the pound fence and buildings.

Sgd. S. Brighouse, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brewer seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That the report of the Board of works be adopted. Carried.

Health No 7

The Board of Health met on Tuesday May 28th, 1889.

Present His Worship, the Mayor, Aldermen Salsbury, Whetham, Brewer and Costello.

We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid

[volume 3 page 31]

Leask and Johnson, Freight $28.00
John Wolfe, Scavengering 9.00

2. That the City Clerk be instructed to call for tenders for the subdividing of the upper ward of the City Hospital estimated cost $125.00.

Sgd. James Whetham, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brighouse, seconded by Alderman Salsbury. That the report of the Board of Health be adopted. Carried.

F. W. & L. No 8

The Fire, Water and Light Committee met on Wednesday May 29th 1889. Present His Worship, the Mayor, Aldermen Brighouse, McConnell, Whetham and Oppenheimer.

We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

Vancouver Water Works Co, Connections $158.10
Sorenson & Co., Polishing Paste 1.50
Van City Foundry, Repairs 20.00
Telephone Co., Rents 8.00
Elec. Ill. Co. Lights 259.89
J. McAllister, Blacksmithing 16.05
F. W. Hart, Chimney .50
Palmer Bros, Feed 28.88
Crowder & Penzer, Feed 10.05
J. G. Garvin, fixing fire hall 120.00
W. I. Milross, Painting 58.00
R. Rutherford, Horse hire 60.00
Dominion Express Co. 6.35

2. That the Fire Inspector be instructed to have an Electric Light placed on the corner of Abbott & Pender Streets.

[volume 3 page 32]

3. That one dozen lanterns be purchased for the Fire Department.

4. That the City Clerk be instructed to call for tenders for the furnishing of a complete Fire Alarm System with insulated wires for this City not to be less than 10 Alarm Boxes with full particulars and sample box to accompany each tender; also for the furnishing of 75 or more Arc Electric Lights of 2,000 candle power each, the System to be approved of by the Council and the contract to extend over a period of 5 years.

Separate bids will be received for steam or water power or either said tenders to be received up to July 15th 1889.

Sgd. I. Oppenheimer, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Salsbury seconded by Alderman Brewer. That the F. W. & L. Report be adopted. Carried.

Park No 6

The Park Committee met on Thursday May 30th 1889 and beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

F. Young, final on Park Lodge 156.00
L. Davies, Packing Cases 1.50
Charles Packe, Drayage 3.00
G. W. Urquhart, Drayage 1.50
Fewster & Co. Feed 6.51
Royal City Planing Mills Co. 20.74
Mallendine & Sansom 15.60
Chilberg & Davis, feed 3.25
Palace Livery Stable 13.00

[volume 3 page 33]

L. Burke et al, Labor on Park $375.50
J. M. Collins, Drayage 1.00

2. That the Park Ranger be instructed to impound all dogs running at large in the Park without tags.

3. That the Health Inspector be instructed to take the necessary steps towards removing nuisances along the Park Road especially the Chinese in the vicinity of the Lodge.

Sgd. Thos. F. McGuigan, Secretary

Moved by Alderman Horne seconded by Alderman McConnell. That the report of the Park Commissioner be adopted. Carried.

Finance No 16

The Finance Committee met on Friday May 31st 1889.

Present His Worship the Mayor, Aldermen Salsbury, Whetham and Costello.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

C. P. Telegraph Co. $1.75
The World P & P. Co, Vouchers 82.55

Tenders have been received for the purchase of the $125,000 Debentures and were examined and considered by your committee.

We beg to recommend the acceptance of Hanson Bros. Tender at $101.55 for every $100 worth of Debentures payable in Vancouver, said tender being this most favourable.

The Reports of the Board of Works,

[volume 3 page 34]

Board of Health, Park Committee, and Fire, Water & Light Committee were submitted for the approval of Your Committee and are hereby recommended for the sanction of Council.

We further recommend that $200.00 be placed to the credit of the City Treasurer for the payment of petty cash accounts to be accounted for monthly.

Sgd. W. F. Salsbury, Chairman

Moved by Alderman McConnell seconded by Alderman Brewer. That the Finance Report be adopted. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Salsbury seconded by Alderman Horne. That the rules be suspended and a By-Law introduced to amend By-Law No 73 known as the Street Railway By-Law. Carried.

The By-Law was then read a first time.

Moved by Alderman Whetham seconded by Alderman Oppenheimer. That the Rules be suspended and a By-Law introduced to amend By-Law No 82 and other Liquor By-Laws. Carried.

The By-Law was then read a first time.

[volume 3 page 35]


Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Brighouse. Resolved that the Board of Works be and it is hereby authorized to advertise for tenders for sprinkling certain streets in the City of Vancouver. Carried.

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Salsbury seconded by Alderman Horne. That the amendments to the Street Railway By-Law be read a second time. Carried.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the By-Law with Alderman Salsbury in the Chair.

It was read over clause by clause and reported back to Council as council as complete without amendments.

Moved by Alderman Salsbury seconded by Horne. That the By-Law be read a third time. Carried.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk