Two New Firemen Needed – June 3, 1895

A team of two men was retained for each of Vancouver’s five Wards, “who will be expected to look after all repairs, ditching, etc” for their own Ward. No work allowed to be done on any City contract “until the same receives the approval of the Finance Committee.” Firemen W. L. Hayward and A. G. Evans having resigned, the City Clerk was instructed to advertise for applications for two new firemen. A request for $1,000 for sports for July 1st celebrations was laid over.

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Original handwritten minutes:
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 598 – 608

[Volume 6 page 598]

Vancouver June 3rd 1895

The Council met on Monday June 3rd 1895.
Present: His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Coupland, Gallagher, Queen, McPhaiden, Wm Brown, Thomas, W. P. Brown and Bethune.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From John McLaren reporting on the electric lights.

From H. S. Rowling etal agreeing to convey 5 feet each in block 108. D. L. 196 for lane purposes.
Referred to the Assessor to examine and report upon.

From H. B. Small, Secretary Department Agriculture Ottawa stating that there were unable to exceed the rate of $1000 for leper purposes.

From McDonald Bros rendering an account for $25.00 for damages to a horse through the defective road on Pender Street.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From John Devine asking the Council to take such action as will prevent fires to his client’s property on the south side of False Creek.
Referred to the Fire, Market & Police Committee

From J. Buntzen, General Manager of the Consolidated Railway & Light Co., agreeing to change from the 1st of June the rate quoted in their tender for lighting the streets of the City in case said tender be accepted.
Referred to the Water & Light Committee

[Vol 6 page 599]

From John Hendry, Manager of the B. C. M. T. & T. Co (British Columbia Mills Timber & Trading Co) complaining improvements not being made to Dunlevy Ave north of Alexander Street.
Referred to the Board of Works

From S. H. Boardman, agreeing to lay the water pipes on 6th Ave provided the City supplies the pipes.
Referred to the Water & Light Committee

From S. H. Boardman asking for the grading of 6th Ave.
Referred to the Board of Works

From C. W. Murray, asking for the survey of Block 350. D. L. 540.
Referred to the City Engineer

From J. Mason & Co, asking that the license for intelligence offices be raised.
Referred to the Fire, Market & Police Committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday May 31st, 1895.

Present: Aldermen Coupland that Alderman Wm Brown be appointed Chairman.

The following contracts were submitted and approved:
D. Gibbons     Burrard Street Grading
do                 Dunlevy Ave      “
J.D. Fraser        “            “      Sidewalk
J.D. Fraser      Bute Street         “
J.D. Fraser      Smithe  “            “

[Volume 6 page] 600

D. McGillivray for supplying pipe for ends of submerged main subject to suitable bondsman being furnished.

The following applications were received for the position of Assessor: C. Frank, G. W. Edwards, H. Mutrie, J. A. Coldwell, J. McAllister, J. Burnes, R. A. Apenes, John Devine, E. Nicoll, Wm Foster, E. Lunn, A. Gothard, C. L. Brown, A. J. Paterson, Thos Mathews, R. H. Cook & D. M. Campbell
Referred to the Council to make the appointment.


From the Secretary of the Board of Underwriters furnishing a plan for the equitable division of the insurance on civic buildings.
Referred to the City Solicitor to examine and report upon.

The question of allowing Mrs. Wm Harris the rebate on is taxes for last year was considered but it was found that the Committee could not legally any rebate.


That in future no contractor be allowed to proceed with work under any contract awarded to him by Council until he and his bondsmen have executed the contract and the same receives the approval of the Finance Committee.


That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Dominion Government with a view of obtaining permission for the Consolidated Railway & Light Company to erect terminal buildings on the shore of Coal Harbour near the end of Chilco Street.

[Volume 6 page] 601

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
Bank of Montreal     Freight                            .50
E. H. Downing         Refund of Licence    $21.84
News Advertisers    Ads                              11.50

Sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by “ W .P. Brown

That the report be adopted

Fire, Market & Police Committee

The Fire, Market & Police Committee met on Thursday May 31, 1895.
Present: the full board

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
James Carnahan         Scavengering    $2.00
Clark & Stuart            Supplies             6.00
H. McDowell & Co    “                         7.44
Gurney Cab Co          Cab                       .75
Thurston & Son         Supplies              5.00
McRae & Hall            “                         1.00
C.P. Ry Co                  “                       11.76
D. Wilson                   “                          6.20
News Advertiser        Ads                   13.50


From Jessie G. Milner, Captain of the Salvation Army, asking to have a private constable sworn in for use within army bounds.

That a man be sworn in who is satisfactory to the Chief of Police.

[Volume 6 page] 602

From A. G. Evans tendering his resignation as fireman.

That his resignation be accepted.

From W. L. Hayward tendering his resignation as fireman and withdrawing it.
That he be notified that his services will not be required 30 days from the the date of a notice to that effect from the City Clerk.

Resolved that the City Clerk be instructed to call for applications for two firemen, such applications to be received up to Saturday the 8th day of June at 12 PM.

Resolved that Aldermen Thomas and Coupland in conjunction with Chief Carlisle be a Committee to purchase a wagon for the fire department.

Resolved that W. L. Hayward’s salary be not paid for the present month until he produce a receipt that he has paid his substitute.

Resolved that Wm Murphy’s tender for police and firemen’s uniforms, batons, etc be accepted as originally submitted.

That beds and bedsteads be purchased for Fire Hall No 2.

Moved by Alderman Coupland
That the Chief of Police and M. G. McLeod be suspended until the police investigation is over.
Ayes: Alderman Coupland
Nays: “ McPhaiden, Thomas & Brown

The Board then adjourned until Monday the 3rd of June at 10 A. M.

Sgd W. H. Gallagher

[Volume 6 page] 603

The committee met again on Monday June 3rd 1895.
Present: Aldermen Gallagher, Coupland, McPhaiden and Thomas

Market correspondence read.

The Engineer reported cost of what roof of Market could be coated for and make right and guaranteed for 2 years, viz. $75.00

Mr. Beattie stated that he would be willing to give up the Market lease if the City allow him for the improvements made by him.

That the Council appoint one man, and Mr Beattie appoint another man to make a report on any improvements, and the value thereof, and report the same to the next meeting of the Committee.

Sgd W. H. Gallagher

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Thomas

That the report be amended by adding the following clause:- That the City Engineer be instructed to make a report on the cost of repairing the Market roof, the value of the buildings erected by Mr. Beattie on the Market grounds, the damage done by the leaks and the condition of the roof when the repairs were made a month or two after Mr Beattie leased the Market.

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by “ Gallagher

That the report be further amended by adding the following clause: That John McLaren, Chief of Police and M. G. McLeod be suspended from duty pending

[Volume 6 page] 604

the outcome of the present police investigation.

Yeas: Aldermen Coupland, Gallagher, Queen, Wm Brown and Bethune
Nays: Aldermen Shaw, McPhaiden, Thomas and W.P. Brown

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by “ Gallagher

That the report as amended be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on May 30th 1895.

Present: the full Board

Dr. Kendall and W. S. Cook appeared before the Board and gave a personal guarantee that they could settle the bills of costs of repairs to scow from which the rock washed in False Creek between them, Dr Kendall agreeing to be merely paid for the rock. Dr Kendall submitted a sketch of an elevator to raise the coarse rock and crush it over again stating that he is willing to put it in provided he is compensated in price.

Dr Kendall was informed that he had better send in a proposition in writing to the Council.

The contract and copies of tender re extension of street railway on Robson Street submitted to the Board were examined together with the Engineer’s Statement showing estimated cost.
Referred to the Finance Committee

Resolved that the City Engineer be authorized to make the sidewalk grade on the west side of Westminster Avenue between Keefer and Harris

[Volume 6 page] 605

Streets conform to the street railway track.

The City Accountant submitted a statement showing appropriations, liabilities, and expenditures from the 15th of January to 29th May 1895 inclusive.

The statement was read and discussed.

Resolved that after this date the regular payroll be reduced to only the Ward Foreman and one man in each ward, making ten men in all, who will be expected to look after all repairs, ditching, etc necessary in their several wards, keeping track of their own time, making returns of same to the office and reporting to the Engineer when necessary for orders.

This resolution not to include special work ordered by the Board.

Resolved that the felling in on Westminster Avenue between to make same safe be done by day work under the direction of the City Engineer, and that Wm George be appointed to act as foreman, the latter to have the choice of the men.

Resolved that the matter of the wages of the foreman and the men be referred for the full Council to decide.

Resolved that Grove Street grading be done by day work, the Ward Foreman to act as foreman under the direction of the City Engineer.

Resolved that the communication of D. Bell-Irving etal re drainage at Seaton Street be referred to the Health Inspector to notify the owners of houses to extend their drains to low water mark.

A deputation from Fairview appeared before the Board in reference to the proposed 3 plank walk on 3rd Ave west of Centre Street; asking that same be increased to a 6 foot walk for one block. Mr Jack who was present offered to furnish the lumber for a 6 foot walk if the City would do the necessary grading to put same down to grade.

Resolved that the request be granted in being under

[Volume 6 page] 606

stood that Mr Jack furnish the lumber for the 6 ft walk only, that the Ward Foreman be instructed to do the necessary grading for laying same under the Engineers instructions, the City Engineer to come to raw understanding with the contractor for the 3 plank walk in regard to the laying of the 6 ft walk.

J. Ravey offered for $50.00 to clear about 200 feet of the Westminster Road opposite his house, offering to let same go against his taxes.

Laid over until the Aldermen have an opportunity to look at the price of ground referred to.

The following tenders were received, and opened:

Sewer in Blocks 8 & 22. 185
Boyd & Clandening     $1002
J. W. Gibbons                  985
Martin Kelly                  1020

9th Ave 6 ft Sidewalk
A.W. McDonald                     18¢ new per foot
“           “             Moving old   5¢          “     “
J. Powell                                16 ¾¢ new per foot
Moving old 1 ½¢       “      “

3rd Ave 3 Plank Walk
A.W. McDonald     Laid on street 8¢
“     “ 6 ft out from street line  10¢
J. Powell                                5 3/4¢ per ft


That the following tenders be recommended for acceptance.

J.W. Gibbons     Sewer in D. L. 185 $985
J. Powell            9th Ave 6 ft walk 16 3/4¢ per ft
“                         3rd “     3 plank “ 5 3/4¢ “ “
“                         3rd “     6 ft “ at price to be arranged by City Engineer, the lumber to be supplied by Tait.

Resolved that the Mayor and the City Clerk

[Volume 6 page] 607

be authorized to sign the above contracts and affix the City seal thereto.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
J.D. Fraser                       Dunlevy Ave   $42.40
McLennan & McFeely   Supplies              1.50
News Advertiser             Ads                     1.95

Sgd H.P. Shaw

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Queen

That the report be adopted

Introduction of By Laws

Moved by Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by “ Gallagher

That the By Law to provide for the closing of hotels, saloons and shops be read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Thomas
Seconded by “ W.P. Brown

That the wages of the men to be employed on Westminster Avenue be fixed at $2.00 per day of 9 hours and the foreman $2.25 per day while working.

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by “ Gallagher

That the City Treasurer be requested to prepare a statement of all monies received from license fees, peddlers of all kinds, Shows

[Volume 6 page] 608

Circuses and exhibitions of all kinds and all intelligence offices for the last five years.

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by “ McPhaiden

That the sum of $1000 be donated by Council for 1st of July sports
Laid over

The Council then adjourned.

Henry Collins

Thos McGuigan
City Clerk