Board of Works promotes Granville Street horse racing – June 6, 1887

Board of Works promotes Granville Street horse racing – June 6, 1887

The Board of Works submits an Engineer’s report for the City to improve Granville Street for horse racing. C.P.R. lawyers suggest a “certain alteration in agreement” to the tax exempt status of their lands – approved by Council. Thomas Quann (proprietor of the Central Hotel at 56 Cordova Street) awarded $20 for keeping McLeod & Nicholson in his hotel while sick. Board of Health recommends that no such claim be awarded in future without prior agreement. A 5% discount to be offered on all taxes paid in prior to August 1.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 362-369

Vancouver June 6th 1887

The Council met on Monday June 6th 1887 at 7.30 P.M.

Present His Worship Mayor MacLean, presiding, Aldermen Alexander, Hamilton, Humphries, Lefevre, Lockerby, Mannion, David Oppenheimer, Isaac Oppenheimer and Sanders.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From H. Abbott, Superintendent of the Pacific Division of the Canadian Pacific Railway submitting certain alteration in agreement re the exemption of certain lands belonging to Canadian Pacific Railway, and asking for the approval of Council.

Moved by Alderman David Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Alexander,
that the Alterations, as suggested by the C.P.R. Solicitors be approved of by this Council.

From W.S. Gore, Surveyor General informing Council that it was the intention of the Government to take immediate steps towards improving Westminster Avenue South of False Creek and the Hastings Road outside the City Limits.

From Secretary of Minister of Agriculture acknowledging receipt of resolution of Council re the establishment of a Quarantine Station at Vancouver.

From F.G. Vernon, C.C. of L. & W. that the Government was not in a position at present to make a grant of the Cemetery to the City and also drawing attention to an exchange of certain lots for Lot 2 Block 2.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Wm. Smith Deputy Minister of Marine, acknowledging receipt of resolution re the establishment of a Marine Hospital in Vancouver.

From Campbell Sewer Pipe Company submitting prices of vitrified pipe.

From M.L. Campbell and others asking that lane in rear of their Lots on Westminster Avenue be cleared.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Alex C. Perry Secretary of the Base Ball Club complaining of the non-completion of the Park.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Edward Waswell re a system of Water Works for the City.

John Dougal, Supper for Firemen $150.00 F.W.L.
Hayes & McIntosh, Meat $14.40 Health
Thos. Egan, Estimate on Dupont St. 779.66 B. of W.
Wm. Harkins, Estimate on Westminster 10394.00 B. of W.
John Gibson, Crossings 27.00 B. of W.
Thos. Crawford, Special Police 10.00 Police
G.H. Wright, Bread $3.30 Health
G. Fred Opham, Drayage 2.00 Health
Wm. Mariner, Digging grave 3.50 Health
Tattersall Stables 5.00 F.W.L.
Vancouver Daily News $45.00 Finance
Vancouver Daily News 77.29 Finance
Returning Officers 74.00 Finance
Bradley & Lougheed 27.00 Finance
F.W. Hart, Table 6.50 Finance
H. Brooks 282.00 F.W.L.
W.W. Ayer, Clearing Streets 18.00 Health
John M. Stewart, Boarding 89.00 Police
Palmer Bros. Coal 7.20 F.W.L.
S.T. Tilley, Stationery 42.05 Finance
R.P. Smith, Fires 3.00 F.W.L.
H.A. Berry, Drayage 15.75 B. of W.
F.W. Hart, Furniture 57.45 Finance
Alfred Barrington, Fire 3.00 F.W.L.
H. McDowell & Co. $15.00 Health
Brunette Saw Mill Co. 2.20 B. of W.
James M. Gates, Stamp 5.00 Finance
Robert Couth, Coal 35.00 F.W.L.
Shearer & Kemp, Board 3.00 B. of W.
Moodyville Saw Mill Co. 88.00 B. of W.
Owen Hughes, Washing 3.50 Health
H.W. Ternan, To Work & Rope 2.00 Health
Wm. Hamilton, Fire 7.50 F.W.L.
Telegraph 7.60 Police

From John P. Lawson City Engineer submitting estimate of cost of streets under construction.
Referred to Finance Committee.

Report No 41
The Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday May 26th and Friday May 27th 1887 and beg to report that they have considered the communication of the horse-racing committee re the improvement of Granville Street for racing purposes and submit the Engineer’s Report for the approval of Council.

Tenders for the construction of a tank on Prior Street have been received as follows.
Johnston & co. $475.00
McDonald & Cameron 487.00
C. Sicily 450.00
We recommend the acceptance of the tender of C. Sicily.
We recommend that tenders be called for the improvement of the following streets:
Alexander Street, Columbia Avenue, Hastings Street East of Westminster Avenue, Cambie Street, Water Street, Cordova Street and Keefer Street, and that tenders be called first for Columbia Avenue, Cordova Street, Alexander Street and Water Street.
Also that the low lands on Columbia Avenue be drained and box culverts put in where necessary and that a box drain be put in on Powell Street past Oppenheimer Bros. Store.
We also recommend that a Street Inspector be appointed to supervise streets under contract.
sgd L.A. Hamilton.

The Board met again on Friday June 3rd and opened up the following tenders for the improvement of Granville Street.
Boyd and Clandening
Grubbing & grading per ft. 45 cts
Wise & Patterson
Grubbing & grading per ft. 95 cts
W.L. McDonald & Co.
Grubbing & grading per ft. 58 cts
McDonald & Cameron
Grubbing & grading per ft. 1.12
Box Drains $18.00
Wm. Harkins
Grubbing & grading per ft. 51 cts
Final estimate with extras as agreed upon between the Board of Works in favour of McDonald & Cameron.
For Hastings Street West $9018.00
For Hastings Street East 3332.68
sgd L.A. Hamilton

Moved by Alderman D. Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Lefevre that as Boyd & Clandening decline to carry out the contract for the improvement of Granville Street that it be awarded to Wm. Harkins the next lowest tenderer.

Report adopted on motion of Alderman D. Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Lefevre.

Board of Health

The Board of Health met on Monday May 30th 1887 and recommend the payment of the following accounts.
G.H. Wright, Bread $7.77
F.X. Martin, Groceries 15.35
Dr. McGuigan, Enquiry 5.00
Owen Hughes, Washing 3.25
H. McDowell & Co., Medicine 5.40
H.A. Berry, carriage 2.00
J.B. Thornton, Groceries 8.67
Jacob Sehl, dishes 3.50
T.B. Mangan, Meat 20.50
A.W. Quinton 4.00
We have considered the communication of Edgar C. Goulding acting on behalf of Thos. Quann claiming remuneration for keeping McLeod and Nicholson for invalids at his house and recommend that he be allowed 20.00 therefor.
The Board recommend that in future no bill of this nature be recognized except it first receive the sanction of this Committee.
The Health Inspector reports that he summoned C.L. Queen before the Police Magistrate for an infraction of the Health By-Law and not withstanding that the evidence was strong against him the magistrate refused to give a decision in the matter until he had examined the premises himself.
The Board feel that this action on the part of the Police Magistrate was unwarranted as the Health Inspector is thereby hampered in the performance of his duties.
Mr. Crowley, the Night Scavenger having failed to fulfil his duties we recommend that W.W. Ayer be appointed to the position and that he be required to furnish bonds forthwith.
Sgd J.M. Lefevre.

Report adopted,
D. Oppenheimer – I. Oppenheimer.

Moved by Alderman Hamilton seconded by Alderman I. Oppenheimer
that the matter of charges for Night scavenger be referred to Health Committee for consideration.

Moved by Alderman Hamilton seconded by Alderman Alexander
that tenders be called for the construction of sewers between Columbia Avenue and Cambie Street known as the Central section and that the Finance Committee be authorized to have the specifications presented for future use.

Moved by Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Lefevre
that the Firemen be paid each two dollars for each of the two days they were on duty.

Moved by Alderman Isaac Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Humphries,
that a vote of thanks be extended to the Westminster Fire Department for their efforts on behalf of the citizens of Vancouver on the night of May 30th and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Chief of the Fire Brigade.

Moved by Alderman D. Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Humphries
that 5 % discount be allowed on all taxes paid in before the 1st of August next.

Moved by Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Isaac Oppenheimer,
that the City Treasurer be appointed Collector of Taxes and that the Finance Committee meet and consult as to an increase of salary for him for the additional work.


The Council then adjourned
J.M. Lefevre
c.l. Pro. Tem.

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk