Dupont Street sewer request under review – June 11, 1894

Dupont Street sewer request under review – June 11, 1894

From J.M. Holland asking to be allowed to {sewer} connect his building on Dupont Street {today’s East Pender Street} with a four-inch cast iron pipe. Referred to the Board of Health.   Three ladies were prominent this week in city undertakings:  Mrs. Margaret E. White to take over the management of the racetrack; she will be obliged to pay $125 per year and keep the track in good repair and the road leading to it. Mrs. AEE Clark had taken over the City contract to supply crushed rock. The contract had formerly been held by Dr. Kendall. Mrs. Hansel of Victoria had volunteered to nurse the lepers on D’arcy Island. Rev. E.D. McLaren and Mr. J. Balfour asked that the joint Councils of Vancouver and Victoria provide her with a house and furniture.

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City of Vancouver Archives
COV S-32, Volume 6, pages 109-117

Illustrations: City of Vancouver Archives
Dupont Street, 1906

[Volume 6, Page 109]

Vancouver June 11th 1894

The Council met on Monday June 11th 1894.

Present: His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Salsbury, Queen, McDowell, McPhaiden, McCraney, William Brown, Franklin, C.L. Brown and Bethune.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From J. Jones asking the Council to lessen the Pound fees on his cattle impounded. Referred to the Police Committee.

From F. Cope etal regarding the locating of hack stands on Abbott Street. Referred to the Board of Works.

From W.A. Mace asking for permission to use 1/3 of Hastings Street with building material for the proposed arcade building. Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden.

That permission be granted him temporarily to lift a portion of the sidewalk for excavating purposes pending consideration of his request by the Board of Works.

From E. Shergold submitting a claim for $5 for taking out a stump and grading the lane. Referred to the Board of Works.

From J.M. Holland asking to be allowed …..

[Volume 6, page 110]

….to {sewer} connect his building on Dupont Street {today’s East Pender Street} with a four-inch cast iron pipe. Referred to the Board of Health.

From J.B. Blanchet asking permission to run a four-inch drain to carry off water from the foundation of the new {St. Paul’s} hospital. Referred to the Board of Health.

From W.S. Gore {Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works} acknowledging receipt of communication re Dead Man’s Island. Filed.

From James McGregor, Butcher re amendments to the Market By-Law. Referred to the Police Committee.

From R.H. McClinton, Clerk of Richmond, denying that there was any disease among cattle out on Lulu and Sea Islands. Referred to the Health Committee.

From F. Evans, Stenographer stating daily cost of taking evidence on the Engineer’s investigation. Referred to the Finance Committee to ascertain the total cost of the investigation and report.

From J.M. Bowell, President of the bicycling club asking that Thursday the 19th day of July be declared a Public Holiday for holding bicycle races, the proceeds to be devoted to the relief of the sufferers by the flood. Referred to the Finance Committee.

[Volume 6, page 111]

A deputation consisting of Rev. E.D. McLaren and Mr. J. Balfour be waited upon the Council with a view of inducing them to provide Mrs. Hensell/Hansel, who offered to nurse the lepers on D’Arcy Island [northeast of Victoria, BC], with a house and furniture.

{Mr. McLaren briefly, but in a touching strain, laid before the aldermen the sad plight of the lepers and the noble self-sacrifice of the self-forgetting woman who had made this heroic offer. He suggested that the expense might be borne conjointly by the Victoria and Vancouver Councils.}

The following Reports were received and read.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday June 8th 1894.

Present: the full board.

The following tenders were received for leasing the Race Course at Hastings Park:

From Mrs. Margaret E. Whyte, $125 per annum and put the property in repair and the track and road, leading thereto and keep the same in good condition.

From the BC Jockey Club undertaking to keep the track in order and hand over to the City all surplus funds after payment of expenses.


That the track be leased to Mrs. Whyte up to April 1st 1895 on payment by her of $125 and repairs to be made to the track at her expense subject to the approval of the City Engineer.

Mr. S. Oppenheimer interviewed the Committee regarding a grant for 1st of July celebrations.

It was recommended that $1000 be granted to the 1st of July Celebration Committee subject to satisfactory arrangement being made with the Militia.

From the City Auditor submitting report for April. Filed.

[Volume 6, page 112]

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

Crowder & Penzer Coats $28.00

C.P. Telegraph Co. Telegrams $3.37

City Printing Works Supplies $123.50

News. Advertisers Supplies $9.60

Ditto Bindery $20.00

Signed W.F. Salsbury,

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden;
Seconded by Alderman Salsbury

That the report be adopted. Carried.

Water Committee

The Water Committee met on Tuesday June 5th 1894.

Present – Aldermen William Brown, McPhaiden, Queen, Bethune and Shaw

The Foreman’s reports of work done to date were received and filed.


From Thomas Duke and H. Waldon asking for extension of water pipe on Hastings Street east of Vernon Street. Laid over.

From William Jones etal, asking for extension of water pipe on 15th Ave from Westminster Avenue [today’s Main Street] to Quebec Street. Laid over.

From Thomas Stephenson giving report on Park Roads. Filed.

Tenders for lead pipe and brass goods were received from the following: Charles Stinson, BC Iron Works, Creamer & Langley, J. Roberston Co Ltd, McLennan & McFeely and Jonathan Boyd Co. Laid over till next meeting.

[Volume 6, page 113]

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

BC Iron Works Col Supplies $165.52

Thomas Dunn & Co Supplies $3.20

Creamer & Langley Supplies $67.93

Vancouver Electric Rly Supplies $6.32

Creamer & Langley Supplies $161.61

McLennan & McFiely Supplies $8.60

J. Filion Supplies $3.00

Welsh Bros Supplies $22.50

Market Hardware Store “ $2.20

Evans Coleman & Evans “ $9.14

Creamer & Langley $2.29

Fred Steete Express $1.25

Thomas Dunn & Co Supplies $18.38

D. McGillivray Extension on Reservoir $2806.11

BCMT & T Company Supplies $1.00

E.H. Campbell & Co Supplies $1.75

Purdy & Williams Estimate on reservoir $2066.40

George Hourth & Sons Repairs $4.00

W. Hooper etal Labour $252.95

Signed William Brown, Chairman;

Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman McCraney

That the Report be adopted. Carried.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on June 7th 1894.

Present – Alderman McCraney, Brown, Franklin and Shaw.


From J.J. Mulhall, President of the Texas Lake Ice Company asking permission to erect a wooden…

[Volume 6, page 114]

….building for the purpose of storing ice on a portion of the CPR right of way within the fire limits.

Resolved that this Board recommends that the application be granted on condition that permission is granted by the Fire Underwriters.

From Mrs. AEE Clark, contractor for the supply of crushed rock asking for the delivery at Lot 871, North Arm Burrard Inlet of the rock crusher motor, pipes, pulleys, belting, lumber, plant, machinery and attachments in connection therewith.

Resolved that WH Kendell be notified to deliver the plants referred to, to the above location as soon as possible and that the City Engineer on deliver made an examination of same and report.

From A. Prefontaine etal asking that stumps on Park Road be cleared away. Referred to the Street Inspector for report of probably cost.

From D.C. Craig etal, asking that the hill on Barnard Street [today’s Union Street] between Jackson and Hawks Avenues be cut down and graveled.

Resolved that they be notified that it is the intention of the Board to attend to this as soon as there are funds.

From E.O. Atkinson asking that the lane back of his premises on 5th Avenue be graded. Referred back for particulars of the location.

From J.L. Powell, asking that the sidewalk in front of his new store on Westminster Avenue

[Volume 6, page 115}

…be lowered to the established grade. Referred to the Street Inspector to lower the sidewalk sufficient to give him the accommodation required.

From the Street Inspector submitting a progress report:


That the matter of wide tires and the notification of expressmen and hackmen in regard to not allowing their horses to stand on the paving be left in the Street Inspector’s hands for attention; also that he inquire into and report from the cost of new brushes for the street sweeper and front men on to do the following work by day labour:

– Dundas Street slashing within the City Limits

– Barnard Street, cutting down grade between Jackson & Hawks Avenues

– Westminster Road [Kingsway], fill in over culvert

– Hastings Street sidewalk in front of new club building.

That permission be granted to D. McGillivray, contractor for putting in the foundation at the corner of Pender and Seymour Streets to use 1/3 of the street opposite same, provided he puts up the usual deposit or furnishes the necessary bond.

That the time for the reception of tenders for the street ??? be extended to the 21st instant.

That tenders be called up to 3pm on Thursday the 14th instant for the following:

a) 11th Avenue – 6-foot sidewalk on the south side between Quebec and Ontario Streets

b) Burrard Street – 8-foot sidewalk on the east side from Georgia to Robson to connect with existing walk and then continue on from Smythe Street to Nelson Street and a crossing

[Volume 6, page 116]

That this Board recommends that J. P. Lawson the Assistant Engineer be given one month’s notice from this date, as owing to the lack of funds and the prospects of there being no work requiring the services of an assistant engineer it is not considered advisable to keep him on.

That the following accounts be paid:-

Creamer + Langley, Supplies    25 cts

Market Handware Store “         $1.00

Chas Nelson “                             1.00

Leamy + Kyle “                      243.79

H. Lomas et al. Labor            397.25

That the account of Martin Kelly for curbs and gutter stones amounting to $1158.20 be passed subject to being found correct by the City Engineer on his return.

Sgd. H. P. McCraney


Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ McDowell

That the clause in reference to the erection of an ice house within the fire limits be expunged.


Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ McPhaiden

That the clause in reference to the dismissal of J. P. Lawson be laid over until a report is received from the City Engineer, as to whether he will require any assistance in case Mr. Lawson’s services are dispensed with.


[Volume 6, page 117]

Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman Queen

That the Report as amended by adopted. Carried.

Notice of Motion

Alderman C.L. Brown gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would move the following resolution:

“That in the case of any documents being referred to the City Solicitor from any department of this City for his inspection as to its lawful meaning or other respects that the City Solicitor of funding the same correct is hereby required to make said documents with the letters “OK” and his initial or his name in full.”

Alderman Franklin gave notice that at next meeting of Council he will introduce a motion to make the Provincial Polling day a public holiday.

Alderman McCraney gave notice that at next meeting of Council he will introduce a By-Law to amend the Fire Limits By-Law.

The Council then adjourned.

R.A. Anderson

Thomas Francis McGuigan
City Clerk

Comments in parenthesis { } denote further illumination provided by the writer and from The Vancouver Daily World Newspaper; The City Council column, June 12, 1894, pg 3.