Vancouver taxes will increase 2% to fund schools – June 15, 1891

The Board of Licenses approved liquor licenses for 47 hotels, 8 saloons, 6 retail establishments (including the Hudson’s Bay Company) and 6 wholesalers. City taxes were raised to 2% “to provide an additional sum for school purposes”.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 373 – 387

[Volume 4, pg. 373]
Vancouver June 15th 1891

The Council met on Monday, June 15, 1891 at 8 p.m. Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Carroll, Brighouse, Godfrey, Scoullar, Templeton, Hobson, Brown, McDonnell and Doering.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and read;-

From D. Oppenheimer President of the Provincial Exhibit Association of B.C., asking the Council to grant $50000 towards assisting in furnishing an exhibit.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From John Maxwell, Reeve of Langley, sending congratulations on the opening of telegraphic communications between Langley and this City; and the Mayor’s reply thereto.

From. H.W. Kurt, Manager of the Telephone Co. asking to have a box drain removed from the line of their poles.
Referred to the Board of Works

From. Thos. H. Tracy of London stating that he was sick in bed and did not know when he would be able to start.

From Alderman Carroll and the City Solicitor recommending that Mr. McMillan be paid $25000 and the taxed costs for damages sustained through the positioning of the Morgue near his property.

From the Hon. Hugh Wilson acknowledging the receipt of the resolution of Council re the appointment of Mr Hallett as J.P.

[Volume 4 page 374]

From Mr. Abbott, in reference to the drainage of Richards and Seymour Streets.
Referred to the Board of Works

From Wm Crickmay asking for the balance of his account for pulleys etc.
Referred to the Board of Works

From the Chief of Police reporting upon the Street Lights –

From W. P. Parsons asking for a position as Sewer Inspector.
Referred to the Board of Works

From P. P. Clarke asking for the position of City Engineer.

From Joseph Pope acknowledging the receipt of the telegram of condolence to Lady Macdonald.

From Geo. A. Black et al on behalf of the people of Fairhaven inviting the Mayor and Council of Vancouver to be present in their City on the 4th of July.

From the City Solicitor furnishing by-laws for submission to Council.

From James Morrison complaining about the condition of Water Street on the North Side.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Miss Swan stating that she would be obliged to discharge Miss Drummond.

[Volume 4 page 375]

From A. Campbell Reddie Deputy Provincial Secretary, asking to be furnished with certain information in reference to the Police Magistrate.

The following Reports were received and read;-

To the Mayor and Aldermen
of the City of Vancouver.
Your Committee met for the consideration of applications for liquor licenses at 11 a.m. of Monday the 15th day of June 1891.
Present His Worship and Aldermen MacDonell, De Pencier, Godfrey, Hobson and Carroll, Alder(man) Brighouse absent.
Your committee beg to report as follows:-
1. That the request of Cream and Thomas and W. B. Ross for the privilege of selling malt liquors on grounds where sports are to be held on public holidays be not granted as no power being given this Board to so grant under existing By-Laws.
2. That the petition of S. Bowes et al that the closing of Barrooms from the hours of 6 p.m. on Saturdays to 7 a.m. the following Mondays, and the closing up of all houses of ill-fame be laid over pending the revision of the City By-Laws now proceeding under the direction of the City Solicitor.
3. That the following Hotel Licenses be granted:
Russ House T. McDonald Powell St.
Pacific Lee & Griffiths Cordova “
Colonial A. Deibel Granville “
Cabinet F.D. McLennan Water “
White Swan Summers & Reisterer Cordova “
Terminus N. R. Jones Water “
Schiffler & Swanson “ “
Cambrinus Cambrinus “ “
Manor J. Whitlaw Howe “
Arlington F. Foubert Pender “

[Volume 4 page 376]

City Hotel A. Faison Powell Street
Atlantic A. Schwaber Cordova “
Australian W. G. Judge Oppenheimer “
Sunnyside Canonciu & Mowatt Water “
Barnard Castle Melville & Manuals Powell “
Glasgow Wm Williams Westmin Av
St. Charles V. Lord Pender St.
Union P. Larson Abbot St.
Alhambra W. McKinnon Water “
Carter L. Carter “ “
Bayview Kent & Talcott Cordova “
Fountain R. Minaty “ “
Edinboro’ N. Allan Water “
Albion B. L. Woods “ “
Germania James & Scuitto Cordova “
Gold Lambert & Darling Water “
Jubilee Grey & McLeod “ “
Stag & Pheasant B. Wrede “ “
Richmond A. A. Langley Carroll “
Stewart J. B. Fornton Water “
Bridges J. Austin West Av
Central T. Quann Cordova St.
Vancouver S. S. Gere Georgia “
What Cheer G. Sciutto Heatley Av
Windsors Wm Brown Pender St
Golden Gate F. G. Twigg Granville “
Oriental Crean & Thomas Water “
Granville T. D. Cyrs “ “
Leland Insley & Edwards Hastings “
Dougall Mizony & Rose Cordova
San Fransisco Perkins & Prewatte Water
Tremont J. Blois Carrall
Cosmopolitan Heywood & Abray Cordova
Regina S. Burr Water
Carriere J. Carriere Richards
Waverley J. Whitty Georgia
Ottawa McHugh & Co Pender St
Brunswick P. Carey Hastings St.
Balmoral Allen & McDonald Cordova

4. That the following Saloon licenses be granted:-

[Volume 4 page 377]

Superior Campbell & McFayden Carrall St.
Boulder Davis & Simpson “ “
Office McKay & McIvor Abbott “
Bodega E. McPherson Carrall “
Alaska McCoskery & Co Dupont
Opera Resort J. J. Sparrow Carrall
Real Estate Exchange Ross & Co Cambie
Merchants’ Exchange W. J Meakin Seymour

5. That the following Retail Shop liquor licenses be granted:-

M. G. McLean Granville Street.
Wm Urquhart Carrall “
J. C. Douglas Cordova “
H. A. Urquhart Hastings E.
O Rourke & Jervis “ E.
C. W. Robson, Hud Bay Co. Cordova

6. That the following Wholesale Licenses be granted:-
Holmes & Grace Water St.
Bell-Irving & Paterson Cordova “
Hennick & Co. Water “
Mitchell & Co. Cordova “
Oriental Traders Co. Pender “
Evans Coleman & Evans Cordova “
The foregoing Licenses to take effect from July 1st 1891.

7. That the applications of M. Gibson of the Queens Hotel and Calori Bros of the European be laid over to give the Board an opportunity of viewing the premises.

8. That the applications on behalf of the Grotto Occidental, Victoria, and Pullman Hotels be laid over pending the fulfilment by the respective applicants of the conditions laid down in the By-Laws governing the issue of Hotel Licenses.

[Volume 4 page 378]

9. That the applications of F. A. Boehlofsky, International Hotel and of Springer and Mellon, and Baker Bros for wholesale & Stevens and Gordon for retail shops respectively be laid over pending the payment of the license fees for same.

10. That the Report of the License Inspector be filed.

The Board then adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman.
sgd. D. Oppenheimer
Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Carroll
That the Report of the Licensing Board be adopted.

Health No 14
The Health Committee met on Tuesday June 9, 1891
Present Aldermen Carroll, Templeton & Scoullar

From the Union Steam Ship Co. offering to build a Scow with a false bottom for $120000 and offering to tow the same to the deep water once a day, and to find a man to look after it for the sum of $20000 per month.
Laid over pending further action about the Crematory.

From R. V. Palmer asking to have the Sanitary Condition of Dupont St improved. Filed.

That the Matron of the Hospital be asked to report on the case of Thos. A. Beckett, as to what progress has been made towards recovery.

That the amount of $2.50 paid by J. Huntly for the Board of J. A. Williams and family be refunded to him.

[Volume 4 page 379]

The account of Dr. McGuigan was referred to the City Solicitor to ascertain what is the legal charge for Inquests and Inquiries into the Cause of death except the item of $500 for mental examination of Mrs Mullen which was struck out of the bill.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J. P. Blake Bread $18.70
S. T. Tilley Stamps 1.00
W.S. Cook Scavenger 24.00
R. V. Winch Supplies 14.62
Hamilton Eligh “ 40.04
Hudson’s Bay Co “ 39.50
W. J. Taylor Burials 17.00
J. Sciutto Supplies 55.26
J. R. Morrow Drugs 60.18
sgd. J. T. Carroll

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Doering
That the report of the Health Committee be adopted.

Finance No. 17

The Finance Committee met on Friday June 12, 1891.
Present Aldermen Brown, Hobson, Scoullar & Carroll.
The following Communications were received and filed
1. From Mssrs Gallagher & Britton stating that they had not received any offer for their lots in Block 48.
2. From R. T. Williams offering to publish a description of the City in the B.C. Directory.
3. Telegrams from P. N Whitelaw, from Mrs. Tracy and from the Mayor to Mrs. Tracy.
4. From the newspaper reporters, asking that their table be fitted with lock drawers and asking for some comfortable chairs.

The Report of the Park Commissioners was submitted and laid over.

[Volume 4 page 380]

The account of the Mayor for $50000 re water works.
Laid over
1. That Mr Hammersley be paid $50000 to revise the City By-Laws.
2. That Mr. Fagan be asked to accept the position of Poll Tax Collecter for the remainder of the year.
3. That the Council be recommended to empower the Finance Committee to appoint valuators for real property.
4. That the heads of the different departments be instructed to prohibit the use of the City’s Telephones by outsiders so far as regards the trunk lines, as there is an extra fee charged by the Telephone Co for the use of the Trunk lines.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J. R. Hardman Framing Address $10.00
Telephone Co. Telephones 20.55
C. P. Telegraph Co Telegrams 6.85
The Daily Telegram Printing 116.85
sgd Wm Brown
Moved by Alderman Doering
Seconded by “ Hobson
That the report of the Finance Committee by adopted.

Police No. 13
The Police Committee met on Tuesday June 9, 1891
Present Aldermen DePencier, Scoullar and Hobson.


From the Dep Prov Secretary, asking for particulars of all appeals and applications to quash convictions made by the late Police Magistrate and also a list of charges against him.

[Volume 4 page 381]

Resolved that the City Clerk forward copies of all complaints with all other information asked for.

From R. H. Alexander stating that he cannot act as police Magistrate as it would interfere with business.

From R.K. Winters informing the Council that J.H. Hallett is no longer qualified to act as Police Magistrate

From G. F. Baldwin stating that Mrs. W. P. West desires that her husband draw his own salary in future, and asking for instructions.

Resolved that the present arrangements remain in force.

From Miss Bowes et al, asking for the removal of certain pictures from the advertising boards.
Resolved that a copy of By-Law No. 2 with sections 2 & 5 worded by forwarded by the City Clerk to Miss Bowes.

From the License Inspector with report for the month of May and complaining of the unsatisfactory state of the City By-Laws.
Resolved that the Finance Committee be urged to have the By-Laws revised without delay.

Moved by Alderman Scoullar.
That J. Huntly be empowered to order a number of dog tags, and dray shields.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J. Sciutto Supplies $42.90
J. P. Blake Bread 14.35
W. S. Cook Scavenger 1.75
San Juan Lime Co. Lime 1.45
M. G. McLeod Transport 9.00
H. A. Berry & Co “ 1.00
Hamilton Eligh Milk 1.70
Hayes & McIntosh Meat 18.30
sgd John McDowells
for Chairman

Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That the Report of the Police Committee be adopted.

[Volume 4 page 382]

F. W. & L. No. 8
The Fire Water & Light Committee met on Wednesday June 10, 1891.
Present Aldermen Templeton, Brown, and Brighouse


From Dr McAlpine and others petitioning for an alternation in the fire limit by-law.
The petition was returned to ascertain what property is held by each of the petitioners in the district included in the proposed alterations.

The petition of John McConaghy and others asking for City water to be supplied to them was laid over pending the completion of the Water Works Arbitration.

1. Resolved. that the Electric Light Co be instructed not to light the street lights on the night of full moon and for three nights before, and one night after the full moon instead of as present arranged.

2. That an advertisement be put into the paper calling for prices and samples for 1000 feet of fire hose and also the price per 100 lbs for a for the fire hall, prices and samples of hose to be in by Wednesday July 18.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J. Forbes Shoeing $3.00
J. M. Buxton Coal 26.00
G. H. Bozley Shoeing 2.00
Palmer Bros. Coal 21.00
J. Sciutto Supplies 4.68
Tye & Co. “ 5.80
Crowder & Penzer Feed 53.43
Electric Light Co. Light 1209.30
C. M. Hanby Supplies 10.00
Water Works Co. Water 136.20
G. W. Thomas Veterinary Surgeon 2.50

From H. Abbott asking if there would be

[Volume 4 page 383]

any objection to the erection of a wooden building in the rear of the CPR Cos old offices.
Resolved that as the site named is outside the fire limits the City has no power to prevent the erection of the proposed building
sgd Wm Templeton
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the report of the F. W. & L. Committee be adopted.
Works No 17.

The Board of Works met on Thursday June 4th 1891 and Thursday June 11th 1891.

Present at the first meeting Aldermen Brown De Pencier and Godfrey. Alderman De Pencier in the Chair and at the second meeting a full board was present:

It was recommended:-
1. That the following accounts be paid:-
J. Romang Salary $58.50
E. Kingcombe “ 52.00
Police Livery Stable Hack Hire 19.00
Davis & Taylor Engineer’s Rods 13.00
R. Fewster & Co. Grass Seed 50.80
City Band Grant 125.00
G. F. Slater Lumber 138.48
D. H. Morgan Victoria St. 1209.30
Tye & Co. Supplies 11.20
McGhie & McLuckie Sidewalk 23.00
Van Carriage Works 1.25
Gurney Cab Co. Hack Hire 9.50
Alex McDonald Grave Digging 1.75
2. That the Sureties for Messrs McDonald and Barton, Contractors for clearing in the East End Park be notified to complete the work.

[Volume 4 page 384]

3. That E. J. Clark be asked to pay over to the City of Vancouver the sum of $100000, as per the agreement, dated 26th day of February 1889. All conditions in said agreement having been fulfilled by the Corporation.
4. That the contractors who deposited stumps etc on the property of Theo Simpson on the corner of Melville and Thurlow Street, be notified to have same removed or buried.

Communications received from the Manager of the Telephone Co and from Archie Robinson et al, and Mark Little et al were laid over.
A. Godfrey
for Chairman
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Aldermand Godfrey
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.
Introduction of By-Laws
Alderman Scoullar introduced the following By-Laws which were read a first time:-
1. A By-Law to License and Regulate Plumbers
2. A By-Law for the regulation of Sewerage and drainage
3. A By-Law to define the duties of Inspectors of plumbing.
The By-Laws were ordered to be printed for the information of the Public.

Alderman Godfrey introduced a By-Law to amend Clause 4 of the Market By-Law which was read a first time.
Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Templeton
That the By-Law passed at the last meeting of the Council, striking a

[Volume 4 page 385]

rate for 1891 be withdrawn to allow of the rate be increased to 2 cents on the dollar to provide for an additional sum for school purposes.

Alderman Brown then introduced a By-Law to strike the rate at 2 cents which was read a first time.

The By-Law was read a 2nd time on motion of Alderman Brown seconded by Alderman Templeton, the rules being suspended.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the By-Law with Alderman Brown in the Chair.
It was read over clause by clause and passed without amendment.
The Committee then rose and reported the By-Law as complete.
It was then read a third time on motion of Alderman Brown seconded by Alderman Godfrey and signed

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That the following labor accounts be paid:-
H. Lomas et al $139.50
/do 76.35

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Carroll
That the invitation of the people of Fairhaven to spend the 4th of July with them be accepted with thanks, and that as many of the Aldermen as possible attend.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Templeton
That all that part of Powell

[Volume 4 page 386]

Street, as original surveyed over which the C.P.R. Track now runs be conveyed to the Railway Co. in exchange for the ends of Lots 1, 2 & 3 Block 48, over which Powell Street now runs, as shown on the annexed plan.
Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by Alderman MacDonell
That J.H. McMillan be paid $25000 and his taxed a bill of costs of the suit to date in accordance with the recommendation of Alderman Carroll and the City Solicitor.

Consideration of By-Laws.

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ Doering
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole on the District Telegraph By-Law

Alderman Brighouse was appointed Chairman.
The By-Law was read clause by clause.
Alderman Brown moved
1) That the District Messenger Co shall pay to the Corporation of Vancouver for every pole owned or used on any Street or lane in the City the sum of $5.00 annually.
2) That the Corporation of Vancouver, at the expiration of every 5 years on giving three months notice to the District Messenger Co. shall have the power to change the existing agreements or assume the ownership of said Company’s business on terms agreed upon between this City and the Co.
[Volume 4 page 387]
Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Brown
That Clause 6 be struck out:

Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by “ Godfrey
That the Committee rise and report progress and asked leave to sit again.

The City Solicitor to be notified to be present at next meeting of Council.
Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Doering
That the following account from the Brockton Point Athletic Assn be paid; being certified as correct by Messrs James S. Garden and Thos Shipton:- Thos. Dunn et al. $522.24

Notice of Motion
Alderman Templeton gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would move to amend the Fire Limit By-Law by introducing and amendment to make the eastern boundary of the Fire Limits —– ft east of Carrall Street in place of the present eastern boundary.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk