Reward for Conviction of Tree Vandals Increased to $300.00 – June 20, 1892

Council will attend July 4th celebrations in Seattle. Westminster and Vancouver Tramway officials complain of cows “running at large” on their tracks. W. S. Westcott awarded the contract for laying flexible water main across the Second Narrows.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 pages 47 – 53

[Volume 5 page 47]
Vancouver June 20th 1892

The Council met on Monday June 20th 1892 at 8 P.M. Present His Worship, the Mayor and, Aldermen Connon, Anderson, Scoullar, Collins, McGuigan, Odlum,Franklin Mills and Gavin.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and read:-

From the Health Inspector reporting another case of Small pox
From W. H. Kendall and W. H. Fraser submitting assignments of accounts respectively.
Laid over until the City Solicitor is interviewed

From M. G. Blanchard, Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Association thanking the Council for the use of the City Hall for their meeting.
From the City Architects protesting against the City Engineer doing architect’s work.
From the Secy-Treasurer of the Westminster and, Vancouver tramway Company, drawing attention to the fact that cows were running at large endangering the property of the Co through getting on the track in front of their cars.
Referred to the Police Committee

From H. B. Small, Deputy Minister of Agriculture acknowledging receipt of resolution re the appointment of a Port Physician at Vancouver.
From the Invitation Committee of Seattle inviting the Mayor and Council to be present at their celebration on the 4th of July.
Resolved that their invitation be accepted with thanks.
From W. B. Wilson asking for a permanent grade and sidewalk in front of his premises on Columbia Avenue + Dupont Street.
Referred to Board of Works.

[Vol 5 pg 48]

From A. H. B. McGowan Secretary of the School Board asking that $2000.00 be placed to the credit in the Bank of Montreal, also asking for the appointment of an Auditor as required under the School Act 1891.

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the City Treasurer be instructed to place in the Bank of Montreal the sum of $2000.00 to the credit of the School Board and the said amount to be charged to the School Estimates
Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Connon
That Stanley James be appointed Auditor to audit the school accounts.

From Geo. Gagen asking the City to have the Assessment Roll printed
Referred to Finance Committee to ascertain cost:

From JB Henderson again drawing attention to the proximity of the Pest House to his works.
From John McLaren reporting on the Electric Lights

The following tenders were received for City Scavengering:-
Thos Veitch + co $80000 per month
John Wolfe 600 “ “

Moved by Alderman Connon
Seconded by “ Anderson
That the tender of Thos Veitch + co be accepted.
Moved in amendment by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman Mills
That the tender of John Wolfe be accepted if sureties are furnished to the satisfaction of the Council
Amendment Carried

[Vol 5 pg 49]

Alderman Connon objected to the irregular manner in which tenders were accepted without sufficient deposits being put up.

The following Reports were received, and read:-

Finance Report

The Finance Committee met on Friday June 17th 1892.
Present Aldermen Anderson, Mills and Odlum.

It was recommended:-
1 That the following account be paid:-
The World P + P Co. Advertising $10.60

2 That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Provincial Government and the Tax Collector in reference to the personal property tax on water pipes.

3 That the City Solicitor be instructed to carry to an issue the case now pending between the C. P. R. Co, and the Corporation in reference to the extension of Gore Av to the Water.
sgd R. A. Anderson
Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report be adopted
F. W. + L. Report.

The F. W. + L. Committee met on Wednesday June 15th 1892.
Present Aldermen Franklin, Connon and Scoullar.
It was recommended:-
1 That the following accounts be paid:-
A. Blyth etal Labor $246.90
Thos Dunn + co Supplies 275.79

2 That C. E. Colson be permitted to lay 50 ft of water pipe on Hamilton Street at his own expense under the Superintendence of the Water Works Department

3 That Thos Veitch be awarded to contract for supplying

[Vol 5 pg 50]

the water works department with a horse and rig to be at their service night or day when required at 40 cts an hour when in use.

4 That McLeod +McDermid be awarded the contract for the erection of the fire hall on Mount Pleasant for the sum of $3000.00

5 That W. S. Westcott be awarded the contract for laying the flexible main across the Narrows and for drawing out the old main for the sum of $399000 and $50000 respectively and that he be required to provide satisfactory sureties for the due performance of the work as required in the specifications
sgd. L. Franklin
Moved by Alderman Gavin
Seconded by “ Mills
That the Report be adopted.

Health Report

The Health Committee met on Tuesday June 14th 1892. Present Alderman Anderson (in the Chair) Collins and Gavin.
It was resolved:-
1 That the Chief of Police be authorized to purchase clothes for Mr Mooney to the amount of $25.00

2 That the piece of land selected by the Jewish people in the public cemetery be set aside for their purposes.

3 That tenders be again invited for the general scavengering of the City at noon.
Each tender to be accompanied by a deposit equal to 5 per cent on a six months service and two sureties.

4 That the City Clerk be instructed to write to Mr. E. J. Clark of Toronto asking on what terms a fee simple deed of the South Park can be

[Vol 5 pg 51]

obtained; also that he correspond with the Provincial Government with a view of securing a portion of Hastings Park as a site for a pest house.

5 That the following accounts be paid:-
H. H. Layfield + co Supplies $2.05
McLennan + McFeely “ 19.70
F. W. Hart: Burials etc 123.75
Palmer Bros Supplies 56.53
M. S. Rose “ 1.50
R. V. Winch “ 56.41
B. C. M. T. + T. Co “ 4.22
Ideal Grocery “ 94.92
Champion + White Drayage etc 23.20
Atkins + Atkins Supplies 187.07
S. S. Agnes Towing 10.00
Bill Posting Agency Posting 1.00
J. P. Blake Supplies 10.25
J. L. Herritt + co “ 41.37
R. Robertson “ 17.25
Daily Telegram Printing 9.25
Hudson’s Bay Co. Supplies 44.25
W. A. McIntosh “ 56.13
The Delmonico “ 5.00
Power Steam Laundry Washing 35.59
Gurney Cab Co. Rigs 20.00
Fraser + co. Supplies .60
J. H. Jones “ 19.25
A. Goldstine “ 86.00
H. McDowell + co “ 17.10
C. Nelson “ 5.00
Alex McDonald “ 1.50
Robertson + Hackett Carpentering 119.71
sgd R. A. Anderson
Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by “ Odlum
That the Report be adopted
Report of Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday June 16 1892.
Present Alderman Franklin (in the Chair) Connon, Gavin + Franklin

[Vol 5 pg 52]

It was recommended:
1 That Wm Skene be informed that no action can be taken towards the purchase of his building for bathing house purposes.

2 That the communication from James Morrison re the filthy condition on the rear of the Edmonds building on Water Street be referred to the Health Inspector.

3 That the City Engineer be instructed to have the sidewalk on Homer Street near the World office placed at a permanent grade and the lanes made passable by day work.

4 That the accounts of J. McGrath, and Bothwell and Walings be referred to the City Engineer with power to act.

5 That tenders be called for the following work, receivable up to noon June 30 1892:-
Barclay Street, Grading full width from Nicola to the fore shore.
Seventh Av. grading full width from South Granville Street to Bridge St.

6 That the following work be proceeded with by day labor
Campbell av grading to Prior Street
Quebec Street “ from 7th to 13th av.
Powell Street slashing from Victoria Street two blocks.

7 That the account of W H Baxter amounting to £ 74. S 2. D 8 for Jaws etc be paid if found correct.

8 That the following accounts be paid:-
W H Kendall Crushed rock $897.12
W. Jones Nelson St. 108. 96
A. D. McDonald Georgia St 232.28
D. H. Morgan Manitoba Street 270.00
Thos Veitch Delivering crushed rock 323.41
Gibbons + Myers Lanes 8th av 20.00
do do Carolina St. 83.86
Thos Thomas Lanes 241.11

[Vol 5 pg 53]

W. S. Cook Davie Street $84.27
E. C. Britton Seymour Street 127.07
Diplock + co. Supplies 16.00
Tye + co “ 5.35
H. Lomas etal. Labor 641.85
sgd J. L. Franklin
Moved by Alderman Connon
Seconded by “ Gavin.
That the Report be adopted.

Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by “ Connon
That the present reward offered for the apprehension or conviction of the party or parties who are destroying trees in this City be increased to $30000.

Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by “ Gavin
That the consideration of another grant to the Park Commissioners be referred to the Finance Committees to report upon.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ Connon
That the following account be paid:
W. Hooper etal Labor on Water Works $1834.35

The Council then adjourned.

F. Cope
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk