Telephone Switchboard worth $2,000 – June 29, 1896

Telephone Switchboard worth $2,000 – June 29, 1896

In talks with the Telephone + Telephone Company, Finance Committee allowed a value of $2,000 for the switchboard. In another matter, former Market manager Mr. Beattie owed the City $873.95 in rent for the Market and the value of buildings built by Beattie was about the same, Council proposed an end to the dispute. Two Aldermen opposed this solution.

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Illustration: COVA reference code AM1376-: CVA 1376-459:
B.C. Telephone Company staff at switchboards in office in Lefevre Block
Al Woodburn, Wire Chief, Miss Hattie Fowler, Miss Armstrong, Miss Williams, Miss Weaver, Miss Jessie McDonald and Miss Bartley

Original handwritten minutes: COVA Series 31
Volume 7 pages 218 – 225

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[Volume 7 page] 218

Vancouver June 29th 1896

The Council met on Monday June 29th 1896.

Present – His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Painter, Banfield, Schou, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown, MacDonald, Bethune and Coldwell.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the Cities of New Westminster, Victoria, Seattle and Tacoma acknowledging receipt of invitations to Vancouver for the celebration of Dominion Day.

From J. Mason & Co asking for a License for a Washhouse situated on Lot 17 Block 23 D.L. 196
Referred to the Police Committee

From Wm Towler presenting the Mayor and Council with a box of Strawberries
Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Schou
That a Vote of Thanks be tendered to Mr Fowler for his appropriate present.

From F. S. Barnard, President of the Consolidated Railway Co. submitting a Report from Mr H. J. Cambie as to the condition of the Swings of Cambie Granville Street Bridge which he claimed had little more strength than it actually needed.
Referred to the Board of Works

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From J. F. Ryan claiming that he did not get his license when he paid for it.
Referred to the Police Committee

[Volume 7 page] 219

From J. J. Nickson asking the City of Vancouver to join with New Westminster in guaranteeing bonds for the construction of the Fraser River Bridge.
Referred to the Railway Committee

From Andrew McDonald etal asking that the boulevards be filled in opposite the vacant lots on Hornby Street between Smythe and Robson.
Referred to the Board of Works.

The following Reports were received and read:-

Water & Market Committee

The Water & Market Committee met on Wednesday June 24th 1896. Present – the full Board.


From the wife of Chief Tom of Squamish asking to whom to apply for the rent of the right of way of the water works pipe through the Indian Reserve at the mouth of Capilano Creek
Resolved that the communication be answered and that she be referred to the Indian agent for information.

From Robert W. Clark asking to have rent of Market Hall reduced for one night to $5 or $6 and also for the rise of the Market Hall for the Vancouver Total Abstinence Union at the rate of $5 per night for all meetings.

The Committee do not consider it advisable to make any reduction in rates for any purpose on account of the number of applications called for reduced rates

Resolved that the Market By-Law be amended as follows:-
That a rental of $7.00 be charged for the Market Hall for day meetings held on Sundays and $9.00 for meetings held on Sunday Evenings when light is used.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
S. Madison Refreshments $11.35
News.Advertiser Supplies 10.50
Canadian Architect Ad 8.05
B.C. Iron Works Co Supplies 100.84
Evans, Coleman & Evans “ 40
Can Gen’l Elec Co “ 1.50
Wm Ralph “ 2.00
Thos Dunn & Co “ 15.27
W Hooper etal Labor 437.65

Sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That the Report be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday June 25th 1896
Present – the full Board with Alderman Shaw


From Oppenheimer Bros re permission to construct a temporary building at lots 10 to 12. Bl 1 D.L. 196 to be used as a School of Mines.
Resolved that permission be granted to build the Structure as requested.

From Petitioners asking that Albert Street be opened up 200 feet east of Vernon Street
Referred to the Chain gang in its turn

From J. Oban and others asking that the Park Road be cleared and graded at their houses.
Laid over.

From Costello & McMorran asking that the lane adjoining the Commercial Hotel be graded and fixed to permanent grade.
Referred to Eng to examine and report upon.

[Volume 7 page] 221

J.J. Nickson interviewed the Board in reference to a proposal regarding the proposed bridge across the Fraser River
Referred to the full Council.

S. Wye, Plumber, asked permission to build a frame structure to be used as a show case at the corner of Howe and Hastings Streets within the Fire Limits.
Mr Wye was notified that he must bring in a satisfactory plan shewing the end wall of brick for the approval of the Engineer.

Resolved that the Consolidated Railway Co be offered a grant of $500 in consideration of their constructing a 12 ft footbridge for the City to the approval of the City Engineer, across Coal Harbour to Stanley Park and that they be requested to notify the Board of Works on or before Thursday the 9th of July as to whether they can accept this proposition or not so that they there may be no delay.


Resolved that tenders be called up to 4 P.M. on Thursday the 9th of July 1896 for the following work:-
Powell St Surface grading beyond brewery.
Westminster Ave Bridge Re planking

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
G Wright Carrall St $114.41
R. Harrison Clark Drive 250
E. Clough Express hire 1.
J. Wood Ontario St 100
Thos Dunn & Co Supplies 3.20
Evans, Coleman, & Evans “ 1.60
J. Ironside Repairs 295.20
Thomas etal Labor 551.60

sgd H .J. Painter
Act. Chairman

[Volume 7 page] 222

Moved by Alderman MacDonald
Seconded by “ Painter
That the Report be adopted

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday June 26th 1896
Present – the full Board.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
H. Kersey Repairs $1.00
J. Miller Supplies 20.
News.Advertiser “ 35.33
Arthur Ward “ 8.

A deputation from the Telephone Co waited upon the Committee with a view of coming to an understanding as to the value to be fixed for their Switch Board which was exempted by Judge Bole in the case tried before him. They produced figures shewing that the value was $2340.

The Committee agreed to allow $2000 which was agreed to.
This amount is to be deducted from their assessment of $12000


From R.E. Gosnell asking for a photograph of the City for the purpose of illustrating a new Historical Geography of the Dominion. Laid over for further particulars

From C.W. Murray asking for extra appropriation for schools.
Laid over

From E.J. Millard, Dom Express Co refusing to pay a license.
Referred to the City Solicitor

sgd J.J. Banfield

[Volume 7 page] 223

Moved by Alderman Banfield
Seconded by “ Painter
That the Report be adopted.

Introduction of By-Law

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Bethune
That the amendments to the Market By-Law be read a first time.


Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by ” McDonald
That the following account be paid:-
Kate Edwards Work in Hospital $13.33

Moved by Alderman Banfield
Seconded by “ Painter
That the City Solicitor draw up a memorial to be signed by the Mayor on behalf of the City supporting the action of the Chairman of the Finance Committee in his correspondence with the Hon D. M. Eberts Attorney General re Vancouver Sinking Fund.

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by “ Clandenning
Whereas Messrs Miller and Costello entered into a Bond to secure to the City the payment of the rent for the Market Hall by A.M. Beattie under a lease from the city to Beattie.

[Volume 7 page] 224

And whereas before the City leased the Market to Beattie an annual loss was incurred by the City.

And whereas Beattie built and left on the Market premises buildings which have been valued by three valuators employed by the City as follows:-
R. H. Cooke $668
W.E. Johnstone 705
City Engineer 1200.

And whereas there is now due and owing to the City a balance of $873.95 for rent and possession of the premises has been given up by Beattie to the City and the City has the benefit of the buildings erected thereon.

Be it resolved that the sum of $857 (being the mean between the three valuations) be set off against the sum of $873.95 owing for rent and provided all disputes between the City and Miller, Costello and Beattie be settled and $50 paid for costs of action and commission issued and the balance of $16.95, the difference between rent owing and the value of the buildings be paid by Messrs Miller & Costello, then the action now pending be withdrawn and all matters settled. Carried

Yeas. Aldermen Shaw, Painter, Schou, Banfield, Clandenning, MacDonald, Bethune and Coldwell
Nays. Aldermen McPhaiden and Brown

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Bethune
That the Rules be suspended and the Amendments to the Market By-Law read a second time. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Bethune
That the Council go into Committee

[Volume 7 page] 225

of the Whole for the Consideration of the By-Law with the Mayor in the Chair.

In Committee the By-Law was read over Clause by Clause and reported to Council as complete without amendment.

The Rules were again suspended and the By-Law read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman Brown Seconded by Alderman Bethune.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Banfield gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council he would move that the Police Magistrate’s salary be reduced to $15.00

The Council then adjourned

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk

Henry Collins