License fees for wrestlers reduced to $10 per show – June 30, 1890

License fees for wrestlers reduced to $10 per show – June 30, 1890

License fees for wrestlers reduced to $10 per exhibition. Cemetery caretakers’ salary increased to $50 per month. $1,000 set aside for Dominion Day celebration July 1. Council accepts “kind invitation” to be present at sod turning ceremony for future Temperance Hall. $750 granted to hospital for surgical instruments, but medical staff urged to keep some money on hand for “future urgent needs”.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 437-449

[volume 3 page 437]

Vancouver June 30th 1890

The Council met on Monday June 30th 1890.

Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Browning, Carroll, Garden, Horne, Fox, Sentell, Costello & McLeod.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From C. G. Johnson enclosing $45.25 being the proceeds of an excursion for the benefit of the hospital. Filed.

From S. Gough City Clerk of Nanaimo accepting invitation from the celebration Committee and the Mayor to be present on the 1st of July. Filed.

From R. G. Tatlow one of the Park Commissioners and the City Solicitor in reference to the removal of Chinese Squatters from Stanley Park. Referred to Health Inspector.

From H. T. Ceperley, Secy Treasurer of the Vancouver Gurney Car Co. requesting the Council to set aside Abbott Street as a cab stand and plank the street full width. Referred to the Board of Works.

From H. E. McKee et al requesting the Council to have a draw put in the bridge to be erected across False Creek. Referred to Board of Works.

From J. S. Magladry et al requesting the Council to make an appropriation of

[volume 3 page 438]

One thousand dollars towards the maintenance of the land. Referred to Finance Committee.

From A. H. B. MacGowan, Secretary of the celebration Committee requesting Council to make an appropriation of $1,000 for Dominion Day Sports. Filed.

From John Boultbee claiming a settlement on account of Jackson Abray. Referred to Finance & City Solicitor.

From Dr. Beckingsale accepting the position offered him on the Hospital Medical Staff. Filed.

From H. Stanton Secretary to the Lieu Governor acknowledging receipt of resolutions re Court House and Registry Office. Filed.

From The British Columbia Sugar Refining Co Ld. et al praying Council to place a Street Light near the Refinery. Referred to F. W. & L. Committee.

From J. H. Carlisle Chief of the Fire Brigade requesting Council to furnish the Firemen Uniforms. Filed.

From John M. Duval inviting the Mayor and Council to be present at the turning of the first sod of the Temperance Hall. Filed.

From the Matron of the City Hospital asking for an increase of salary.

[volume 3 page 439]

From C. Whetham and Co. asking the City to purchase a street sweeping machine. Referred to Board of Works.

From W. P. West Pound Keeper furnishing Monthly Report. Filed.

From John Percival et al requesting council to construct a sidewalk on the West Side of Cambie Street from Georgia to Smithe. Referred to Board of Works.

From C. Goodmurphy asking Council to reconsider the granting of his Liquor License. Referred to License Committee.

From J. W. McFarland et al requesting that Gore Avenue be graded and boulevard from Alexander St to Hastings Street. Referred to Board of Works.

From J. H. Carlisle furnishing cost of gas burner for Engine No. 1. Referred to F. W. & L. Committee.

From F. Landsberg et al complaining about cutting down Oppenheimer Street. Referred to Board of Works.

From G. W. Manning Secy to Royal Templars of Temperance asking Council to take steps to prevent the sale of Liquor outside the Licensed premises. Filed.

From J. Lambert et al asking Council to pass an ordinance prohibiting the opening of Barber Shops on Sundays. Referred to City Solicitor.

[volume 3 page 440]


F. W. & L. No 9

The Fire, Water & Light Committee met on Wednesday June 25th 1890.

Present Aldermen Fox, Carrall and Garden.

We beg to recommend:

1. That David Biggar be appointed permanent fireman in place of Wm. Williamson resigned.

2. That John McFee and Seymour Richardson be appointed call men in place of James and Thomas Blair resigned and that John McFee be paid $5.00 per month extra to look after the Fire Alarm System he being recommended by the Chief as competent for that purpose.

3. That the Council take into consideration the advisability of extending the Fire Limits so as to include the streets instead of the lanes as they at present exist.

4. That the following accounts be paid:

Vancouver Water Works Co. $113.12
I. Forbes Blacksmithing 8.50
Royal City Planning Mills Co. 83.78
G. H. Bayley 6.50
Queens Bro. Hack Hire 13.50
C. P. Ry Co. 5.25
Crowder & Penzer, Feed 103.02
Vancouver Electric Ill Co. 300.65
G. W. Thomas 2.00
H. McDowell & Co. 3.13
John Scuitto 3.25
Creighton, Fraser & Co. 12.50

Sgd. J. M. Fox, Chairman

[volume 3 page 441]

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alderman Garden. That the Report of the F. W. & L. Committee be adopted. Carried.

Finance No 17

The Finance Committee met on Friday June 25th and 27th 1890.
Present Aldermen Garden, Fox, Costello and Mason, Alderman Fox in the Chair and Alderman Browning on the 27th.

We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

T. O. Townley, Registration $2.65
L. G. McPhillips, Law costs 80.13
Queen Bros. Livery 5.00
A. Wilson, Bouquet 15.00
Telephone Co. 73.00
B. H. Short, Band 35.00
Ross & Ceperley, Insurance 210.00
Thos. F. McGuigan, Refund 12.50
Union S. S. Co. Steamer 10.00
Bank of B. C. Cashing Coupons 44.82
Chas. McLeod, Refreshments 5.00
The World P & P Co. 24.11

2. That $750.00 be placed to the credit of the Hospital Medical Board for the purchase of new instruments urgently required but we would advise that all of this amount should not be expended at once but a sum kept on land to meet future urgent requirements.

3. That the License Inspector be authorized to reduce the License fee for wrestlers to $10.00 per exhibition and that the City Solicitor be authorized to prepare amendments to By-Law No 79 in accordance

[volume 3 page 442]

With memo laid before this Committee.

4. That the License Inspector be authorized to have the necessary printing done to meet requirements of By-Law No 79.

5. That J. J. Blake be tendered $150.00 in full settlement of his account against the City for services as solicitor in connection with the McHugh case.

6. That the Reports of the Fire, Water & Light and Board of Works be adopted.

Sgd. J. M. Browning, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Browning, seconded by Alderman Fox. That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted. Carried.

Works No 17 The Board of Works met on Thursday June 26th 1890.

Present Aldermen Costello, Horne, Doering and Sentell.

We beg to recommend:

1. That the salary of Alexander McDonald caretaker of the cemetery be increased to $50.00 per month; also that the salary of J. Romang be increased to $2.25 per day and that L. Authier be appointed Street Inspector at a salary of $75.00 per month.

2. That Princess Street be graded three block further east as described in the Estimates.

3. That the lane in Block 3, O. G. T. be graveled from Carrall Street, Westerly about

[volume 3 page 443]

Half a block.

4. That the Sanitary Engineer be authorized to order a sufficient quantity of nitrified pipe to reach from Pender Street to the shore and that the matter of laying a double pipe in the Sewer, trenches be referred to the Council.

5. That as soon as any portion of the Sewers is accepted that connection be made with the same subject to the regulations of the Health By-Law.

6. That the necessary repairs be made on the road leading to Hastings.

7. That the following contracts be awarded:

Box drain on Heatley & Hawks, A. D. McDonald
Box drain on Hastings Street do
Dufferin St. Bridge F. L Budlong
Sophia St. Sidewalk W. C. Muir
7th Av. Sidewalk Leatherdale & McDonald
Howe Street Sidewalk do
Georgia Street Sidewalk do
Widening Sidewalk do
Oppenheimer St. Box drain D. Gibbon Oppenheimer St. Grading Boyd & C.
Thurlow St. Grading do
Burrard St. Grading Wm. Tierney
Keefer St. Box drain Urquhart & Morris
Howe Street Box drain do
Centre Street Gravelling
Wm Tierney if gravel be taken from C.P.R Hill and
Boyd & Clandening if gravel be brought in on scows
Market Grounds, Wm. Cullen
Robson Street, grading Wm. Tierney
Alexander St. Box drain John Costello

8. That the following accounts be paid:

[volume 3 page 444]

W. C. Muir, Sidewalk Westminster Av. $255.75
Alex McDonald, Repairs 56.50
Mack & Co. Sulphur 59.61
H. A. Berry & Co. Express 3.00
Do Express 12.50
Thomson Bros. Paper 6.00
M. McIntyre, 6th Av. 165.66
A. Parker, Salary 75.00
John Telford, Powell Street 324.00
Do Powell Street 303.39
Leatherdale & McDonald, Planking 567.70
John Costello, Pender Street 326.40
H. Connacher, Princess St 419.80
Do Robson Street 201.75
W. C. Muir, Lane B23, 541 55.60
Vancouver Gas Co. 8.75
S. T. Tilley 3.30
A. O Leask 6.25
H. A. Burke, Salary 75.00

9. That J. H. L. Wilson be paid his account for planting trees less the value of eleven trees which have died.

10. That tenders be called for the following works:

Robson Street grading one block
Homer Street sidewalk
11th Av Sidewalk from Quebec St. West
6th Av Sidewalk two blocks
13th Av. Graded from Westminster Road to Ontario Street Park Street graded from 12th Av to Powell St.
Lane in B7, 196 graded
Lane in B52, 196 graded

Sgd. J. W. Horne, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Browning, seconded by Alderman Sentell. That clause 4 of the Report be eliminated and the following clause inserted in lieu thereof.

[volume 3 page 445]

That the laying of surface drain pipes in the Sewer trenches be dispensed and the contractor allowed to proceed with his contract. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alerman Sentell. That the Report as amended be adopted. Carried.

Report of Arbitration Committee.

Vancouver June 28, 1890.

To the Council of the City of Vancouver.

We have this day inspected the premises lately occupied as a Japanese Store and for dwelling purposes on Lot 12 Block 3, O. G. T. which was partially destroyed by fire on the evening of the 2th instant and we find that the damage done to same is of such a nature that it would require an outlay of far more than 25% of its value before the fire to put the premises in the same condition of repair as heretofore.

We therefore in accordance with provisions of By-Laws No 85 and 49 of this City prohibit any repairs whatsoever from being done on said damaged wooden building and hereby order the removal of the remains of said damaged building forthwith.

And we further order that the Fire Inspector serve a copy of this Report or Messrs Hayes & McIntosh the owners of said damaged wooden building at once with a request that they forthwith comply with its terms.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Sgd M. Costello, Alderman
F. W. Sentell
J. Huntly Fire Warden

[volume 3 page 446]

Moved by Alderman Garden, seconded by Alderman Costello. That the Report of the Committee be adopted. Carried.

Introduction of By-Laws

Alderman Browning introduced a By-Law to amend By-Laws No 79 & 84 which was read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Browning, seconded by Alderman Garden. That $1,000 be placed to the credit of the Dominion Celebration Committee to be expended in connection with 1st of July sports. Carried.
Moved by Alderman McLeod, seconded by Alderman Fox. That the Board of Works at their earliest convenience purchase and erect weighing scales in the most convenient place close to the City Market. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Carrall. That the cordial invitation of John M. Duval Secretary of the Temperance Hall Association to be present at the turning of the first sod of their new hall on the 1st of July be accepted. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Carroll.

[volume 3 page 447]

That the thanks of this Council be and is hereby tendered to Capt. John Irving for his generous action in placing at the disposal of the citizens the steamer Yosemite to provide funds to assist in the maintenance of the City Hospital. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Costello. That the following accounts be paid:

T. Hallam et al Street Work $134.24
B. Romang, et al Street Work 152.50
D. Gibbons Lane B10, 196 107.00
B. Hungerford et al Park 180.00 Carried.

Moved by Alderman Garden, seconded by Alderman Carroll. That an amount of money sufficient to grade, the lanes in Blocks 46 and 47, District Lot 541 be set apart from the contingent fund and that the City Engineer be instructed to call for tenders and have the work done at once. Motion Lots 3.5

Moved by Alderman Garden, seconded by Alderman Horne. That the following Sugar Refinery accounts be paid:

Murray & Fraser, final estimate $640.00
Boyd & Clandenning 1,800
Leatherdale & McDonald, Wharf 2,205

If found correct on examination by the Chairman of the Sugar Refinery Committee and Mr. Rogers on behalf of the Sugar Refinery Co. Carried.

[volume 3 page 448]

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Garden, seconded by Alderman Costello. That the By-Law to make an offer to the Vancouver Water Works Co for their works be read a second time. Carried.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 2nd time.
The Council then went into Committee of the Whole on By-Law with Alderman Garden in the Chair.

In Committee the By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported back to Council as complete without amendments.

The By-Law was then read a third time on motion of Alderman Garden seconded by Alderman Costello.

Notices of Motion

Alderman Horne gave notice that at the next meeting of Council he would introduce a By-Law to regulate and govern the Vancouver City Market House and place and weigh scales and to provide for the collection of fees from same and for the leasing or renting of stalls or stands and for the general conduct of a public market for the City of Vancouver.

Alderman Garden gave notice that at the next meeting of Council he would move that the Agreement between the City and the Brockton Point Athletic Club be amended to the effect that the Athletic shall be given the sole power of carrying out the improvements to the grounds and expending the money lent to the club

[volume 3 page 449]

By the City for that purpose, provided that any expenditure shall first of all be approved of by the City Engineer.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk