Labour Day to be granted as public holiday – July 18, 1892

labour day 1898
Labour Day in 1898, looking west on Oppenheimer Street, courtesy Vancouver Archives

Labour Day (August 11 in 1892) to be granted as a public holiday. The Board of Health empowered to buy a site for a separate Chinese “pest house” (isolation hospital) within the City limits. City to ask the provincial government to enforce the Public Health Act, as one case of smallpox has already been found in Hastings Townsite.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 pages 81-87

[vol 5 pg 81]

Vancouver July 18th1892

The Council met on Monday, July 18th 1892.

Present: His Worship, The Mayor and Aldermen Anderson, Connon, Collins, Scoullar, McGuigan, McCraney, Franklin, Odlum Mills and Gavin.

The minutes of last meetings were read and adopted.

The following Communications were received and read:

From A.L. St. George, stating that Dr. Brydone-Jack had no authority to render any account to the City on behalf of Mrs. Dockendorf.


From W.J. Brewer stating that it would only be necessary to slash and burn the trees in 182 instead of close cutting.

Referred to the B. of Works

From H. Abbott stating that he thought $10.00 a month would be a sufficient charge for the water at the Chinese passenger shed.

Referred to F.W & Light. Committee

From F.A. Round et al asking for the grading of Grove and Crescent Streets

Referred to the Board of Works

From A.M. Beattie and W. Bailey asking for a grant from Council in aid of a Poultry and Produce Exhibition

Referred to the Finance Committee

From MH Fraser giving an order on the City in favor of Nelson Carter

Moved by Alderman Connon

Seconded by Alderman Franklin

That the Communication be filed


From D.A. MacPherson of the Department of Public Works, Ottawa, asking the City to show how the extension of the Streets to the Water would be a sanitary advantage.

Referred to the Board of Works

From J.J. Dougan drawing attention to the fact the contractor who opened the lane in Block 91.196 had piled rocks etc. on his lot.

Referred to the Board of Works

[vol 5 pg 82

From the City Auditor submitting Report for May and also report on school accounts


From J. Franks et al complaining about a hog nuisance on Carrall Street

Referred to the Health Inspector for attention

From Geo Gagen, Secy of the Trades & Labor Council asking that the 11th August Labor Day be proclaimed a Public holiday

Moved by Alderman Connon

Seconded by Alderman Franklin

That his request be granted


From John McLaren reporting on the Electric Lights


From W.E. Johnstone stating that he had not yet been paid for WH Gallagher’s lot on Powell Street which was purchased by the City

Referred to the City Solicitor

The following Reports were received and read

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday, July 14th, 1892.

Present: Aldermen McCraney, Connon, Franklin, Gavin and Scoullar

It was recommended

1.That his Board does not hold itself responsible for any claims that D. McDermaid may have against Nelson Carter, the subcontractor on the hospital

2. That the communication from Fleming Robinson complaining about roots etc being piled on his lots on Quebec Street be referred to the Street Inspector for attention

3. That the City Clerk be instructed to notify J.D. Townley to the effect that the Board cannot see his company from its way clear to exempt his company from paying the frontage tax on the right of way on Carrall Street. That the triangular piece donated by the company to the City is exempt and further

[vol 5 pg 83]

that the City Unreadable be requested to ask the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. for the deed of said triangular strip donated to the City for use as a site for Public fountain

4. That the communication from H.V. Edwards re the piling of Stumps etc on his lots on Quebec Street be referred to the Street Inspector for attention

5.That the City Clerk be instructed to notify the owners of Lots in Block 27.184 to have the same cleared Standing timber

6. That the Plan submitted by CE Hope of a building to be erected on Lot11, Block 33,541 be approved and that he be requested to furnish the City Engineer’s office with a tracing or blue print in accordance with the resolution for deposit in vault

7. That the following tenders be accepted:
7th Av. Grading, Geo F. Rounsfell $7360.
Hastings St. E., Gibbons & Myers 1900.
Lanes 16 & 72,196 , FM Thomas 199.
Gore Av. Box drain, W. Jones 24 cts per l ft.
Lane Block 41,196 Box drain, Gibbons & Myers 36 “
Log culvert West Av & 9th Ave., W. Jones $1.50 per per l ft.
6th Ave 3 plank sidewalk, E.C. Britton 103/4 per l ft.

8. That tenders be called for the following work up to July 28th, 1892 at noon
(a) Dufferin St. Grading 30 ft. wide from Westminster Av. to Ontario St.
Comox St. grading full width from Burrard to Bute By Day Works
Georgia St.: make a drainage and improve in accordance with year’s estimates.
Westminster Av. Raise up to permanent grade
Powell Street Grade narrow width two blocks east of Victoria Street
Abbott Street: Lower the drain so as to drain away the from Lot 119.20 & 21 Block 28 and from Lot 16 Block 4 O.G.T.

9. That the following accounts be paid:
N. Straube, Sharpening Saws

[vol 5 pg 84]

Evans, Coleman & Evans Unreadable $8.00
Thos Veitch, Delivering rock 428.22
WH Randall Delivering rock 1270.88
Gurney Cabs Cab Hire 2.50
E.C. Britton Barclay St. 276.15
E.Shergold Framing 1.50
D.H. Morgan, 8th Av. 498.48
do do Manitoba St. 540.00
Sgd. H.P. McCraney
Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by Alderman Gavin
That the Report be adopted

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday, July 15th, 1892
Present: Aldermen Anderson, Collins, McGuigan, Mills, and Odlum
It was recommended!
That the following accounts be paid:
P.C. Campbell, Hospital Site $3800.00
Telephone Co. Rent 42.05
F.W. Hart: Rent of Tables etc. 3.50
Ian Carriage Works, Fixing Press 1.50
C.W. Murray, Arbitration fees 50.00
School Grant 5000.00

2. That J.B Henderson’s claim for damages in connection with the location of the pest houses be referred to the City Engineers.

3. That the City Clerk be instructed to call for tenders for the purchase of the Debentures recently authorized to the issued, such tenders to be received up to Monday, August 15th at noon
Sgd. R.A. Anderson
Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by Alderman Scoullar
That the time for receiving the Debentures be extended two weeks.
Carried Lost

[vol 5 pg 85]

Yea, Scoullar, Franklin, and Gavin
Nay, Anderson, Collins, McGuigan, McCraney, Odlum, Mills & Connon

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman Connon
That the Report be adopted and read

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Tuesday, July 12th, 1892
Present: Aldermen McGuigan, Odlum, Gavin and Collins
It was recommended:
1.That the following accounts be paid:
Atkins & Atkins, Supplies $100.23
G.I Wilson, Supplies 9.33
G.H. Allan Supplies 7.25
J.P. Blake Supplies 7.55
W.A. McIntosh Supplies 42.38
Champion & Scavenging 20.00
G.H. Jones Supplies 20.50
D.J. McLean Supplies 34.75
Ian Gurney Cab Co. Trip 8.50
Palmer Bros. Supplies 1.80
Fraser & Co. Supplies 18.87
F.W.Hart Supplies 28.50
R. Clark Supplies 97.50
W.D. Brydone Jack. Med Attendance 10.00
R.F. Robinson, Assisting grave digger 1.25
Cunningham & Co. Supplies 33.80
G.H. Jones Supplies 13.50
ThPDunn & Co. Supplies 3.15
M.A. Harvey Supplies 72.50
G.R. Gordon Supplies 3.50
A.M. Bell Supplies 3.65
Cheapside Clothing House Supplies 21.75
Herrett & Co. Supplies 31.45
John McDowell Supplies 3.00
Pioneer Steam Laundry, Washing 48.30
B.C. M.I. & I Co. Supplies 1.84
O’Rourke & Jervis Supplies 39.45
ThPDunn & Co. Supplies .36
Dr. Bell-Irving, Mental Ex 5.00

[vol 5 pg 86]

C. Nelson Supplies $34.35
McDonald BrP Unreadable 1.50
SBurton & Co Supplies 10.25
J.P Blake Supplies 3.60
R.C. Winch Supplies 41.25
Val Straube Supplies .75
A.M. Robertson Evidence 8.00

2. That the Mayor be requested to proclaim a quarantine against Victoria

3. That F.A. Cum Yow be informed that the Council has no power to purchase a site for a pest house to be used by Chinese outside City limits

4. That the Communications from Tupper Thomson, Mrs. Gorman, and E. Osborne be filed
Sgd. by W.J. McGuigan
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Mills
That the Report be adopted


Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by Alderman Anderson
That the matter of preparing an agreement to charter a steamer to run from Vancouver to Chilliwack be referred to the Finance Committee to report to Council

Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by Alderman McGuigan
That the Mayor be empowered to arrange a further overdraft in the Bank of B.C. for $5000.00

That the question of constructing a Chinese Pest house on the City site be referred to the Board of Health with power to act: Ca

[vol 5 pg 87]

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman McCraney

That the Medical Health Officer of the Province be requested to at once enforce the regulation passed under the Public Health Act at Hastings Townsite as a case of Small Pox has already broken out there and at present, there is nothing to prevent any travelers from an infected locality landing at Hastings without being examined before landing or the freight disinfected.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by Alderman Scoullar
That the following account be paid
Alex Carlstone, for Water Pipes $3592.08

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by Alderman Scoullar
That the following account be paid:
H. Lomas et al, Labor $1017.35

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McCraney
That the amendments to the Liquor License By-Law be read a 3rd time.

Moved in Amendment by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman Collins
That the By-Law be read six months’ hence
Board then adjourned

RA Anderson
Acting Mayor

Th. McGuigan
City Clerk