Five dollar reward offered to report those dumping on city streets – March 5, 1888

Five dollar reward to report those dumping on city streets. Approved $20 to man whose team of horses had been destroyed after being infected by glanders. Approval to raise $125,000 by way of debentures for general improvements. Request to provincial government to sell lands for settlement. Note that in these times every individual payment needed to be approved by the Council so most meetings had extensive lists of costs.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 220-234

[vol 2 page 220]

Vancouver March 5th 1888

The Council met on Monday March 5th 1888 at 7:30 P.M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Alexander, Bell-Irving, Couth, Dougall, Humphries, Mannion and Oppenheimer.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From T. Elwyn, Deputy Provincial Secretary acknowledging receipt of Communication re Public Cemetery. Filed.

From H. L. Gulline & Co re Teredo Proof Paint. Referred to Finance Committee.

From Jos Huntly furnishing his monthly report. Referred to Health & F. W & L.

From Murdoch, Dickson & Co. offering to act us Commissioners for the City in Toronto. Filed.

From D. McCallum asking for a Scavenger’s License. Referred to Health Committee.

From Geo Williams asking for the improvements of Hastings Street

[vol 2page 221]

from the west end thereof to Spratt’s Wharf. Referred to the Board of Works.

From E. Cook, asking for a Pipe Layer’s License. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Thos. H. Coudell re the Street Lines on Homer Street. Referred to the Board of Works.

From T. D. Boucher and others re the improvement of Heatley Ave and Alexander Street. Referred to the Board of Works.

The following accounts were read and referred to the proper Committees:-

F. W. Hart $48.25 Works etc
Wm Dufour & Co. $ 2.00 Police
George Williams $ 7.50 Health
R. G Tatlow & Co $14.00 Works
Fares to New Westminster $10.00 Police
B. B. Skinner $11.50 F. W. & L.
R. W. Armstrong $12.34 Finance
W. K. Williamson $.25 Finance
W. H. Phillips $17.00 Finance
Herman Draxdorf $ 1.25 F. W. & L.
Weekly Herald $67.50 Finance
Patrick Carey $ 4.00 Health
Owen Hughes $ 4.50 Health
W. Ashford $13.85 Health
Geo. L. Wilson $ .89 Health
Cowderoy Bro. $ 1.10 Health
Hayes & Mc Intosh $23.55 Health

[vol 2 page 222]

Thomson Bros. $34.25 Finance
Royal City Planning Mills $ 2.31 Works
News Advertiser $25.40 Finance
S. T. Tillery $35.60 Finance
C. M. Hanley $26.05 F. W. & L.
H. A. Berry & Co. $ 5.50 F. W. & L.
W. Beaver’s $ 5.58 Health
F. C. McCartney $ 6.05 Finance
C.P. Telegraph Co. $ .25 Finance
Andrew R. Reid $21.50 Finance
Henry Arkell $10.40 F. W. & L.
Vancouver Wine Co $1.50 Health
David Evans $120.00 Police
Electric Illuminating Co $184.00 F. W. & L.
John McAllister $93.25 F. W. & L.
John Abrams $ 5.00 F. W. & L.
Wm. Hamilton $ 5.00 F. W. & L.
J. H. Carlisle $ 4.50 F. W. & L.
Wm. Murphy $139.00 F. W. & L.
John Pollock $19.00 F. W. & L.
Tattersall’s Stables $ 9.00 F. W. & L.
Campbell & Martin $ 8.30 F. W. & L.
Palmer Bros. $24.00 Finance
F. X. Martin $72.75 Health etc
C. W. Ireland $20.00 Finance
Thos. Dunn & Co. $77.82 Finance
Van Volkenburgh & Bro. $13.00 Police
Van Volkenburgh & Bro. $ 1.24 Health
R. Mathison $24.25 Finance
Hastings Mil Co. $20.00 Health
John Scuitto $20.86 Police

[vol 2 page 223]


Works. No. 93
The Board of Works met on Friday March 2nd 1888 and beg to report that an application has been received from Mr F. M. White for permission to construct an addition to the Senate Saloon, covered with Corrugated Iron.

The City Solicitor having decided that the construction of said infringement of the Fire limit By-Law we would recommend that said application be refused.

The petitions of Messrs Skene, Ramage, McMorran, Williams et al praying for certain street improvements have been received and filed to be brought up at some future time when the Board is in a position to deal with them.

We have instructed the City Engineer to lay a temporary sidewalk on Georgia Street; two feet wide, with old plank, from the end of the present sidewalk to Bute Street.

We have considered the petition of Messrs Budlong, McIntosh et al for the placing of Street Monuments on Seventh Avenue and would deem it inadvisable to authorize the City Engineer to place such Monuments until permanent landworks are established.

The following accounts are recommended for payments:-

Johnston, Brown & Co final on Tank $256.00

[vol 2 page 224]

H. F. Keefer, Estimate on Gravel $936.17

Sgd. H. Bell-Irving, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Dougall Seconded by Alderman Mannion.

That the report be adopted. Carried.
Finance No. 94

The Finance Committee met on Friday March 2nd 1888 and would beg to report recommend that Mr. T. T. Black be notified that his services as Police Magistrate and City Solicitor will be dispensed with after one month from date of notice.

In regard to the communication of Mr. Jos Armstrong, asking Council to subscribe towards a map showing the agricultural districts in British Columbia we think that as the Council is already committed to the printing in pamphlet form of the reports of the various Committees, which might at the same time be combined with a map in the form of a folder, that it would be inadvisable at present to adopt any new advertising scheme.

Complaints having been made that parties are in the habit of dumping night soil, offal etc on the streets and bridges within the City limits, thereby creating a nuisance, we recommend that a reward of $5.00 be offered for the detection of such party or parties.

We recommend that

[vol 2 page 225]

James McKeown be paid $20.00 as a recompense for his team, destroyed by the police for being affected with glanders.

Sgd. Rich H. Alexander, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Bell-Irving Seconded by Alderman Mannion.

That the report be adopted. Carried.

Report of Special Committee.

The committee appointed by Council to take into consideration the petition praying for the reduction of the qualification for Mayor, Aldermen and Voters met in the Mayor’s office on Wednesday February 29th 1888. Alderman Lefevre in the Chair.

After reading over and discussing the petition it was resolved that subsection 3 of Section 4 of the Vancouver Incorporation Act 1886 and the Vancouver Incorporation Act Amendment Act 1887 be amended by striking out the word “two” in the Seventh line and inserting the word “one” in lieu thereof; and that subsection 2 of Section 6 be amended by striking out the words “three hundred” in the 2nd line and inserting the words “two hundred and fifty” instead.

Moved by Alderman Alexander Seconded by Alderman Couth.

That the report be adopted. Carried.

[vol 2 page 226]

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the Revenue and Expenditure for the year 1888, with Alderman Alexander in the Chair.

The following were Submitted:-

Police Count $3,000.00
Cemetery $ 100.00
Hotel & Saloon Licenses $11,500.00
Auctioneers $ 330.00
Drays $ 200.00
Theatres $ 100.00
Pawn brokers & 2nd Hand, $ 500.00
Billiards & Pool $ 200.00
Livery & Feed Stables 100.00
Miscellaneous $ 100.00

Profit on redemption of
Local Street Debentures $2,839.38
Cash on Hand Jan 1st 1888 $7,766.52
Balance of Govt. grant
to Hospital $1,500.00

Assessment Roll
$3,675,905 @ 174% Tax $ 45,948.00
Allow for unpaid taxes $ 5,000.00

Total $69,183.90

To Balance $ 8,354.95

[vol 2 page 227]


Committee Revenue Debentures

Finance Committee $30,121.95
Board of Works $10,900.00 $105,100.00
Fire, Water and Light $ 8,102.00 $ 3,300.00
Board of Health $ 3,850.00 $ 8,170.70
Police Committee $ 7,855.00
$60,828.95 $116,570.00

Balance $ 8,354.95

By Int & Guiding Fund on
proposed Loan of $125,000.00 $ 8,865.00

$125,000 @ .95 Net $118,750.00

[vol 2 page 228]

Proposed Expenditure in detail.


Treasurer $1,200.00
Clerk $1,200.00
Solicitor $1,000.00
Auditor $ 120.00
Extra Service $ 250.00
Debentures (Int & S. Fund)
By-Law No 12 $1,324.00
By-Law No 13 $1,046.27
By-Law No 29 $10,578.00
By-Law No 44 $1,410.40
Int on $150,000 6 Mos.
Due May $4,500.00

Int on possible overdraft $ 250.00
Insurance $ 260.00
Stationery, Printing & Ad. $2,000.00
City Hall Expense Act $ 500.00
Election Expenses $ 250.00
Commissions & Exchange $ 150.00
Revision of Voter’s List $ 160.00
Telephone $ 48.00
C. P. R. Note $1,875.28
Contingencies $2,000.00

Total $30,121.95

[vol 2 page 229]

Expenditure “Continued”

Committee Revenue Debenture

Board of Works,
Engineer $1,200.00
Staff $1,300.00
Stationery $ 200.00
Repairs to Streets &
Bridges $3,500.00
New Street Work $85,000.00
Surface Drains $ 5,000.00
Park Road (Gravel) $ 5,600.00
East Park Road $ 7,000.00
City Hall Addition $ 2,500.00
Shade Trees $ 500.00
Bridge to Park $3,600.00
Contingencies $ 600.00
$10,900.00 $105,100.00

Grand Total $116,400.00

[vol 2 page 230]

Expenditures Continued

Committee Revenue Debenture

Fire, Water & Light,
Engineer $840.00
Teamster $600.00
Stoker $100.00
Inspector (Half) $390.00
Feed of Team $400.00
Shoeing Team $ 60.00
Patent Harness $250.00
Repairs to Engine $300.00
Oil and Waste $150.00
Fuel for Fire Hall etc. $500.00
Coal Oil $150.00
Fire Alarm System
Construction $800.00
Maintenance $400.00
Tanks $1,500.00
Hose & other apparatus $1,000.00
Balance on Purchase of
items $462.00
Street Lighting $3,000.00
Contingencies $500.00
$8,102.00 $3,300.00

Grand Total $11,402.00

[vol 2 page 231]

Expenditures Continued

Committee Revenue Debenture

Board of Health,
Health Officer $420.00
Inspector (Half) $390.00
Steward $420.00
Matron $360.00
Cook $240.00
Food & Groceries $1,000.00
Wine $ 60.00
Drugs $400.00
Inquests $150.00
Drayage & Livery $ 60.00
Fuel $100.00
Contingencies $250.00
Furniture for Hospital $2,000.00
Lots $2,500.00
Hospital Building $5,500.00
$3,850.00 $10,000.00

Grand Total $13,850.00

[vol 2 page 232]

Expenditures Continued


Magistrate $600.00
Chief of Police $960.00
Sergeant $840.00
3 Constables $2,160.00
Gaoler $ 120.00
Uniforms $ 500.00
Boarding Prisoners $1,000.00
Special Constables $ 200.00
Travelling Expenses $ 250.00
Interpreters $ 25.00
Fuel $ 100.00
Secret Service Fund $ 100.00
Contingencies $1,000.00

[vol 2 page 233]

After reading over the proposed expenditure of the Several committees and approving of same, the Committee rose to report estimates as passed, on motion of Alderman Mannion.

Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer Seconded by Alderman Bell-Irving.

That the estimates as Submitted and approved of in the Committee of the Whole, be adopted by the Council as the estimates for the year 1888. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Mannion Seconded by Alderman Dougall.

That the Finance Committee be authorized to bring in a By-Law to raise $125,000.00 by way of Debentures for General improvements in this City. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Humphries Seconded by Alderman Couth.

Whereas a large quantity of lands have been reserved by the Government of this Province from Sale and Settlement and are in the vicinity of the City of Vancouver and adopted for settlement.

Be it resolved that this Council humbly request and pray that the said lands be opened up and sold to actual and

[vol 2 page 234]

bona fide settlers by the Government of this Province. Carried.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk