Council meets to consider Street Railway Company’s offer – March 11, 1893

Council meets to consider Street Railway Company’s offer – March 11, 1893

Council members met with D. and I. Oppenheimer, Thomas Dunn and William Farrell, the directors of the Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Company. Alderman Salsbury removed himself from the negotiations, as he was a shareholder of the company.

This transcript was made in 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Gerald Soon

Original handwritten minutes: City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 page 342 only

[vol 5 pg 342]
Vancouver March 11th 1893

The Council met on Saturday March 11th 1893 for the purpose of considering propositions from the Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Company re the guaranteeing of interest on their Debentures or the purchase of their road.

Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Collins, Hackett, Cargill, Franklin, Hobson, Brown and Fowler, and Messrs. I. and D. Oppenheimer, Thos. Dunn & Wm Farrell, Directors of the Company.


From Alderman Salsbury stating that as his name has been coupled with the Street Railway negotiations as a Shareholder of the Company he would decline to have any further connection with such negotiations in any manner whatsoever. Filed

The Council went into Committee of the Whole for the consideration of the propositions from the Street Railway Company, the Mayor in the Chair.

After due deliberation it was moved by Alderman Cargill.
That the proposition No 2 of the Company relating to the guaranteeing of the interest on $450,000 of their Debentures with certain technical alterations be recommended favorably to the Council. Carried.

The Committee then rose and reported after which the Council adjourned.