Council sits to review appeals on tax assessment – March 15, 1887

Assessments on several properties were reduced, because the amount of land owned was less than assessed, or the land was used for hospital purposes and exempt from taxation. One honest citizen, Jas. M. Fox, pointed out they did not assess one of his properties, and asked that his assessment be raised!

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 274-278

Court of Revision.

The Council met on Tuesday March 15th 1887 at 10. A.M., His Worship Mayor MacLean (presiding).

Moved by Alderman Hamilton seconded by Alderman Clark,
that this Council do now form themselves into a Court of Revision for the purposes of revising the Assessment Rolls, said Court to be composed of the Mayor and full Board of Aldermen, the Mayor to be Chairman of the Court.


1. From Carl Straus claiming that he was assessed for 150 acres in District Lots 196 and 181 at $550.00 per acre which he appealed against as being too high and also that the land in question does not contain 150 acres.
The acreage was reduced to 127 acres and the Assessment reduced on 80 acres in 181 to $300.00 per acre and 47 acres in 196 allowed to remain at old figures.

2. Appeal from Hastings Mill Co. on the ground that they were assessed for 25 acres, whereas they did not own that amount.
The appeal was considered but no decision arrived at.

The Court adjourned til Wednesday March 16th at 10. A.M.

The Court resumed business on Wednesday March 16th at 10. A.M.

The Appeal of the Hastings Mill Co. was again taken up.

The acreage was reduced to 20 acres of which the Mill Co are assessed for 15 88/100 acres and the C.P.R. Company 4 12/100 acres.

From Mr. Brady claiming that his personal property assessment of $2000.00 was too high.
Assessment reduced to $1000.00.

From T.T. Black claiming that the assessment of $2150.00 on Lot 17 Block 33.541 was too high.
Assessment reduced to $1350.00.

From Jas. M. Fox claiming that he was not assessed for Lot 12 Block 25 196 and asking that his assessment be raised.

Assessment raised $25.00 and name allowed on the Roll as owner of Lot 12, Block 25.

From Henry Mutrie appealing against assessment on Lots 9, 10 and 11 Block 2 which he considered too high.

Assessment reduced to $300.00.

C.P.R. Company appealed against the assessment of Lots 1 to 6 in Block 45, 196 & 181 on the ground that they were set apart for hospital purposes.
Lands exempted from taxation.

From C.P.R. appealing against assessment of Lot 11 Block 2, 196.
Assessment reduced to $300.00.

C.P.R. Lot 17 Block 29, 541 reduced from $2300 to $425.

And Lot 18, Block 29, reduced to $425.

A number of changes of ownership were made on appeal.
L.A. Hamilton
Acting Chairman

Moved by Alderman D. Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Lefevre,
that the assessment roll as now amended in Court of Revision be finally passed and gazetted by the City Clerk.