Henry Abbott in support of Granville Bridge over False Creek. Ferguson et al. in support of road to connect Lorne Street with proposed road to North Arm. City Scavenger to furnish bond, pay license fee. Refused to permit construction of glass and wood structure behind Cordova Street. Ald. Humphries moved to re divide the city into new wards.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 244-254

[vol2 page 244]

Vancouver March 19th 1888

The Council met on Monday March 19th 1888 at 7:30 P. M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Alexander, Bell-Irving, Clark, Couth, Dougall, Humphries, Lefevre, Mannion and Oppenheimer.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From A. Gobeil, Secretary to the Minister of Public Works, acknowledging receipt of communication re bridging the North Arm of the Fraser River. Filed.

From H. Abbott and others asking Council to place a sum in the estimates for the construction of a bridge across False Creek from the foot of Granville Street. Laid over.

From R. C. Ferguson and others asking Council to place a sum in the estimates for the current year for the construction of a road to connect Lorne Street with the proposed Road to the North Arm. Laid over.

[vol2 page 245]


Health No. 6

The Health Committee met on Friday March 16th 1888 and would recommend that Section 57 of By-Law No 7 be amended by inserting the word “water tight” instead of “air tight” and that a clause be inserted in the By-Law to regulate the fees of Day Scavengers.

Also that the City Clerk notify the Scavenger to furnish a bond as required by By-Law and pay the license fee upon the Inspector’s certificate that he has the necessary requirements.
Sgd., J. M. Lefevre, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Bell-Irving. That the report be adopted. Carried.

Finance No. 9

The Finance Committee met on Friday 16th March 1888 and beg to report that the communication of Mr. A. T. Williams asking the Council to purchase 200 copies of his Vancouver Directory has been duly considered and we would recommend that no action be taken towards the purchase of copies of the said Directory beyond those required for the city offices.

Mr. Pitt’s communication

[vol2 page 246]

has been again taken into consideration and under the circumstances we cannot see our way clear to recommend any remuneration for him.

We recommend that a Telephone be placed in the City Hall.

Sgd., Rich H. Alexander, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Mannion seconded by Alderman Clark. That the report of the Finance Committee be adopted. Carried.

Works No. 11

The Board of Works met on Friday 16th March 1888 and beg to report that the following tenders have been received for Street work:

Pender Street Bridge,

H. S. McDermott,
Bridge Timber $19.75 per m.
Earth filling $190.00
Boyd and Clandening,
Bridge Timber $17.00 per m.
Earth filling $97.00
A. McLellan
Bridge Timber $16.60 per m.
Earth filling $140.00
McDonald & Cameron
Bridge Timber $16.50
Earth filling $130.00

[vol2 page 247]

Cambie Street Planking,

Boyd and Clandening,
Planking etc $14.25 per m.
Ironside & McDermott,
Planking $15.90 per m.
Grading $100.00
David Land & Co.
Planking $14.85 per m.
McDonald & Cameron,
Planking $14.00 per m.
Eldon & Lovalt,
Planking $15.25 per m.

Westminster Avenue

Boyd and Clandening,
Grading etc per l ft. 28 cts
A. McLellan,
Grading etc per l ft. 40 cts
Box Culverts per m. ft $16.00
C. L. Brown,
Grading etc per l ft. 60 cts
Box Culverts per l ft. 2 ½ cts
H. Coumacher,
Grading per l ft. 24 cts
Box Culverts per m. ft. $16.00
McDonald & Cameron,
Grading etc per l ft. 35 cts
Box Culverts per m. ft $16.00

Drake Street

Jos. Ironside
Sidewalks per m. ft $19.60
W. P. Reardon
Sidewalks per m. ft $19.50

[vol2 page 248]

Cambie Street Sidewalk

Jos Ironside Plank for m. ft $18.00
Eldon & Lovalt Plank per l ft 45 cts
W. P. Reardon Plank per m. ft $15.50
We recommend that the following tenders be accepted:

Pender Street Bridge, Boyd & Clandening, Cambie Street Planking, McDonald & Cameron, Westminster Av. Grading, H. Coumacher, Drake Street, Sidewalk, C. P. Reardon, Cambie Street Sidewalk ditto,

The following accounts are recommended for payment:

H. Blyth et al, Street work, $111.00
H. E. Crosdaile Rent $14.00

We recommend that Messrs Sloan and Hatton and E. Cook be granted licenses to lay sewer pipes in the city but that such licenses be granted subject to cancellation without notice.

Respecting the application of the Trustees of Lots 1 to 7 and 29 to 35 in Block 67 District Lot 185 to have the lane between said lots closed, the City Solicitor advise us that it is within the power of the Council to close same but that the Corporation will be liable for any injury done to individuals who have already purchased lands in the vicinity through the closing of said lane.

The By-Law closing it should convey it to the Trustees in trust for educational purposes with a clause that it shall revert to the City if the lots

[vol2 page 249]

above mentioned or any of them are at any time hereafter used for any other than educational objects.

In regard to the application of Mr. Gideon Robertson to move his building from Lot 8 Block 3, Abbott Street to a lot on Cordova Street we recommend that the application together with all correspondence be referred to Council for its decision thereon.

We recommend that tenders be called for the grading of Dupont Street from Westminster Avenue to Carl Avenue and the Sidewalking of said street to Dunbar Avenue, also for the grading of a portion of Alexander Street and Heatley Av.

Regarding the application of Messrs McLennan and McFeely for permission to construct a glass and wood structure in rear of their building on Cordova Street, we feel that we cannot recommend the granting of their prayer in the face of the present By-Law.

We recommend that a foot path be constructed in a direct line from Supple Jack’s Grave to the bluff on the Park Road as a cost of about $22.00

Messrs Garden and Hermon having offered to establish the street corners in the old Granville Townsite for $100.00 we recommend that their offer be

[vol2 page 250]

accepted the details to be arranged by the City Engineer.

We would also recommend that the Gas Co be notified to leave in good repair the Streets, sidewalks and gutters they have disturbed through laying their pipes.

Also that the contractors on the Park Road be notified to put on an additional force equal to 35 per cent and that Messrs Boyd and Clandening be notified to commence work on Section 1 forthwith.

Sgd., H. Bell-Irving, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Dougall. That the report of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.

The question of granting permission to Mr. G. Robertson to move his building from Lot 8, Block 3 to other premises was taken up and discussed.

His application and the objection thereto were read when it was moved by Alderman Lefevre seconded by Alderman Alexander that the question of granting the required permission be referred back to the Board of Works. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Bell-Irving

[vol2 page 251]

That the rules of procedure in Council be suspended and that a By-Law be introduced declaring that the smelting works about to be erected by Claude Vautin shall not be deemed a nuisance, and that said By-Law be read a first time. Carried.

By-Law read a second time on motion of Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Bell-Irving. Committee of the Whole.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on motion of Alderman Lefevre with Alderman Alexander in the chair.

The By-Law was numbered 55 and read over clause by clause.

The Committee rose to report By-Law as complete with amendments.

By-Law read a third time on motion of Alderman Lefevre seconded by Alderman Alexander and was ordered to be engrossed, signed, sealed and printed.

Alderman Bell-Irving moved a first reading of a By-Law to amend clause One of By-Law No. 49.
Alderman Humphries moved a first reading of By-Law to redivide the city into wards.

Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman

[vol2 page 252]

Lefevre that the rules be suspended and that the By-Law be read a second time. Motion Lost.

Alderman Alexander moved a first reading of a By-Law to raise $125,000 for general improvements.


Moved by Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Bell-Irving.

Resolved that the Licensing Board of this City shall at its regular meeting tomorrow in connection with the City Solicitor take into consideration the Bill now before the Provincial Legislature entitled an act respecting the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors and the issue of Licenses therefore.

And be it further resolved that said licensing Board shall on behalf of the City of Vancouver make such representations to the Government of this Province by way of amendment to said Bill, as they shall deem necessary in the interests of the City and report to Council. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Lefevre seconded by Alderman Humphries. That the Finance Committee be authorized to place the sum of $12,000.00 in the estimates to construct a traffic bridge at the foot of Granville Street to connect

[vol2 page 253]

with the proposed road to the North Arm of the Fraser River. Ayes, Alderman Humphries & Lefevre.

Nays, Alderman Alexander, Clark, Couth, Dougall, Mannion, Bell-Irving & Oppenheimer. Motion Lost.

Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Lefevre. That in the event of any Alderman obtaining leave of absence for a month or longer the other Alderman representing the same ward shall be the representative of the ward upon all standing committees during the absence of said Alderman. Referred to the City Solicitor.

Notice of Motions.

Alderman Alexander gave notice that he would introduce a By-Law to strike the rate of taxation for the year 1888, also that he would at next meeting of Council introduce a By-Law to provide for the issue of debentures to the extent of $ – for the defraying of the expense of constructing a traffic bridge across False Creek from the South End of Granville Street.
Alderman Lefevre gave notice that he would move a resolution

[vol2 page 254]

instructing Mr. E. Mohun to furnish a plan for the use of the Inspector showing the mode of connecting private with public Sewers, also to request the Board of Works to furnish an estimate of the amount of new work to be done this year and also a statement of what amount of the proposed loan the intend expending in each ward.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk

C.P.R Superintendent Abbott supports Granville Street Bridge over False Creek – March 19, 1888
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