Health officers to inspect every building in the city – March 20, 1893

Health officers to inspect every building in the city – March 20, 1893
Scoullar is fifth from left

A. W. Scoullar appointed temporary Health Inspector at $3.00 per day. The swing on the Granville Street bridge to be repaired at once. Burrard Street to be re-graded for paving with “bituminous rock”.

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Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives
Bu P242 – [Group portrait in front of Scoullar and Co. Hardware – 159 Cordova Street]
Original handwritten minutes : City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 pages 350 – 357

[vol 5 pg 350]
Vancouver March 20th 1893

The Council met on Monday March 20th 1893
Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Salsbury, Anderson, Collins, Hackett, Cargill McCraney, Brown, Fowler, Franklin and Hobson.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and read:-

From the License Inspector requesting the Council to ask the Government to have the amendments to the City Charter receive the assent of the Lieutenant Governor as soon as possible.
Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ McCraney
That the request be granted.

From the City Auditor submitting Reports for February.

From McLennan & McFeely asking for an extension of time for supplying brasswork.

From Wm Seidelman asking that a culvert in front of his premised be raised.

From J.A. Cates etal asking that the name of Oppenheimer Street be changed to Cordova Street East.
Laid over until the City Clerk ascertains if a majority of the property owners has signed the petition.

From M.G. McLeod asking for Six weeks Leave of Absence.
Moved by Alderman Salsbury Collins
Seconded by “ Fowler.
That his request be granted.
[vol 5 pg 351]

From C. Slade claiming compensation for injuries received through a defective sidewalk.
Referred to the Board of Works

From L.H. Mewith etal asking that 8th Avenue be opened up from Johnson to Bridge Street
Referred to the Board of Works

From Alex McDonald asking for a well at the Cemetery.
Referred to the Board of Health

From the Stuart Pocket Map Co. asking for the City to subscribe for a number of copies.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From A. W. E. Thomson et al asking for the opening up of Brunswick Street
Referred to the Board of Works

The following Report were received and read:-

Board of Works.
The Board of Works met on Thursday March 16th 1893.
Present – Aldermen McCraney, Brown, Hackett and Franklin.
It was recommended:-

That permission be granted to A. Calori to put down a dressed sidewalk provided he gives the City a Suitable agreement securing it against any costs for accidents &c said agreement to be drawn up by the City Solicitor

That the communication from P.A. Fischel re the cleaning up of Seymour Street in front of his premises be referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

That the Vancouver Street Railway Company be notified that they will be required to put down a not less than fifty pound groove, girder rail, the upper surface of the rail to be not less than 8 inches above the tie.

That the petition re the opening up of 5th Avenue Westward from Westminster Avenue be laid over until the estimates are prepared.

[vol 5 pg 352]

That the communication from J.J. Blake re Mrs. Cook’s property in 185 be filed.

That the Inspectors on the respective sewers sections be notified to see that the terms of the contracts are fully carried out.

That the communications from Messrs Rogers and Hunler Bros asking for the permanent sidewalk grades on Columbia Avenue and Powell Street be referred to the City Engineer to look into.

That the report from George Pollay on Section 7 of the Sewers be placed on file and that the City Engineer be authorized to give Messrs McQuarrie & Co their final Certificate.

That the City Engineer be authorized to trim Burrard and Harris Streets to a better grade by day labor.

That H. Abbott, General superintendent of the C.P.R. Co. be asked to have the railway track at Street intersections raised to the grade for permanent Street paving with bituminous rock on which work the contractor is now about ready to make a start.

That the City Engineer be instructed to have the swing of Granville Street bridge repaired.

That the following tenders be accepted:-
W. Templeton Wicks for stove .50 cts
Evans, Coleman & Evans Sewer pipe $2622.98
Potter & Flett Sec 4, Sewers. 943.42
do do “ 5 “ 961.92
John Potter “ 8 “ 1695.82
Boyd & Clandenning “ 6 “ 4111.52
Thos. H. Tracy etal. Expenses to Portland 102.00
News.Advertiser Printing 3.55
Columbia Carriage Factory 2.50

[vol 5 pg 353]

J. Robinson Drayage .75 cts
Marshall & McRae supplies $2.50
The World P & P Co “ 17.10
W. Tytlet Carpentering 14.06
Duncan McRae “ 7.00
E.C. Britton Sidewalk 134.82
T.B. Whiteley Drayage 1.50
B.F. Henry Repairs .75
H.Lomas etal Labor 336.90

The Board held a special meeting on Monday March 20th 1893 for the consideration of the Estimates all the members being present.

The Estimates were prepared and referred to the Finance Committee
sgd H.P. McCraney

Moved by Alderman Hackett
Seconded by “ Fowler
That the Report be adopted.

F.W. & L. Committee
The F.W. & L. Committee met on Wednesday March 15th 1893
Present – Aldermen Franklin, Hackett, Cargill and Fowler.
It was recommended:-

1. That the following accounts be paid:-
Hastings Saw Mill Co. supplies $10.00
New.Advertiser “ 25.00
Wm Ralph “ 1.75
C.F. Foreman “ 7.36
W. Hooper etal. Labor 218.25
W. Fraser etal. “ 103.60
B.C. Iron Works supplies 138.04
Wm Ralph “ 16.60
Crowder & Punzer “ 6.25
C.G.Johnson & Co. “ 197.00
Hudson’s Bay Co “ 4.00
A. Linton Boat hire 6.50
Michigan Lumber Co. Supplies 41.35

[vol 5 pg 354]

McLennan & McFeely Supplies 63.54

2. That the City refuse to take delivery of the brasswork ordered from McLennan & McFeely the same not being according to specifications and that the City Engineer be instructed to make enquiries from the B.C. Iron Works to ascertain if they will supply the good for the figure mentioned in their tender which was considered by the board on December the 7th 1892.

3. That A.D. Main be paid a balance of $2.25 due to him from the Water Works Department for labor.

4. That the communication from A. Mc Creery asking for water on Beach Avenue be referred to the Water Works Department to ascertain if it will pay the required percentage.

5. That the communication from J.A. Gow applying for the position of Call man be referred to the Chief of the Fire Brigade.

6. That as the owners of the Slaughter houses were told that to let the water run during the cold snap that their account for February be the same as that paid the previous month and that in future they be charged at the rate of 30 cts per 1000 gallons.

7. That the communication from H. F.Perkins re salary be referred to the City Solicitor

8. That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Minister of Militia and Defence with a view of getting permission to construct a reservoir in Stanley Park.

The estimates for the year were compiled and referred to the Finance Committee.
sgd J.L. Franklin

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Hobson
That all the words after the word “Specifications”

[vol 5 pg 355]

In Clause 2 be struck out.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ Fowler
That the Report as amended be adopted.

Health Committee
The Health Committee met on Tuesday March 14th 1893.
Present – Alderman Collins, Cargill, Hobson, and Fowler
It was recommended:-

1. That the following accounts be paid:-
D. Burton Hack hire $3.00
J.P. Blake Bread .80
C.F.Foreman Supplies $153.90
Gurney Cab Co Cab hire 14.00
Crowder & Penzer Supplies 12.67
J.T. Herrott & Co “ 59.44
S.T. Tilley & Son “ 4.75
Philp Bros “ 59.84
Corporation of Victoria Keep of Leper 17.00
H.T. Devine & Co. Supplies 4.00
Champion & White “ 8.00
Crowder & Penzer “ 43.52
Hudson’s Bay Co. “ 17.45
News. Advertiser “ 5.00
Askers & Askers “ 113.55

2. That a bath be ordered for the Isolation Hospital

3. That John Wolf be paid $262.00 in full settlement of his account for scavengering etc during the month of January.
sgd Henry Collins
Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Brown
That the Clause in reference to Wolf be referred back.

Moved Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Brown
That the balance of the Report be adopted.

[vol 5 pg 356]

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday March 17th 1893
Present- Aldermen Collins (in the Chair) Cargill and Brown.

The following accounts were recommended for payment
H.F. Baldwin Cost of drafts .55 cts
Telephone Co. Rents $38.05
C. P. Telegraph Co. Telegrams 8.92
Wm Ralph Supplies 5.67
Crowder & Penzer “ 21.66
News. Advertiser “ 28.45
sgd Henry Collins
Chairman pro tem.

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report be adopted.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ McCraney.
That A. W. Scoullar be appointed temporary Health Inspector at $3.00 per day. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Fowler
That the following accounts be paid:-
A.H. Thomas, Attendance re small pox patients $130.00
Cunningham et al Guarding “ “ Suspects 92.50

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Brown
That any action taken by the Attorney General of Canada for the removal of the shacks from the foreshore of Burrard Inlet within the City Limits will be endorsed by this Council Carried.

[vol 5 pg 357]

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Collins.
That an assistant to the Health Inspector be appointed temporarily at a salary of $3.00 per day, and that the two officers be instructed to make a house to house canvass of the City and see that all premises are properly connected with the sewer and water systems according to the City bylaws and report any violations of the same, and that they pay particular attention to the following matters:-
Are the premises connected with the City Sewers.
“ “ “ “ “ “ Water -works
Are there any foul or offensive wells.
Where does the waste water from both sink discharge
Is there any stagnant ‘water’, under or around premises
“ “ “ garbage or other offensive matter under or around the premises in the lanes, streets or vacant lots.
Is there stagnant water in the lanes, streets, or vacant lots.
Are there any stove pipes contrary to Fire By-law.

The Council then adjourned.
F. Cope
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk