Animal Cruelty Fines to be Paid to S.P.C.A. – March 20, 1899

…Be it resolved that the City’s portion of all penalties imposedbe paid over to the treasurer of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals. The City purchased a rock crusher from Hugh Cameron for $2,000. Police were instructed to report all cases where garbage is being dumped on the lanes and streets and prosecute under Clause 98 of the Health By-Law

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Source: COV S31 715-E-02 Vol 9
pages 30 – 39

[Vol 9, p] 30

Vancouver March 20th 1899
The Council met on Monday March 20th 1899.
Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Gilmour, Grant, Skinner, McPhaiden, Brown, Foreman, Bruce and Wood.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From W.L. Tait etal asking for the opening up of 3rd Av,.
Referred to the Board of Works

From the Hon. F.C. Cotton asking the City to fix up Granville Street South within the City
Referred to the Board of Works

From M.C. Priestland etal asking for improvements on Brunswick St
Referred to the Board of Works

From Williams and Barker complaining that the City was using their water course on Seaton Street
Referred to the Board of Works

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From Hugh Cameron offering a No 5 Champion Rock Crusher with a 14 ft elevator and a screen 8 ft by 32 inches delivered in Vancouver for the sum of $2000 net cash Immediate delivery

Moved by Alderman Bruce
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the offer be accepted and that Mr. Cameron be requested to telegraph the order.

From E. A. Rennie Toronto asking for particulars on lepers.
Referred to the City Clerk for reply.

[Vol 9, p] 31

From C.C. Moody Victoria re Mint

From H. Darling Manager of the Union S.S. Co offering to give a fire service on the water front for $50.00 per month and $15.00 additional for every call to a fire.
Referred to the Fire Committee

From R. J. Myles etal asking for the cutting down of the hill on Hastings Street east.
Referred to the Board of Works

From Parker & Sons offering to supply jail meat @ 5 cts per lb
Referred to the Police Committee with power to act.

The following reports were received and read:-

Fire and Police Committee

The Fire and Police Committee met on Tuesday March 14th 1899
Present – the full Board


From the Chief of the Fire Department recommending that the Aerial Truck be called the “James F Garden” the new fire engine the “H. B. Gilmour” and the chemical engine the “Wm Brown”

Moved by Alderman Brown that they be called after the stations in which they are located.

From the Pound Keeper furnishing Report.

From W. W. Lacey applying for a position on the Police Force.

From J. W. McMorran and I. E. Mitchell applying for a raise of salary.
Referred to Special Council Meeting

From J. H. Carlisle recommending the

[Vol 9, p] 32

purchase of 4 Stempel Fire Extinguishers for the hospital, 2 for the City Hall and for each of the Schools.
Resolved that 2 be purchased for the City Hall and 4 for the hospital and that the purchase of two for each of the schools be recommended to the favorable consideration of the School Board.

From the Chief of the Fire Department stating that certain public buildings were not supplied with Fire Escapes and asking to be advised re the enforcement of the Fire Escape Act.
Resolved that the Act be enforced under the instructions of the City Solicitor.

From the Chief of the Fire Department recommending that the new fire alarm boxes be numbered as follows:- and by and C.P.R. Box 19. The boxes with keyless doors to be numbered 25 and 31. He also proposed to fix the locations as follows:-

No 5 on the Corner of Drake & Granville

6 Bute & Barclay

7 Comox & Nicola

12 Denman & Haro

13 Pender & Georgia.

14 Georgia & Burrard

15 Pender & Thurlow

19 C.P.R. Wharf

21 Robson & Cambie

23 Homer & Dunsmuir

24 Granville & Hastings

25 Cambie & Cordova

31 Hastings & Carrall

32 Powell & Westminster Av

34 Westminster & Dupont

35 “ & Prior

36 Barnard & Jackson

37 Carl Av & Cordova

42 Powell & Raymur

43 Campbell & Keefer

61 Westminster Av & 5th Av

62 7th & Carolina

63 3rd & Westminster

67 7th& Center

68 7th & Bridge

Resolved that his recommendations be adopted.

[Vol 8, p] 33

Resolved that a bath tub be put in No 3 Fire Hall

Resolved that the Chief of the Fire Department enforce the By-Law in relation to the sale of explosives and see that proper magazines are provided wherein to show them

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

News. Advertiser$2.76
City Grocery Co.29.40
J. Dodson16.85
M. Rae2.00
G.A. Roedde12.75
J. Carnahan3.50
E. Clough.95
W.A. Cumyou4.00
Valley Dairy Co.1.40
J.H. Carlisle8.05
McLennan & McFeely14.05
Wm Ralph28.15
Vancouver Tannery6.00
G.W. Dunlop2.56
F.A. Lee4.75
Thos Dunn & Co.10.29
Robt Clark15.98
MacKenzie Bros126.90
Chief of Police8.35
C.S. Philp3.95

sgd H.B. Gilmour

Moved by Alderman Gilmour
Seconded by “ Bruce
That the Report be adopted.

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday March 15th 1899.
Present – the full Board

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Valley Dairy$62.00
Parker & Sons57.78
D.M. Stewart89.49
W. Benshall1.50
Chas Hack2.00

[Vol 9, p.] 34

James Carhahan$8.50
J. Storey5.50
City Grocery105.57
C. S. Philp9.19
Dom Fish Co10.98
Evans, Coleman & Evans32.62
Thos Dunn & Co3.67
Thrysall & Son10.65
J. Howes4.50
McLennan & McFeely8.05
Geo Calder36.35
Weeks & Robson9.00
Van Hardware Co1.20
McDowell & Co114.67
Clare Canning Co.40

The following tenders were received for the building of a Cottage Hospital:

Geo Calder $1182

Baynes & Horie 1235

Resolved that the tender of Geo Calder be accepted.

Resolved that Henry Earle be appointed to secure an option for the purchase of 27 acres more or less for an addition to the Cemetery Grounds and that he be authorized ti iffer a oruce bnit ti exceed $80.00 per acre


From E.V. Dodwell, Victoria stating that he would not sell one acre out of his property opposite the Cemetery.

From A. Shead, Secretary of the Journeymen Plumbers presenting a sample of joint fastens out of connection made by a City Plumber,
Laid over for further particulars

From T.M. Hoskins applying for the position of Cemetery Caretaker.
Filed for reference

From the Milk Inspector furnishing report.

From the House surgeon giving reasons why he did not admit a patient suffering erysipelas.

[Vol 9, p] 35

From the House Surgeon furnishing Report

From C. Weeks applying for the position of Assistant Health Inspector

From the Cemetery Caretaker asking for assistance.
Laid over

From Mrs. J. Simpson applying for the position of Nurse
Filed for reference

From Nurse Ingram asking to be allowed for rent paid in Y.M.C.A. Home she not having been able to secure quarters in the hospital
Laid over for enquiries

From J.G. Syme asking to be allowed to receive visitors at the hospital outside of visiting hours.
Cannot be entertained

Resolved that the police be instructed to report all cases where garbage is being dumped on the lanes and streets and prosecute under Clause 98 of the Health By-Law

Resolved that Mrs Leslie be given an order for supplies

Resolved that the Health Inspector write for prices etc of an ambulance

sgd W.J. McGuigan

Moved by Alderman Bruce
Seconded by “ Foreman
That the Report be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 16th of March 1898
Present – the full Board


From the Vancouver Board of Trade enclosing a letter from J. Martin representing the Jarrah Forest and Railway

[Vol 9, p 36]

Company Limited re Jarrah wood for piles etc
City Clerk to write to him and find out the cost of piles delivered at Vancouver.

From J.R. McMillan asking for walk on 14th Av
Referred to the Chairman

From J. McCauley asking that sidewalk on Richards Street be moved out on West side from Robson to Smithe
Ordered to be done by Ward men

From H.A. Simpson asking for lease on behalf of V.A. Vogel to place a business sign outside the sidewalk in front of his college.
Referred to the Chief of Police to point out the clauses in the Street By-Law regulating the matter.

From Webster Bros. re the conditions of Granville St.

From R.S. Forbes etal asking for 6 ft sidewalk on 4th Av.
Referred to the City Engineer

From A.W. Beck re placing Stanley Park in the Fire Limits

From G.W. Grant re brick wall of Jone’s Building declared to be unsafe
Left to the City Engineer for approval

From J.F. Malkin asking for lane to be opened in rear of house corner Bute &. Harwood Sts
Referred to the Chain Gang in turn

From Evans, Coleman & Evans re vitrified brick for paving
Filed for reference

From Henry Hoffminster asking that 5th Avenue be opened from South Granville Street to Fir Streets
Referred to the Engineer & Ald Grant

From R. Casement re sidewalk in front of Merchants Exchange needing repairs
Recommended that a single dressed walk be laid from lane to the corner of Hastings St 120 ft

[Vol 9, p.] 37

From F. Rathgerber etal asking for basement drain in Block 28 D.L. 541
Resolved that the request be granted provided the owners pay to the City Treasurer their equitable share of cost of drain as estimated by the Engineer

From S.K. Twigg asking that ditch at his premises at Beach Av be deepened
Engineer to have Foreman for Ward One See to this.

From J. Callister asking that the owner of Lot 22 Block 2 D.L. 183 E be notified to cut down a dangerous stump standing thereon as he is going to build on the adjoining lot.
City Clerk to notify owner to have this stump cut down or else City will put a man on to do it and charge cost to him.

Resolved that the City Solicitor be authorized to settle the matter of the award of Arbitrators re portion of ground expropriated from Lots 142 Block 1 D.L. 196.
Resolved that the Foreman for Ward 5 receive instructions to lay a six ft. sidewalk on Front St for half a block from the lane to Scotia Street

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

McLellan & McFeely$55.30
W.L. Tait268.89
B.C. Mills52.60
Evans, Coleman & Evans1.00
Weeks & Robson21.25
Thos Veitch32.35
A.E.E. Clark80.15

Four tenders for hardware were received and referred to the City Engineer to tabulate
Only one tender was received for the delivery of crushed rock and was held over

sgd Alex Bruce

Moved by Alderman Bruce
Seconded by “ Grant
That the Report be adopted.

[Vol 9, p.] 38

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday March 17th 1899.
Present – Aldermen Brown , Skinner and Wood

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

W.B. Harris$3.00
Tryskall & Son51.60
E. Southurst4.00
Post Master6.00
A.K. Munro10.10

The following contracts were approved and authorized to be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate seal affixed thereto:

McDowell & CoDrugs
doChemicals for Fire Department
Kemfe & SimpsonBurial of Pauper Dead
Clarke & StuartStationery
City Grocery CoGroceries

Resolved that M. Rae, Pound Keeper be paid his full Salary for March 1899 on or before March 25th 1899.

Resolved that Oppenheimer Bros be paid the sum of $2700 award for land at the Corner of Alexander and Carrall Streets such sum to be charged to the unexpected balance on the Street paving of Westminster Ave etc.


From Messrs Armstrong & Morrison submitting Insurance for $6000 covering sheet steel manufactured or to be manufactured into pipes in their building on the South Shore of Burrard Inlet between Heatley Av and Hawks Avenue and asking for the payment of $6419.50 on account of their contract for steel riveted main for water works Department.

Resolved that the above amount be paid on the City Engineer certifying to the value of the goods in their shops, they to give the City Solicitor a sale note of all goods on which advances are to be made and also insurance to deliver on the North side of Narrows

[Vol 9, p 39]

From R.E. Green & Co stating that they were compiling a City Directory and requesting that the City’s order be reserved. Filed for reference

Trystall & Son submitted sample of Debenture paper which was approved.

sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Skinner
That the Report be adopted.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Foreman
That the following By-Law be introduced and read a first time viz A By-Law to amend By-Law No 143. Known as the Electric Wiring By-Law


Moved by Alderman Foreman
Seconded by “ Wood
Whereas it is desirable to support the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Therefore be it resolved that the City’s portion of all penalties imposed thereunder be paid over to the treasurer of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Bruce gave notice that at the next meeting of Council he would introduce a By-Law to raise by way of loan the sum of $________ to provide for the severing of certain portions of the City where urgently required,

The Council then adjourned

Thos F McGuigan
City Clerk

James X. Gardiner