Mayor protests “illegal” appointment of Tracy – Mar 23, 1891

Mayor Oppenheimer sends regrets and protest against “illegal” appointment of Thomas Tracy as City Engineer. Council to send letter of protest against the Attorney General’s reported intention to change several details of the City Charter. The meeting was adjourned out of respect to the memory of former Alderman Dr. James Whetham.


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and sponsored by Shirley Barnett

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 266-268

Vancouver March 23rd 1891
The Council met on Monday March 23rd 1891.

Present: Aldermen Brighouse, Carroll, Scoullar, Godfrey, Templeton, Brown, McDowell, DePencier and Doering.

Moved by Alderman Doering
Seconded by Alderman Godfrey
That Alderman Brown be appointed Chairman. Carried.

The minutes of last regular and special meetings were read and adopted on motion of Alderman Brighouse seconded by Alderman McDowell. Aldermen Carroll, dePencier and Doering did not vote.
The following communication was read from the Mayor:

Vancouver March 23rd 1891
To the Chairman & Aldermen,
City Hall
I exceedingly regret that I am unable to be present at the meeting of the Council this evening, as there are several important matters to which I should have desired to direct your attention. I beg to record my formal protest against the illegal appointment of Mr Tracey to the position of Chief Engineer of this City on the grounds that the Council has not acted in conformity with the City Charter and even had the proceedings of Friday last been legal and in accordance with the Vancouver Incorporation Act, the application on behalf of Mr Tracey ought not to have been received, as it was in every way irregular and not in accordance

[Vol 4 page 267]

with the advertisement calling for applications.
I have the honor to remain
Yours faithfully
(sgd) D. Oppenheimer

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Doering

That the following labor accounts be paid:
B. Romang et al $52.75

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
Whereas it appears by a reported statement made in the Legislature by the Attorney General that he will move amendments to those clauses in the City Charter reducing the qualifications of Mayor and Aldermen, taxing churches and regulating the butchering business.
Be it resolved that inasmuch as these are matters of a purely local character affecting the citizens only, and as no petition or complaint of any kind has been presented to the Council in respect to the proposed changes this Council in the name of and on behalf of the citizens of Vancouver respectfully protests against any amendments and trusts that the members of the Legislature will cordially support the changes asked for.
And further that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the City Representatives. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That out of respect to the

[Vol 4 page 268]

memory of Dr. James Whetham who formerly acted as an Alderman at the Council Board this Council do now stand adjourned. And further that the Aldermen as a body attend his funeral. Carried.

Wm Brown

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk