Pardon for Sam Greer? – Mar 28, 1892

Sam Greer
Sam Greer, Vancouver pioneer, who fought the CPR for Kitsilano Beach

R.H. Alexander spoke in support of the requested $300,000 bonus for Burrard Inlet and Fraser River Valley Railway Company. Entire Council to meet with Company representatives tomorrow (Tuesday May 29, 1892). Many 53 out of 160 property owners on Oppenheimer St. requested the name be changed to Cordova St – request filed. Many citizens asked that Sam Greer, serving a 27 month penitentiary sentence, be pardoned.

This transcript was made in 2017 by Transcribimus volunteer Krystyna Richards
and sponsored by the Woodward family

 original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 718 – 724

Vancouver March 28th 1892

The Council met on Monday March 28th 1892.
Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Anderson, Connon, Scoullar, McGuigan, McCraney, Odlum, Franklin, Mills & Gavin.
The minutes of last meetings were read and adopted.

The following Communications were received and read:
From Joseph Huntly reporting on the Slaughter houses

From E. J. McGarrigle etal [sic] asking that the name of Oppenheimer Street be changed to that of Cordova
Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by Alderman Connon
That the Communication be filed

From Frank Yale etal [sic] asking for the grading of Barnard St.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From F. L. Cotton, acknowledging Communication re North Arm Road.

From the Secy of the Board of Trade and H. J. Ceperley etal [sic] in reference to the Bonus to the Fraser Valley Railway Co.

From the Market Clerk reporting on the receipts.

From the Chief of Police reporting on Electric Lights

From Robert Clark etal [sic] asking the Council to petition the Minister of Justice in reference to Greer’s Case.

read this great story from Sam Greer’s family regarding his fight
with the C.P.R. and more about a recent auction of Sam’s memoribilia

From W. Menzies asking for the Market Hall for the Oddfellows.
Moved by Alderman McGuigan. Seconded by Ald Connon

That their request be granted }
and the Hall granted free of charge } Carried

From M.M. Curry etal [sic] asking for an Electric Light on Eveleigh St.
Referred to F. W & L. Committee

From J.H. Hewit etal [sic], asking for the grading of 8th Av.
Referred to Board of Works

The following Reports were received and read:-

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Friday March 25th 1892.
Present: Aldermen McCraney, Connon & Gavin.

It was recommended:-

1 That Thos. Thomas be allowed to withdraw his tender for lanes in Blocks 86.90 & 91. 196 and that he forfeit his deposit for same, and that new tenders be called for said work.

2 That J.C. McLagan be requested to furnish plans showing proposed areas.

3 That E. Cook’s application to build area stairs at his new block on Cordova Street be not granted.

4 That the City Engineer be authorized to have Pender Street from Burrard to Georgia graded by day labor.

5 That the following tenders be invited:-
1) Grading lanes in Block 86.90 & 91. 196
2) Constructing a Vault for City Engineer’s Office, and supplying same with vault door.

6 That the Agreement between Oppenheimer Bros and the City re the laying of a siding to their store be approved.

7 That the following tenders be accepted
Prior St grading W.H. Morgan
Scotia “ “ J. Telford
Nelson “ “ do
10th, 11th, 12th & 13th Av. 3ft sidewalks Angus Fraser
Homer St. 6ft “ E.C. Britton

8 That the following accounts be paid:- $
E.C. Britton South Granville St & 7th Av. 130.75
O. McRae. Market Sheds 661.50
Gibbons & Myers Lanes 266.05
A E Carter drains 128.86
Wm Jones Howe St. 114.00
J Bayley Richards 95.55
W H Fraser Hospital 793.05
Thos Dunn & Co hardware 32.10
H Lomas etal labor 790.00
sgd H.P. Mc Craney

Moved by Alderman Connon
Seconded by “ McGuigan
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.

F. W&L. Report

The F. W&L. Committee met on Wednesday Mch 23rd 1892.
Present: Aldermen Franklin, Mills, McGuigan, Scoullar & Connon.

It was recommended:-
1 That the following accounts be paid:-
O’Rourke & Jarvis Supplies 11.75
Hastings Saw Mill Co. “ 3.60

2 That Mr Abbott be informed that the rate for all water used on the CPR Wharf will be 20cts per 1000 gallons, and for vessels 75cts per 1000 gallons.
Alderman Scoullar desired the rate to be 30cts.

3 That J.J. McKin’s appointment, as Superintendent of the Water Works be confirmed, at a salary of $150.00 per month.

4 That he be notified that the City will not require the use of his horse after the end of the present month.

5 That he be notified that the Committee cannot see its way clear to alter the present arrangement whereby the City Engineer has been placed in Control of the Water Works, and that he be instructed to report to said engineer.

6 That Alderman Scoullar be re-appointed on the Committee having in hand the purchase of a horse for the fire department.

7 That the Finance Committee be requested to consider favorably the purchase of uniforms for the firemen.

8 That the Council be requested to have a By-Law introduced regulating the wiring of buildings for electric light.
Sgd J.L. Franklin, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Mills
Seconded by “ Mc Guigan
That the report be adopted.

Finance Report

The Finance Committee met on Saturday March 26th 1892.
Present: Aldermen Anderson, Odlum & Mills.

It was recommended:-
1 That the Communication from the Free Library be laid over until the Estimates are compiled.

2 That the Communication from Drake Jackson & Co. asking for $10.00 for attendance in the Police be not entertained, as the City does not acknowledge any liability in the matter.

3 That the Communication from R.W. Pitt asking for remuneration for the loss of his leg be filed.

4 That the different Committees be asked to furnish this Committee with their Estimates for the year so that the rate can be struck as soon as possible.

5 That the following accounts be paid: $
J.A. Healy Returning Officer 5.00
Bank of B.C Telegrams 44.49
J.H. Bland Clerk for Ret Officer 3.00
Thos Dunn & Co. Jacks .05
G.A. Roedde Books 16.50
McKay & Ross Frosting 2.00
John Johnson Moving Safe 3.00
Geo.W Burch Stamp 1.25
W.B. Fisher Clerical Work 17.50
A.St.G. Hamersley Law Costs 383.55
CPR Co. “ “ 48.27
Sgd R.A. Anderson, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by Alderman Gavin
That the Report be adopted

Introduction of By-Laws

Alderman Franklin introduced a By-Law to repeal By-Laws & 117, which was read a first time.
The rules were suspended and the By-Law read a second time on motion of Alderman Anderson.
Seconded by Alderman McGuigan.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the By-Law with Alderman McCraney in the Chair.
The By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported to Council as complete with amendments. The By-Law was then read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman Scoullar, seconded by Alderman McGuigan. The rules being suspended.

The Council resolved that Messrs Forin and Alexander be heard on behalf of the bonus to the Burrard Inlet & Fraser Valley Railway Co.
Leave granted.
These gentlemen spoke on behalf of the bonus.
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Franklin
That the Whole Council meet the promoters of said Co at 4pm on Tuesday.


Moved by Alderman McGuigan
Seconded by Alderman Mills
That this Council respectfully request our representatives Mr G.E. Corbould to bring to the notice of the Hon, the Minister of Justice the Case of Mr Samuel Greer who is now serving a sentence of 27 months in the New Westminster penitentiary and urge him to grant a free pardon to the aforesaid Samuel Greer.

Consideration of By-Laws
Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by Alderman McGuigan
That the Free Library By-Law of the City of Vancouver be read a 2nd time.
The By-Law was accordingly read a second time.

The Council then adjourned to meet on Tuesday the 29th March.