Water Works by-law complete – May 9, 1891

A Special Meeting was held to consider the Works By-Law; the by-law was read over, signed, sealed, and sent to the newspapers for publication

This transcript was made in 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Donna Kynaston

and sponsored by Arnold Silber

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 page 323 only

[volume 4 page 323]

Vancouver May 9 1891

A special meeting of the Council was held on Saturday May 9th 1891 at 2 P.M. for the purpose of considering and finally passing the Works By-Law.

Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brighouse, Scoullar, Godfrey, Templeton, Brown, McDowell and Doering.

The By-Law was read a second time on motion of Alderman Brown seconded by Alderman Brighouse.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on motion of Alderman Templeton seconded by Alderman Godfrey.

Alderman Brown was appointed Chairman.

The By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported back to Council as complete with amendments.

The By-Law was then read a third time on motion of Alderman Brown seconded by Alderman Brighouse and ordered to be signed, sealed and gazetted.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer


Thos. F. McGuigan

City Clerk