Street Railway Company Must Build Waiting Room – May 17 1897

Marpole Station 1921

Council agreed that if the Street Railway Company agree to erect a suitable waiting room at the terminus of the line on Coal Harbour they be granted permission to build the track in accordance with the recommendations of the Railway & Light Committee. Pictured above is the Marpole waiting room and news stand 1921.

These minutes were transcribed in 2022 by Transcribimus volunteer Gerald Soon

Illustration Source: City of Vancouver Archives
CVA 99-3549 – B.C. Electric Railway Company News Stands –
New Westminster, Marpole, Granville Street Bridge

Text Source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 7 pages 574 – 587

[Vol 7 Page] 574

Vancouver May 17th 1897.
The Council met on Monday May 17th 1897.
Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Painter, McQueen, Clandenning, McPhaiden, Brown, W.S. MacDonald, D.G. McDonald and Coldwell.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From S.D. Hunter asking for the use of a portion of the Cambie Street Recreation Grounds for a couple of weeks.

Moved Alderman McQueen
Seconded by “ Coldwell
That the matter be left in the hands of the Mayor and License Inspector to grant the permission asked for if they deem it advisable.

From W.H. Hood, Secretary of the Bicycle Club stating that the races could not be postponed until after the 24th of May. Filed

From F. C. Young, Secretary of the Young Temperance Union asking for the free use of the Market Hall for the evening of the 28th of May for presenting prizes to School Children who had written the best essays on temperance.

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by “ D.G. McDonald.
That the request be granted.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights. Filed.

From Dr. Thomas withdrawing his resignation and asking for leave of absence until the end of the Year.

Moved by Alderman D.G. McDonald
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That the communication be filed.

[Vol 7 page] 575

From the City Solicitor stating that the City was not liable for the care of Mrs. Hill in St Paul’s hospital. Filed

From Dr J.M. Maclean applying for the position of Medical Health Officer.
Filed for reference

From Chas E. Hope asking that steps be constructed up to the sidewalk in front of Lot 27 Block 15. Dupont Street
Referred to the Board of Works

From A.F. Griffith asking for the opening up of a portion of 5th Av.
Referred to the Board of Works

From J.P. Bowell Secretary of the Methodist Conference thanking the Mayor and Council for the hearty welcome extended them on arrival to the City. Filed

From James Armstrong asking permission to herd his cows in Fairview.
Referred to the Police Committee

From the Mayor of Nanaimo inviting the Mayor and Council to his City to assist in celebrating the 24th of May
Invitation accepted.

The following Reports were received and read:-

Water and Market Committee

The Water and Market Committee met on Wednesday May 12th 1897.
Present – the full Board

From Armstrong and Morrison’s asking for free water for testing the pipes.
Resolved that they be allowed free water for testing the pipes the City Engineer to decide on the amount to be allowed.

[Vol 7 Page] 576

Resolved that Armstrong and Morrison’s account for $7100 for pipe be passed subject to being found correct.

Resolved that tenders be called for alteration to the Market Shed tenders to be in by Friday 21st inst at 12 oclock noon.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Armstrong and Morrison % Contract $7100.68
Market Hardware Store Supplies 4.50
Con Ry Co. “ 6.02
Drackman & Kerr “ 36.77
C.F. Foreman “ 5.80
Thos Dunn & Co. “ 170.65
Robertson & Hackett “ 14.66
B.C. Iron Works Co. “ 137.25
Water Works Pay Roll Labor 680.90

sgd Wm Brown
Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Painter
That the Report be adopted

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 13th of May 1897.
Present – the full Board
From P. Fewster re block paving Filed

From petitioners asking that the By-Law relating to the height of awnings be amended.
Board decided to go and look at the awnings.

Resolved that H.A. Bell, contractor for Golden Cache Block be notified that it will be necessary for him to increase the amount of his bond for use of the Granville Street walk which he had finance in as that was not included in the original amount for which a permit was issued.

From J. L. Hall asking that brush be cut off certain lots on 5th Avenue. Laid over

[Vol 7 page] 577

From R. Marrion reporting as to proposed Opera House to be erected on Lot 23 Block 14 D.L. 196. Filed for reference

From J.Callister asking for a short piece of walk at Lot 17. Block 46.
Ward foreman to attend to.

From McLennan & McFeely complaining of curbing over sewer manhole in lane between Hastings & Pender Streets
Referred to the Engineera

From A. F. McKinnen complaining of street surface drain in front of house occupied by Japanese Consul.
Referred to the Engineer to look into.a

The Contract for the supply of crushed rock to be signed by Miss Kendall was read and approved, the matter of bondsmen being left in the hands of the Finance Committee.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
S. Sheridan Heatly Av. $166.09
Thos Dunn & Co Supplies 45.40
Robertson & Hackett “ 16.14
Angus Fraser Seymour & Drake Strs 194.45

sgd H.J. Painter

Moved by Alderman W.S. MacDonald
Seconded by “ Painter
That the Report be adopted.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday March 14th 1897
Present – Aldermen McQueen, Painter, Brown and McDonald
The following contracts were approved and authorized to be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate Seal affixed thereto.

[Vol 7 Page] 578

Angus Fraser Westminster Av Sidewalk
F. E. Tilley Cemetery Clearing

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Telephone Co. Rents $37.10
H.Mutric Disbursements 53.65
J. Clough “ .25
Edwards Bros Supplies 11.15

A.C. Stirrett applied to the Board for a renewal of the insurance on the old hospital
The application was referred to the Chairman and Alderman Brown to reinsure at such rate so they deem expedient.
sgd Jas McQueen

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by “ D.G. McDonald
That the Report be adopted.

Fire and Police Committee

The Fire and Police Committee met on Tuesday Mary 11th 1897
Present – Aldermen D.G. McDonald, Painter, McPhaiden and W.S. MacDonald
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J.A. Skinner & Co. Supplies $2.90
C.F. Foreman “ 23.12
J.M. Stewart Ry fare .85
Alex S. Howie Watching 10.00
Dr. Johnston Mental ex. 5.
Wm Murphy Supplies 122.
J.C. Woodrow “ 19.84
M. Rae Carting dogs etc 8.
B.C.M.T.& T. Co Supplies 17.83
Provincial Govt. Boarding prisoners 15.
C.P.R. Co Telephone 1.15
Thos Dunn 7 Co Supplies 33.47
C.S. Philp “ 4.90
W.A. Cumyou Interpreting 4.
Stanley James “ 12.00

[Vol 7 Page] 579

J. Dodson Supplies $13.25
A. Blaney “ 9.90
Lee & Stewart Hack hire 4.00

From the Chief of Police asking for a raincoat for officer North and 6 Police whistles and 6 leather batons 10 inches long.
Resolved that his request be granted, the purchase to be left to the Chairman and Chief

sgd D.G. McDonald

Moved by Alderman D.G. McDonald
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the Report be adopted.

Light, Railway and Tramway Committee

The Light Railway and Tramway Committee met on Monday May 10th 1897.
Present – Aldermen Clandenning, McQueen, Brown and D.G. McDonald

From Thos H. Condell asking for a street light on the corner of Cordova and Homer Streets
Laid over until the Committee considers the placing of other lights.

The following communication was received and read from the Street railway company:-
Vancouver May 3rd 1897
To the Mayor and Corporation
Of the City of Vancouver
Numerous applications have for some time past been made to the Company operating the street railway in this City to make an extension of their line and service in the west-end. The Company also find also find that Robson Street line is very offen insufficient to meet the demands made upon it by reason of the traffic from the east-end to and from the Park have

[Vol 7 page 580] 580

very considerably increased. The British Columbia Electric Railway Company that which is now operating the street railway in your City are disposed to find the necessary funds for extending the track provided the Council will empower them to do so and the same line give them such protection and advantages as will justify the Company have carefully considered as to what extension will be most serviceable to the public and offer going in the matter they beg to propose the following extensions:-
1 (a) From Granville Street in a westerly direction along Hastings Street, Burrard Street and Georgia Street to the Park or
(b) From Granville Street in a westerly direction along Pender Street and Georgia Street to the Park whichever route shall ultimately consider the best route to adopt.

2 From Robson Street in a southerly direction along Denman Street to the beach at English Bay.
It is sufficient that these extensions should be made upon the following terms which it is submitted fair and reasonable:-
(1) The Company shall have the right of operating on the Robson Street line and the proposed extension for a period of five years from the date of the completion of each extension with the right to continue to operate the said lines until the Corporation purchase the same, which they shall have the right to do at the expiration of any term of five years.
(2) No 1 extension to be carried out forthwith
(3) No 2 extension to be commenced and carried out within a period of three years or otherwise abandoned.
(4) The track to be a single track with such sidings and turnouts as may be necessary the Company to have the right however to put in a double track should the traffic demand it.

[Vol 7 Page 581]
The track of No 1 extension to be laid on the North side of Pender Street and Georgia Street.
The track of No 2 extension to be laid on the east side of the street

  1. The Cars to be run at such intervals between the hours of eight o’clock in the morning and eleven o’clock at night as the Company may think necessary , but also that on the No 1 extension there should not be any greater interval than 30 minutes between each car and in the winter the cars need only run for as far as the junction of Pender Street and Georgia Street and on No 2 extension there shall be no greater interval than one hour between the running of each car, also that a car need be run during the period between October and May.
  2. The City to have the right to purchase the track at the termination of any period of five years at a price equal to the amount expended in material and construction of same.
  3. These extensions will be part of the railway system of the City of Vancouver so that under Clause 26 of the Robson Street Contract the Corporation would receive a percentage of any receipts earned by the company from the said extensions.
    The fare to be five cents per passenger which will entitle each passenger to a continuing Journey from any point on the extended line to any point on the street railway within the City but so that such fare shall not entitle the passenger to a transfer to or from the line known as the Westminster branch.
    On the Corporation agreeing to the above proposals the same will be embodied in an agreement containing such clauses as in detail as may be fair and reasonable and agreed upon between the parties.

[Vol 7 page] 582

It is hoped that the Corporation will give the above proposals their immediate consideration as in the event of their desiring to accept the proposals No one extension should be commenced and carried out with as little delay as possible in order that the extensions might be completed for the traffic of the approaching summer season.
I remain gentlemen
Yours obediently
sgd F.S. Barnard
Managing Director

The above letter was considered clause by clause.
The Committee considered that before any new contract was made the Company should agree to run cars from Cambie Street to Carrall St down Hastings Street to connect with the New Westminster and Vancouver Tramway Service and that this portion of the Street should be connected with the rest of the system.

Proposal 1(b) is considered the most convenient route and the one to be adopted provided that in the opinion of the City Engineer such route would not be detrimental to Granville Street.

That the Company should cross Coal Harbour into Stanley Park and proper accommodation provided for the people waiting for the cars.

That proposal 2 cannot be accepted unless the line be constructed within the current year.

Proposal 1. As to terms.
That the period of operation must be co-extensive with the Robson Street contract the first period of right of City to exercise option to purchase being at the same time as the second period mentioned in the Robson Street contract namely

[Vol. 7 Page] 583

Eight years from date,
Proposals 2 and 3 dependent on the others
Proposal 4. That only single track be allowed
Proposal 5. That the same terms as in Robson Street contrast be adhered to if the cars in winter stopping at corner of Pender and Georgia Streets.
Proposal 6. That the terms shall be the same as in Robson Street contract
Proposal 7. Same conditions as in Robson Street contract must be inserted

Resolved that the City Officials when on City business should not be charged fares.

The Board then adjourned.

The Board met again on Wednesday May 12th at 8 P.M.
Present – Aldermen Clandenning, McQueen, Brown and D.G. McDonald, the City Solicitor and Messrs F.S. Barnard and Hubbard on behalf of the Street Railway Co.

From H.C. Akroyd etal protesting against a street railway being constructed on Georgia Street. Filed

The following communication was read from Mr. Barnard. Managing Director of the Street Railway Co.:-
Vancouver May 11th 1897
To the Members of the
Street Railway & Light Committee
Of the Corporation of the City of Vancouver
Gentlemen Referred to the Committee

[Vol. 7 page] 584

Held on Monday last the 10th inst. For the consideration of the proposed extensions of the Street railway, the suggestions made by the Committee have received the careful consideration of the Company.

The Company regret that they cannot operated cars on that portion of Hastings Street which runs between Carrall and Cambie Streets and they believe that the citizens would derive no benefit if this were done. Specifically when it is borne in mind that on many occasions a car running track with the view of meeting the New Westminster Service would be delayed by reason of the shunting of the C.P. Railway in fact a passenger on the present ordinary service would connect with greater certainty with the New Westminster Service.

When regard to extension No one, it is immaterial which line is selected and the Company only desire to adopt the one that will be of the most service to the travelling public.

It is believed however that the “B” Route would be the best for the reason that the cars would pass the Post Office. This extension the Company could not carry out over the Bridge into the Park.

The Company at the present time have not sufficient funds available to make the outlay which would be involved thereby moreover it must be borne in mind that express authority to build a bridge for this purpose would have to be obtained from the Dominion Government and the extension being carried out and brought into operation this coming season and the company could not complete the extension within the time proposed by the Committee.
Further an extension over the bridge into the Park would entail a much larger rolling stock and a heavy expenditure

[Vol 7 Page] 585

on the part of the Company which it would bot be justified in incurring unless a sufficient area of ground in the Park were vested in them for the purpose of laying out a recreation ground for the public.

I understand that the Company are to have the right to operate the extension for a period terminating with the second five years of the Robson Street term ie eight years from the present time.

With regard to the running of the cars.
It is submitted that a lower minimum than the Robson Street terms should be fixed with the right to the City Council to increase the service up to the Robson Street Schedule when it appears that there is a demand for such increased service

The service set out in the Company’s proposal of the 3rd inst I consider a reasonable one to adopt.

The Company are quite willing to give the City Officials free transit over the railway when on the City’s business.

With regard to extension No 2,
It is submitted that it would be reasonable to give the Company the right to carry out this extension prior to the first of July 1898. And in the event of its not being carried out by that time, the Company’s right to do so to be at an end.

I think that the above points are the only ones which remain in abeyance for the consideration of the Committee and I shall be glad to hear that the proposals made above meet with the approval of the Committee.

I am gentleman
Yours obediently
Sgd. F.S. Barnard.
Managing Director

[Vol 7. Page] 586

The Company’s representatives stated that it was impossible for the Company owing to funds not being forthcoming to agree to run cars on the Hastings Street branch between Carrall and Cambie Streets.

The Company agreed not to charge more than five cents for any fare within the City limits and to give transfers from any part of the City from Westminster tramway to any other part of the City or from any part of the City over the Westminster Tramway to the City Limits.

In regard to extension No 1. The resolution as to the route passed at the last meeting was adhered to.
As to entering the Park and crossing Coal Harbour the Company’s Managing Director stated that the Company could not agree to cross Coal Harbour at present not having funds. This question was left to the decision of the Council.

As to the earnings of the Company
They will have to pay 1/9th of gross receipts as in the Robson Street Contract and no alteration to be made if extension down Pender Street is carried out and the whole system in which the $5000 is to be earned per mile before any percentage be paid be limited to the system as it now is and not to include the extension.

sgd Jas Clandenning

Moved by Alderman Clandenning
Seconded by “ D.G. McDonald
That the Report be adopted. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That no contract be entered into with the railway company unless it

[Vol 7. Page] 587

agrees to construct a bridge over Coal Harbour together with suitable buildings for the accommodation of the citizens.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Painter
Seconded by Alderman McQueen.
That if the Street Railway Company agree to erect a suitable waiting room at the terminus of the line on Coal Harbour they be granted permission to build the track in accordance with the recommendations of the Railway & Light Committee.

If the City expropriates the portion of the lot at the corner of Pender and Burrard Streets the Street Railway to pay half the cost thereof.
Amendment carried.

The Council then adjourned

Mayor Templeton
Per Ald Clandenning

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk