Selected city streets to be paved – May 2, 1892

water works under construction
Capilano Water Works about 1908. Identified are Steve Madison, H.M. Burwell and Henry L.Lewis . Courtesy City of Vancouver Archives

Pavement for Hastings, Cordova, Carrall, Abbott and Cambie Streets to be paid by frontage tax (city pays 1/3, owners pay 2/3). Property owners on these streets must get their water and gas connections in before paving takes place. Water temporarily shut off to the Rogers Sugar Refinery during the City takeover of the Water Works.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 760 – 750


[Volume 4 page 760]
Vancouver May 2nd 1892
The Council met on Monday May 2nd 1892.
Present. His Worship, the Mayor, and Aldermen Anderson, Connon, Scoullar, Collins, McGuigan, McCraney, Odlum, Franklin, and Gavin.
The minutes of last meeting were read, and adopted.

The following Communications were received and read:

From the Market Clerk furnishing weekly report.

From Samuel R. Jessop asking for free water.
Referred F.W&L Commmittee

From the Mayor of Port Townsend inviting the Mayor and Council to his City on the 8th of May to assist in celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the Discovery of Puget Sound by Captain George Vancouver.
Moved by Alderman Gavin
Seconded by “ Odlum
That the invitation be accepted.

From the Minister of Militia acknowledging receipt of resolution re Volunteer Corps.

From the Hon. G.E. Foster stating that the treaty between the United States, and the Sandwich Islands would not expire until 9th November 1895.

From the Night Nurse of the City Hospital, asking for an increase of salary, amounting to $10.00 a month in lieu of Board, Lodging and Washing.
Referred to the Health Committee

From the Chief of Police reporting on Street lights.

[Volume 4 page 761]

From the Leader of the Band, asking for the use of the Market Hall on Saturday May 7th and one other day for training the children for the 1st of July celebrations.
Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by “ Scoullar
That his request be granted. Hall to be had free of charge.

From D.A. McKenzie, asking for the opening up of 6th Av.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From J.W. Campion, asking for the payment of an account due him by the late Vancouver Water Works Co.
Referred to the F.W&L Committee

The following Reports were received and read:

F.W&L Report
The F.W&L Committee met on Monday May 2nd 1892.
Present: Aldermen Franklin, Connon, Scoullar and Mills:

It was recommended:-
1. That the City does not recognize that Mrs Winch has any claim against the City for payment on account of the wagon built by her husband Mr Winch; and that on his delivering the wagon free from all debts and incumbrances to the City, any monies due for the building of it will be paid and not before.

2. That Mr H. Abbott be informed that the City cannot make any reduction in the account for March 10th and April 6th but that the account for April 27th be fixed at 20cts per 1000 gallons with attendance added, and that all future accounts will be according to the rate agreed on.

[Volume 4 page 762]

3. That the residents on Jackson Avenue between Barnard and Prior Street be granted permission to lay a half inch pipe on said Street on condition that they purchase the pipe and lay it and sign an agreement protecting the City’s interests and that they receive the pipe back.

4. That the City Engineer be authorized to make whatever repairs or improvements he may deem necessary to keep up the efficiency of the water works.

5. That the Dominion Government be asked to grant the City permission to construct, a tunnel, under the first narrows for water works purposes and that the City Engineer be instructed to take Soundings to ascertain the nature of the soil in the above mentioned narrows.

6. That a Main be put across the narrows as soon as possible and that the City Engineer telegraph at once for prices of pipe.

7. That the Manager of the Sugar Refinery be informed that, as the affairs of the late Vancouver Water Works Co has been wound up the City has no funds out of which to refund the amount claimed by him as a refund and further that the City looks to him to pay the February account; also that he be informed that the City is alive to the inconvenience caused by the water being shut but that every effort is being made to remedy the injury to the pipes.

8. That the Council be informed that this Committee cannot see its way clear to alter its recommendation regarding free water to the Vancouver Wire Mattress Co.

9. That the City Engineer be instructed to obtain prices for a recording gauge for water works purposes.

[Volume 4 page 763]

10. That water pipes be ordered to reach Hastings Mill, the extra extension to be paid by them.
sgd J.L. Franklin

Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by “ Connon
That the Report be adopted as read.

Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee met on Friday April 29th 1892.
Present. His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Anderson, Collins, McGuigan, Odlum and Mills.
It was recommended:-

1. That the following accounts be paid:- $
F.W. Hart Supplies 40.25
J. Miller Rent of P.O. Box 5.00
Creamer & Langley Spittoons 4.70

2. That the late Board of Works, and Mr J.J. Blake be, asked to meet the Finance Committee of this Council to confer regarding the Suit pending between Warren and the City.

3. That the Communication from F.G. Richards asking for a bonus of $60,000 for a Sewing Machine Factory be filed.

4. That the Communication from J.M. Browning re recreation grounds for a City Hall be laid over.

5. That the wing to the City Hospital be insured for $3000.00 for 3 years in the Companies represented by G. Robertson & Co, and J.J. Banfield. G. Robertson to receive $2000.00, and J.J. Banfield $1000.00; also that the Market Sheds be insured for $1000.00 for 3 years in the Company represented by W.E. Gravely.

[Volume 4 page 764]

6. That tenders be invited for the sale of one lot on Mount Pleasant for fire hall purposes. Said lot to be situated between 7th & 9th Avs, and within one block east or west of Westminster Av. Cash to be paid for the lot.
Offers to be received up to Monday next.

7. That $2300.00 be placed in the Estimates for the Public Library.

8. That $400.00 be granted to the City Band for paying the salary of their leader. Said sum to be paid in monthly instalments.

9. That D. Oppenheimer, the ex-Mayor be refunded the sum of $545.00 paid out by him in October 1890 to secure the Coquitlam Water Works Charter on behalf of the City.
sgd R.A. Anderson

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Odlum
That the Clause in the report relating to D. Oppenheimer be laid over for one week.

Moved by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by “ Collins
That the balance of the report be adopted, as read.

Report of Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday April 28th 1892.
Present. Aldermen McCraney, Connon, Scoullar, Franklin and Gavin.
It was recommended:-
1. That P. Gendron be granted permission to back up the water, as asked for under

[Volume 4 page 765]

the bridge, at 6th Av provided he allows the City the free use of said water for fire purposes when needed.

2. That D. Oppenheimer plan showing desired connection with Vancouver Street Railway be approved provided in the opinion of the City Solicitor, all rights of the City, are secured, and same is in accordance with existing agreements.

3. That J.M. Holland be informed that the City contemplates putting in permanent pavements and curbing on the portion of Cordova Street his petition refers to, and the property owners will be asked to pay 2/3 of the cost and the City 1/3.

4. That W.H. Kendall contractor for crushed rock be allowed 10cts per yard extra for the balance of $20,000 yards of said rock still remaining to be delivered on his contract, provided he undertakes to pay for, all repairs whatever, and hand over the crusher and all parts thereof in good condition, at the termination of his contract, the City further agreeing to allow him $100.00 for a new screen provided he undertakes to supply the rock in three sizes to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.

5. That the City Clerk be requested to notify property owners to clear the at present uncleared portions of District Lots 182.183.184 and 200a within four months from the date of notice, and also the uncleared portions of District Lot 185 within 30 days from the date of the notice, and that the City Solicitor be requested to draw up said notices.

6. That the City Clerk insert notices in the

[Volume 5 page 766]

in the papers for 30 days notifying property owners that the City contemplates putting in permanent pavements, and sidewalks by frontage tax on the following streets viz
Hastings St. from Cambie to Granville
Cordova St. from Carrall to Granville
Carrall St. from Water to Dupont
Abbott St. from Water to Hastings
Cambie St. from Water to Hastings
and that the City Solicitor be requested to draw up said notices, the City to pay 1/3 and the property owners 2/3 of cost of said works and that property owners on said Street be notified to get in their gas, water and other connections within time of said notice.

7. That the City Engineer be authorized to get 9 carloads of Yale gravel for use on the Streets.

8. That the 9 hours Clause prepared by the City Solicitor shall apply to all contracts unless otherwise specified by the Board of Works at the time of calling for tenders.

9. That the City Engineer be authorized to have the lane in Block 13.196 attended to by day work.

10. That the following tenders be accepted
Beatty Street grading . Hobson Bros.
Carolina Street “ Gibbons & Myers
8th Av Fairview “ Hobson Bros
Helmcken St. “ J Birks
Gore Av. Sidewalk McDonald & Garrison
Robson St (A) “ E.C. Britton
Robson St (B) “ McDonald & Garrison
Lorne St Sidewalk A. Fraser

11. That tenders be called for the following returnable May 12th 1892.

[Volume 5 page 767]

Nicola St grading to Beach Av.
Princess St “ from Hawks to Raymour
Harris St. 6ft sidewalk from Carl to Campbell
Manitoba St grading 4 blocks
5th Av grade 1 block east of South Granville St.

12. That the following accounts be paid:-
W. Jones Homer St. $104.12
A. Fraser Sidewalk 258.06
W.H. Kendall Crushed rock 225.81
Thos Veitch Delivering “ “ 79.90
W.D. Hobson Homer St. 122.04
D.H. Morgan Prior St. 270.00
E. Myers Lanes 97.44
Buse Mill Co. Lumber 852.45
H. Lomas etal. Labor. 626.60

sgd. H.P. McCraney
Moved by Alderman Gavin
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.

Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by “ McGuigan
That the question of providing funds to pay the Park Pay Roll be referred to the Finance Committee with power to act.
Moved in amendment by Alderman Odlum Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Collins
That the matter be referred to the Finance Committee to report upon
Moved as an amendment to the amendment by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by Alderman Connon
That the amount be now paid.
Amendment Carried.

[Volume 4 page 768]
Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ McGuigan
That Mr. Crickmay be, allowed to hold, an entertainment in the Imperial Opera House without additional charge.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Odlum
Seconded by Alderman Gavin
That Mr. Crickmay be referred to the By-Laws for his Guidance
Amendment Carried.

Moved by Alderman Connon
Seconded by “ McCraney
That the selection of a fire hall lot on Mount Pleasant be referred to the F.W&L Committee to select.
Moved in amendment by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Gavin
That the Mayor and the Chairmen of the F.W&L, Finance, and Board of Works be appointed a Committee with power to act to purchase a lot on Mount Pleasant for Fire Hall purposes.
Amendment Carried

Moved by Alderman Connon
Seconded by “ Gavin
That the City Treasurer be instructed to refuse the acceptance of orders, account any amounts due on any works or services rendered the City, or on account of the same, and that the said City Treasurer be instructed to notify any person or persons who may desire to present such order or orders that the said City of Vancouver will not hold themselves responsible for the said accounts, and decline to hold the said City responsible for the withholding of any amounts, account or orders given against any account or accounts due by said City for any service or services rendered the said City of Vancouver.

The Council then adjourned.