Kendal’s crushed rock no longer wanted – May 21, 1894

Some Ward 5 ratepayers objected to splitting the ward in two. Some cattle on Lulu Island were infected with Big Jaw. City Engineer Thomas Tracy gave an estimate of the value of the plant and property of the Vancouver Electric Railway & Light Co, which the City of Vancouver was thinking of taking over. Though Tracy estimated the value at $535,100, the city was only going to offer $380,000. The Board of Works and the Finance Committee were both dissatisfied with the gravel supplied by Mr. Kendal: he was asked to supply three more scows to the city wharf and then cease delivery.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S-32, Volume 6, pages 81 – 91

Illustration: Cityy of Vancouver Archives
AM54-S4-2-: CVA 371-1031
The rock crusher at Little Mountain Quarry, 1908

[Volume 6 page 81]

Vancouver May 22nd 21st 1894

The Council met on Monday May 21st 1894 at 8 P.M.

Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Salsbury, Queen, McDowell, McPhaiden, McCraney, Wm Brown, Franklin, C.L. Brown and Bethune.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From H. Abbott submitting a subscription list for signature to send Mr & Mrs Wills and family to England and asking for additional aid from the Council

Moved by Alderman C,L. Brown,

Seconded by “ McDowell.

That the sum of $60.00 be granted for the object. Carried

From J.R. Anderson of the Department of Agriculture, Victoria giving the names of the parties on Lulu Island whose Cattle were affected with big Jaw.

Moved by Alderman McDowell

Seconded by “ McPhaiden

That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Richmond Council and inform them of the state of affairs and ask them to take steps to prevent the spread of the disease otherwise the Council will be compelled in self protection to exclude all milk arriving from Lulu Island. Carried

From M.C. McClean, Secretary of the Ward 5 Ratepayers Association expressing disapproval for dividing Ward 5. Filed.

From the City Clerk of Victoria sending copies of correspondence re the grant for the lepers

[Volume 6 page 82]

Moved by Alderman McDowell

Seconded by “ Franklin

That the City Clerk be instructed to send copies of the correspondence to the Minister of Agriculture and ask for an explanation. Carried

From Messrs Innes & Richards offering the lots in front of the hospital for $7500.00

Moved by Alderman McDowell

Seconded by “ McPhaiden

That the Chairman of the Finance committee be authorized to close the deal on the best terms obtainable. Carried

From the Police Magistrate asking to be furnished with the names of the witnesses etc on the Police Engineer’s Investigation

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden

Seconded by “ Franklin

That a short hand writer be engaged for the investigation Carried.

Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ McDowell

That a sum not exceeding $100.00 be furnished to pay the expenses of furnishing witnesses etc for the investigation. Carried

From the License Inspector submitted certain recommendations from the Licensing Board regarding the fees of shop or Retail Licenses

Laid on the Table for one week

From Mrs. E.H. Alexander etal asking the City to purchase Block 54.196 for Park purposes.

Referred to the Finance Committee

[Volume 6 page 83]

From Cruden & Robinson asking for the payment of expense incurred by them through change of grade on Princess Street

Referred to the Board of Trade

From A.M. Beattie regarding the alterations of the limit of butcher shops.

Referred to the Police Committee City Solicitor

From J.A. Coldwell asking for permission to erect a refreshment stand on Lot 14.B.64.185

Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ C.L. Brown

That permission be granted. Carried

From Wulffsohn and Bewicke asking that a fence be replaced at the corner of Burrard & Alberni Sts which fell through change of grade.

Referred to the Board of Works.

The following Reports were received and read:-

Street Railway Committee

The Special Committee on Street Railway purchase met this Monday Afternoon May 21st 1894.

Present – Aldermen Wm Brown, Shaw, McDowell and McCraney

The City Engineer submitted the following report on Value and condition of the plant as requested as follows viz:-

To the Mayor and Aldermen

Of the City of Vancouver.


I herewith submit an estimate of the plant and property of the Vancouver Electric Railway & Light Co Valued as a “running concern”

[Volume 6 page 84}

but not including anything for the cost of preliminary organization or superindentures of construction and other expenses which would probably amount to 5% of the cost.

I have not added anything for the value of the franchise which in a growing city like Vancouver would be eventually be very valuable to an outside purchaser and even to the City would have some value in doing away with the principal cause of disputes and friction with the street Railway as to the keeping up and repair of the streets and tracks. It is only fair to state that the electrical and other machinery is in exceptionally good condition and creditable to the men in charge.

I have the honor to be


Your obedient Servant

sgd Thos H. Tracy

City Engineer

Estimate of Value

Real Estate

Lot 1 Block 5.196 Corner of Powell St & Westminster Av. $18.000

Lots 11 to 15 occupied by Car & Power House.

Wharf and Coal Shed

Lots 18 & 19 on Keefer Street near Power House

Parks Lots 40 & 41 Block 29.541 with brick


Buildings. Foundations etc. 25.000

Boilers & Engines, Steam & Smoke pipe connections

Feeder, heating belting shafting pullies etc 34.000

Fire protection and water supply 800

Machine shop equipment 3600

Street Railway generators 17000

Tracks, turnouts, corners etc 92.000

[Volume 5 page 85]

Cars & attachments, 10 in all $37.000

Arc lighting plant 43.000

Incandescent “ 44.000

Station equipment 3250

Supplies 15250

Sundries 2200

Total $535,100

It is recommended by the Committee that the Council submit a By-Law to the ratepayers for their approval for the sum of $410,000 for the purchase of all the assets of the Company and the bondholders. Three hundred and eighty thousand dollars being the purchase price and thirty thousand for loss on sale of debentures.

Sgd Wm Brown


The Report was adopted and the City Solicitor instructed to prepare a By-Law for the purchase of the Railway on motion of Alderman McDowell, seconded by Alderman Shaw.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday May 18th 1894.

Present – Aldermen Salsbury, McDowell, McPhaiden & Wm Brown.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

News.Advertiser. Advertisements $23.52

“ “ Binding 13.50

City Printing Works supplies 13.50

Knight & Co. “ 1.10

A St. G. Hamersly Remittance to London, Eng.


From the Manager of the Bank of Montreal stating that the City’s note for $10,000 would fall due on the 27th next Laid Over

[Volume 6 page 86]

From Major Townley asking for a grant of $500.00 in aid of a military demonstration in Vancouver on the 1st of July.


That the sum asked for be granted.


That as the resolution of the Council regarding the delivery of crushed rock is not being carried out this Committee desires to place on record that they are not prepared to furnish funds for rock delivered in any other portion of the City.


That the City Hospital be reinsured for 3 years for $6000.00 in the companies represented by Messrs Powis & Whitehead, and A.C. Stirreth each to receive $3000.00

sgd W.F. Salsbury


Moved by Alderman MCCraney

Seconded by “ C.L. Brown

That the Clause in reference to crushed rock be struck out. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell

Seconded by “ Salsbury

That the Report as amended by adopted. Carried

Water Committee

The Water Committee met on Tuesday May 15th 1894

Present – Aldermen Queen, Wm Brown, Bethune and McPhaiden

[Volume 6 page 87]

The Foreman’s reports for the weeks ending May 8th and May 14th were received and filed.

Resolved that the water mains on the North side be lowered and covered as recommended by the foreman

Resolved that a water main pipe be laid to the crematory

Resolved that the foreman’s salary be fixed at $75.oo per month to date from April 25th next.

Resolved that a 6’ pipe be laid on Quebec St to 11th Av with hydrant and the necessary pope on 11th Av to reach houses.

Resolved that the water main be extended along 7th Av beyond the Alexandria Hospital to reach houses.

Resolved that two dolphins be placed on North side of Narrows, one on either side of pipe piles to be shod & coppered.

The following accounts were recommended for payment

Van Gas Co Gas $1.25

McLennan & McFeely Supplies 20.20

B.C. Mills “ 2.20

Hooper etal. Labor 319.80

Welsh Bros. “ 20.90

W.A. McIntosh & Co “ .75

W Hunt “ 18.90

Creamer & Langley “ 3.42

F.Filion “ 4.31

Wm Thurston & Son “ 1.00

Chas Nelson “ 1.70

Thos Veitch Teaming 14.48

John Boyd & Co Supplies 11.42

James Foster Repairs 4.05

Creamer & Langley “ .45

Market Hardware Co “ 3.55

B.C. Iron Works “ 242.72

sgd Wm Brown. Chairman

[Volume 5 page 88]

Moved by Alderman C.L. Brown

Seconded by “ McPhaiden

That the Report be adopted.


Board of Works

The Board of Works met on 17th May 1894.

Present – Aldermen McCraney, Brown, Franklin, Queen & Shaw.


From James Hartney etal asking that the east end of Powell Street as far as the City Limits be macadamized and made passaible

Referred to the Street Inspector for attention

From Mrs R.H. Payne asking whether it is the intention of the Board to put the sidewalk in front of Lot 25 B90196 out 6 feet from the fence line and also asking for permanent grades.

Resolved that Mrs Payne be notified that the intention of the Board is to ultimately move the sidewalk 6 feet out.

From Mrs J.A. McAlpine asking for a sidewalk on the corner of Hamilton & Robson Streets

Granted as soon as there are funds

From John Grant asking that stones, stumps etc in front of his house on Robson Street near Nicola Street be removed.

Referred to the officer of the chain gang for attention

From J.M.A. Toole, submitting an account of $118.00 for alterations made at his store on Hastings St necessitated by the change of grade.

[Volume 5 page 89]

Resolved that he be offered the sum of $58.00 in full and final settlement of his claim


That the street inspector be instructed to attend to the necessary repairs of the sidewalk on Cordova Street; also to see to the street and culvert on 8th av east of Centre Street at Lots 13 & 14, B311, 526 so that the surface water will run off.

That W.H. Kendall, the present contractor for crushed rock be notified to send 3 scow loads to False Creek for use in necessary repairs to South Granville Street and then he is to stop delivery altogether

The following tenders for street sweeping were received and opened:-

Keil & Ker $7.25 for each sweeping

J. Carnahan 9.00 “ “ “

R. Thorburn 5.50 “ “ “

Champion & White 5.00 “ “ “

D.A. Campbell 9.50” “ “

Thos Veitch 7.25 “ “ “

J. Allen 9.75 “ “ “


That the tender of Champion & White at $5.00 for each night’s sweeping be recommended for acceptance.

The following accounts were recommended for payment

D. Gibbons Ash St $3.07

W.H. Kendall Crushed rock. $1528.38

W.S. Cook Del “ “ 591.90

Godfrey & Co Supplies 21.00

Market Hardware Store supplies .75

Evans Coleman & Evans “ 30.40

Leamy & Kyle “ 234.86

[Volume 6 page 90]

Martin Kelly, Curb & Gutter Stores $917.55

Geo Pratley Express .50


That the Board stands adjourned until 2:30 p.m. on Friday the 25th next on account of Thursday next being a public holiday.

sgd H.P. McCraney


Moved by Alderman Queen

Seconded by “ C.L. Brown

That the Report be adopted. Carried

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Salsbury

Seconded by “ Shaw

That the Rules be suspended to allow of the introduction of a By-Law to provide by way of the Debentures the sum of $60.000 for street improvements. Carried

The By-Law was then made a first time

Moved by Alderman Shaw

Seconded by “ McDowell

That the By-Law to raise funds by way of Debentures for the purchase of the Island properly and assets of the Vancouver Electric and Light Co be read a first time. Carried

The By-Law was accordingly read a first time.

[Volume 6 page 91]


Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ C.L. Brown

That the City Clerk be authorized to call for tenders for firemen’s uniforms to be in by Monday May 28th at 4 P.M. Carried

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Franklin

Seconded by “ Queen

That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for the consideration of the By-Law to replace By-Law No 22. Carried

The By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported to Council as complete.

It was then read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman Franklin seconded by Alderman Wm. M. and ordered to be signed sealed and gazetted.

Moved by Alderman Salsbury

Seconded by “ McDowell.

That the By-Law to amend the Trades License By-Law be read a second time. Carried

Moved by Alderman Salsbury

Seconded by “ Queen

That the By-Law to raise by way of Debentures the sum of $60,000 for street improvements be read a second time. Carried

The By-Law was accordingly read a second time

Moved by Alderman McDowell

Seconded by “ Shaw.

That the Street Railway purchase By-Law be read a second time

Notice of Motion

Alderman McCraney gave notice that at the next meeting of Council he would introduce a By-Law to authorize the conveyance to the C.P.R Co of the piece of land occupied by the railway track surrounding Powell Street and Sugar Refinery

The Council then adjourned R.A. Anderson


Thos McGuigan

City Clerk