Local improvement bylaw passed – May 26, 1892

Residence of J.M. Lefevre, Alderman from 1887-1889
Residence of J.M. Lefevre, Alderman from 1887-1889

The business of May 23 was continued. The Local Improvement By-Law was passed, with two new clauses regarding verandahs and projections. The matter of the Free Library By-Law not to be heard for another six months (November, 1892). Professor Rae refused to pay rent for the Market Hall, City Solicitor to take action. The Poundkeeper to be furnished with a book of street car tickets.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 pages 20-21

[Volume 5 Page 20]

Vancouver, May 26th, 1892

The council held an adjourned meeting on Thursday May 26th, 1892 at 8 P. M.

Present: Aldermen Anderson, Connon, Collins, Scoullar, McGuigan, Odlum, Franklin, Mills & Gavin.,

Alderman Connon was appointed Chairman.


From the Market Clerk Stating that Professor Rae had refused to pay for the rent of the Market Hall.

Referred to the City Solicitor to take such action, as he should deem necessary.

From J. C. Cameron etal asking the Mayor and Council to call a public meeting on Saturday the 28th inst. to discuss the proposed lease of the Market.

Referred to His Worship the Mayor

From Nelson & Bausman asking the Council to ciel the stalls in the Market Hall

Referred to the Police Committee

Consideration of By Laws

Moved by Alderman Scoullar

Seconded by “ Gavin

That the Local Improvement By Law be read a 2nd time and that the reading of the title be considered the reading of the whole bill.


Moved by Alderman Gavin

Seconded by “ Franklin

That the council go into Committee of the whole for its consideration.


Alderman Gavin was appointed Chairman.

The By Law was read over Clause by Clause and referred to Council as complete with amendments.

The by-law was then read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman Gavin Seconded by Alderman Odlum.

[Volume 5 page 21]

The By Law governing and regulating streets and sidewalks was again considered in committee of the whole and two clauses were added in reference to verandahs and projections.

It was then finally passed.

Moved by Alderman Odlum

Seconded by “ Gavin

That the Council go into committee of the whole for the consideration of the Free Library By Law.


Alderman Odlum was appointed Chairman

Moved by Alderman Scoullar

Seconded by “ McGuigan

That the By Law be considered six months hence.


The Committee then rose and reported the By Law as being laid over for six months.


Moved by Alderman Collins

Seconded by “ Odlum

That the Poundkeeper be furnished with a book of street car tickets.


The Council then adjourned