Library requests $125 per month – November 3, 1890

Mr. M.H. Hirschberg, President of The Vancouver Free Reading Room and Library requested $125 per month in order to rent a suitable room – $25 per month to rent a room and $100 for expenses. Decision referred to “Messrs Charles Whetham and F.C. Cotton…(Charles Whetham was a real estate broker and F.C. Cotton was the editor and manager of the News Advertiser). Communications from Belle Smythe and many others protesting against a license being granted to the Imperial Opera house to sell spirituous liquors. A fee of 25 cents to be charged for a printed copy of the City By-Laws.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pg 100-107

Vancouver November 3rd 1890

The Council met on Monday May Nov 3rd 1890.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Browning, Fox, Sentell, McLeod, Costello and Doering.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Belle Smyth and many others protesting against a license being granted to the Imperial Opera house to sell spirituous liquors.
Referred to Licensing Board.

From Blake and Magee on behalf of Wm. Tierney asking for the balance of the extras due him on Beach Av.
Referred to Board of Works.

From the City Solicitor notifying the Council that the City was liable for the value of the hogs destroyed by the order of the Health Inspector.
Board of Health.

From C. Whetham + Co. agent – for the Citizens Fire Insurance Co notifying Council that the Policy for the Insurance of the Fire Hall would expire on the 19th of November and asking for a renewal.

From C.E. Pooley, Solicitor for the City in the case pending between the C.P.R. Co and the City notifying Council that the case was set down for trial on the 12th inst..
Referred to City Solicitor

From the Caretaker of the Cemetery asking for repairs to his house.
Board of Works

From H.B. Hilton, representative of the Dominion Illustrated asking the Council to subscribe for copies of the paper.

From the City Solicitor asking that all by-laws be submitted to him before being finally passed.

From Alex McKay, Contractor on the Y.M.C.A. building agreeing to take down wooden building erected as a workshop, when required.
Board of Works.

From the Secretary of Board of Trade asking Council to proceed with the clearing of the East Park, as soon as possible.
Board of Works.

From Halley Bros. + Granville giving particulars of the views to be shown by them at the Jamaica Exhibition

From the Chief of Police furnishing a list of the Street Lights out during the week.
Referred to F.W. + L.

From the President of the Vancouver Water Works Co. submitting a copy of a letter sent to the City Solicitor on the subject of the purchase of the Works by the City.
Referred to Water Works Com.


Market No 3

The Market Committee met on Friday October 31st 1890
Present Aldermen Fox and Costello. Alderman Costello in the Chair.
It was recommended: –

1 That the lower floor of the Market building be rented to the Loyal Orange Association for the evening of the 5th of November, if not then in use for the sum of ten dollars.

2 That the Zion Church Congregation be allowed the use of the Market Hall one night each week (Wednesday preferred) in consideration of the use of 200 chairs, for holding prayer meetings etc. when said hall is not required for renting purposes by other parties, said use not to include lighting or attendance, which must be provided by themselves; and further that they be allowed to put their organ in one of the anterooms but not to the exclusion of other parties requiring said room.
Sgd M. Costello
For Chairman

Moved by Alderman Fox.
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the Market Committee’s Report be adopted.

Works. No 30.

The Board of Works met on Friday October 31st 1890

Present Aldermen Browning, Costello, Doering and Sentell.

It was recommended: –

1 That Richard Woodroofe be not permitted to erect a sign post on the edge of the sidewalk, same being contrary to By-Law.

2 That there are no funds available for the work petitioned for by M.C. McLean, nor for the grading of the lane in Block 113, 541 as petitioned for by C.V. Knowdell et al.

3 That the Sidewalk on Hornby Street be carried across Nelson St. to Hunt + Prossers Store.

4 That the Council grant permission to A [torn page corner] McKay to erect a temporary wooden building to be used as a work shed during the erection of the Y.M.C.A. building, provided a guarantee is given that the building will be removed within a reasonable time.

5 That the Board cannot see its way clear to allow Wm. Tierney any further sum on Beach Avenue than that recommended in a previous report.

6 That Messrs Boyd and Clandenning be paid for the extra earth removed from Princess St. at the same rate per cubic yard as they are being paid for the quantity mentioned in the specifications.

7 That tenders be called for the construction of a six ft. sidewalk on Pender Street from Burrard to Jervis to connect with the sidewalk under contract from Georgia to Pender on Jervis St; the cost to be taken from the balance remaining in Ward One.

8 That G. Mesher be paid for that portion of the drain constructed by him on Richards Street from Hastings Street to Junction with the existing box drain on Richards St.

9 That a basement drain be laid on the South Side of Hastings St. from Richards St. to the Delbruck Block.

10 That the proprietors on Burrard St. from Georgia to Melville be permitted to lay down a 10 ft. sidewalk on the West side of Burrard St; the cost of which to be refunded next year.

11 That the following contracts be awarded: –
Cemetery Road planking H. Connacher.
Oppenheimer St. Sidewalk D.J. McDonald.
Basement drain Block 3 O.S.T. [?] D. Urquhart.
Box drain Block 57. 196. H. Connacher.
12 That the following accounts be paid: –
C.H. Lloyd. Haro St. $268.60
C.H. Lloyd. Pender St. $ 34.90
D. Gibbons “ “ 13.24
W.D. Hobson Homer St. 232.85
D. Urquhart, Excavations 138.30
Anderson + Yerex 12th Av. 214.65
G. Robertson, Cordova St. 23.00
McGhie + McLuckie, Cambie St. 45.50
W.S. Cook. Sewers. 16.88
J.P. Lawson. Fares. 8.00
Geo. McFarland. Market Steps. 41.54
E. Mohun. Final on Sewers. 411.94
Sgd M. Costello
for Chairman
Moved by Alderman McLeod
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the Council go into Committee of the Whole on the Report.

Alderman Costello was appointed Chairman

The Report was read over clause by clause + reported to Council as complete without Amendment;

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by “ Fox

That the Report be adopted as read

Finance. No 26

The Finance Committee met on Friday October 31st 1890.

Present Aldermen Browning, Costello and Fox
It was recommended: –

1 That the following accounts be paid: –

Board of Works accounts

S.T. Tilley Stationery $32.60

A. Adelson, Fixing Chairs. 14.00

Carswell + Co. Law book. 1.60

Crowder + Penzer. Coal. 13.50

The World P + P. Co. $13.34

2 That a fee of 25 cts be charged for each copy of the City By-Laws, if required by any citizen.

A communication was received from Mr. M.H. Hirschberg, President of the Vancouver Free Reading Room and Library, asking that the monthly grant be increased to $100 per month and $25.00 per month in lieu of the Market Hall, making a total of $125.00 per month; also reporting that rooms rentable for reading room purposes could be rented for $25.00 per month.

It was resolved to recommend that two Aldermen be appointed by Council to examine the workings of the Library and report upon the communication from the President.

Sgd. J.M. Browning,
Moved by Alderman Fox.
Seconded by “ Doering.

That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted.


Introduction of By-Laws.

Alderman McLeod introduced two by-laws which were read a first time: –

(1) A By-Law to amend the Market By-Law
(2) A By-Law to amend the Pound By-Law.

Alderman Costello asked leave to withdraw his By-Law granting a License for a Market Concert Hall which was allowed on motion of Alderman Browning Seconded by Alderman Doering.

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by “ Sentell.

That the following labor [sic] account be paid: –

B. Romang et al. $288.80
Moved by Alderman Fox
Seconded by “ McLeod.

That as it is contrary to our Charter to collect or charge a license fee for peddling, hawking or disposing of any products, the growth or manufacture of this Province excepting Spiritous Liquors

And whereas certain fees or licenses have been collected and fines and penalties imposed for peddling and hawking the products of the province other than Spiritous Liquors.

Now therefore be it resolved by this Council that due restitution be made of all fees or licenses so collected. That all fines and penalties be remitted which have been collected or inflicted contrary to our Statues, after the passing of the Market By-law.

Yea, Aldermen Fox, and Doering

Nay, “ Costello, McLeod, Browning and Sentell.

Moved by Alderman Browning.
Seconded by “ McLeod.

“That in compliance with the request of Mr. Pooley, be it resolved that the City Solicitor and Health Inspector proceed to Victoria to confer with him, in re suit Canadian Pacific Navigation Co against the City.

Moved by Alderman Browning
Seconded by “ Costello.

“That Messrs Charles Whetham and F.C. Cotton, be requested to consider the application on behalf of the Vancouver Free Reading Room and Library for an additional grant to said institution and report to the Council at as early a date as they may find it convenient advising as to what in their opinion would be the best and most judicious way of aiding said institution, also what amount they consider would be necessary to carry out the suggestion which they may see fit to make.

Consideration of By-Laws.

Moved by Alderman Sentell.
Seconded by “ Doering.

That the By-Law Relating to the Cutting down, clearing etc. of land be read a 2nd time


The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the By-Law. Alderman Sentell in the Chair.

After reading the By-Law over the Committee rose and reported progress and asked leave to sit again.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk