John Devine resigns as City Auditor – November 11, 1889

$7,000 in total granted for public works to streets and sidewalks; projects grouped according to city ward. John Devine resigns as city auditor. Date, time and place for election of 1890 Mayor and Council determined.

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Margaret Sutherland and Joy Marie Vasquez

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 190-197

[volume 3 page 190]

Vancouver Nov 11th 1889
The Council met on Monday November 11th 1889 at 8 P. M.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brighouse, Clark, Costello, Horne, Mason, Oppenheimer and Whetham & McConnell.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From F. C. Stover asking for a further extension of time for the erection of the Fire Alarm. Filed.

From J. J. Blake advising Council that Thos. Andrews was entitled to half the money for fine under the Indian Act. Referred to Finance Committee.

From J. M. Stewart asking settlement from the Council. Referred to City Solicitor & Finance.

From Rev. James W. Pedley asking that a sidewalk be erected in the Vicinity of his new church. Referred to Board of Works.

From Andrew J. Whitenack asking that Hastings Street in front of Lots 5 & 6 Block 66 Subdivision of 196 be graded. Referred to Board of Works.

From John Devine resigning his position as City Auditor. Laid over.

From the City Clerk reporting on the

[volume 3 page 191]

Cemetery. Referred to Finance Committee.

From John Breuss & Co et al asking to be allowed certain privileges in connection with their Sausage business. Referred to Police Committee.

From F. W. Hart asking that road to cemetery be repaired. Referred to the Board of Works.

From James D. Fraser asking for a return of his gravel deposit. Referred to Finance Committee.

From E. J. Curran et al asking that Westminster Road to the Junction of North Arm Road be sidewalked. Referred to the Board of Works.


Health No 13

The Board of Health met on Monday November 11th 1889.
Present Aldermen Whetham, Costello and Mason.
We beg to recommend:

1. That the pump at the City Hospital be given to the Caretaker at the Cemetery.
2. That the following accounts be paid:

McDonald & Barton, Hospital fixtures $65.57
Alex McDonald, Labor .75
Vancouver Wharfage Co. Rent 15.00
John Scuitto, Supplies 134.20
Vancouver Gas Co. 2.25
P. Withy, Milk 133.00
R. L. Comich, Supplies 12.10
VanVolkenburgh & Bro. Meat 48.84

[volume 3 page 192]

Texas Lake Ice Co. $12.25
Sorenson & Co. Medicines 38.85
Palmer Bros. Coal 16.50
John Wolfe, Scavengering 20.00
Hudson’s Bay Co. Supplies 9.25
Sgd. M. Costello for Chairman
Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer, seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That the Report of the Board of Health be adopted. Carried.

No 30 Finance
The Finance Committee met on Monday November 11th 1889.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Whetham, Clark, Costello and Mason, Aldermen Clark being appointed Chairman protem.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
Lord Stanley Reception Accounts $2,439.96
The World P & P Co. 83.39
M. A. Harvey, Buggy hire 10.00
Joseph Urb, Chimney Cleaning 1.00
Palmer Bros. Coal 49.50
Carbould, McColl & Jenns 104.09
Carswell & Co. law Books 8.78
H. Hemlow 20.00
Thos. Stephenson, Work on Park 345.00
Dr. Bodington, Evidence on D. Kennedy 10.00
Van Free Library, Grant for July 65.00

That the Trustees of the Sinking Fund be instructed to furnish the Council with a detailed statement of said fund and the manner in which it is invested.

That the Board of Works

[volume 3 page 193]

to be devoted towards street improvements as per list furnished and dated Oct 22.

That the Report of the F. W. & L. Committee recommending the purchase of a team of horses and the Board of Works Report recommending the purchase of a fountain be laid over for one week.
Sgd. R. Clark, Chairman pro tem.

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alderman Mason. That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted. Carried.

Works No 31

The Board of Works met on Monday November 11th 1889. Present Aldermen Brighouse, Horne & McConnell.
We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:
P. Atkinson et al Street Work $132.90
McDonald & Barton, Granville St. 154.14
Boyd & Clandenning, Robson St. 793.85
A. D. McDonald, Dunsmuir St. 50.54
Martin & Balkwell, Homer St. 130.30
do Hamilton St. 126.00
A. Bunker, Princess St. 103.48
D. J. McDonald, Westminster Av. 283.22
McDonald & Barton, Nelson St. 184.54
A. Bunker, Hornby St. 292.50
James Ironside, Burrard St 116.20
D. J. McDonald, Prior St 238.89
A. D. McDonald, Robson St. 251.10
McDonald & Barton, Powell St. 164.20
Don McAlister, Pacific St 56.43
Martin & Balkwell, 12th Av. 116.76
J. H. Wilson, Trees 96.99

[volume 3 page 194]

2. That the North Arm Road South of Granville Street Bridge within the City Limits be repaired and gravelled provided the C. P. R. Co. pays half the cost thereof.
Sgd. G. S. McConnell

The following works were adopted by Council and included in the Board of Works Report on motion of Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman McConnell.
Richard St. 6′ sidewalk from Robson to Georgia
Gravel Crossing Homer to Hastings
Gravel Crossing Richard & Hastings
Gravel Crossing Seymour & Hastings
Gravel Crossing Howe & Hastings
Gravel Crossing Bank of BC
Seaton St. 3′ sidewalk on South Side Burrard to Webster’s and two crossings
Pender St. 8′ sidewalk South Side from Burrard to Howe & continue old sidewalk on Pender.
Burrard St, Gravel Pender to Eveleigh
Seymour St. Old Granville St. sidewalk put between Davie & Drake on West side.
Melville St. 2 ft. sidewalk & crossings
Burrard & Georgia Gravel crossings
Nelson St 2 ft. sidewalk & crossings
Georgia St 8′ sidewalk Granville to Rich
Granville St. 10′ sidewalk South 367 ft. & crossings
Barclay St 3′ sidewalk Burrard to Bute South Side also One Block & Crossing on North Side.
Burrard St. 10′ sidewalk from Georgia to School
Haro St. 2 plank sidewalk
Helmcken St. Grade Rich to Gran 20 ft. wide
Burrard & Dunsmuir, Box drains
Homer & Cordova Crossings
Robson, Grade full width one block
Granville 1000 feet sidewalk

to which add $34.00 for sidewalk
Total $3,454

[volume 3 page 195]

Ward 2
Lanes Blocks 34, 35, 36 & 57 in 541
Hastings St. Gravel Cambie to Abbott
Water St Gravel & Repair Abbott to Junction
Homer St. 2 plank walk
Recreation ground fence
Homer St. crossings at North end crossing Cordova St.
Total $1,109

Ward 3
Lane in Block 43, 196
Columbia Gravel Oppenheimer to Hastings
Lane in Block 9, Grade E & W
Block 52, Lower Sidewalk
Total $550

Ward 4
Lane Block 15, Dupont to Keefer, grade
Lane Block 4, Remove Stumps
Lane Block 72, Grade
Lane Block 11, 70, 71 plank 100 ft.
Prior St Drain plank & c to Gore
Keefer St. 3′ sidewalk West to Jackson South Side one block on North side
Jackson 6′ Walk Princess St North
Columbia Av gravel Hastings to Dupont
Hastings & Dunlevy Av crossings
Hastings Road Repaired
Total $1,050.00

Ward 5
Lansdowne Grade Westminster to Scotia
13th Av. Brushed out
11th Av. Brushed out
10th Av. Grade to Westminster Road
Quebec Grade to 13th to 15th
Quebec sidewalk
Total $648.00

Finance granted $7,000.00 to cover above work.

[volume 3 page 196]

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman McConnell. That the report of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Brighouse, seconded by Alderman Clark. That a By-Law be introduced to fix time and polling places and appoint Deputy Returning Officers for holding an election for Mayor and Alderman for the year 1890 and read a first time. Carried.

By-Law read a second time on motion of Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Horne.
The Council then went into Committee of the Whole with Alderman Clark in the Chair.

In Committee the By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported back to Council as complete with amendments. The By-Law was then read a third time and ordered to be signed, sealed and gazetted.


Moved by Alderman Clark, seconded by Alderman Horne. That the Auditor’s Reports and the By-Law appointing him be referred to the Finance Committee. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McConnell, seconded by Alderman Horne. That the City Engineer be instructed to have part of the lane in Block Six, District Lot 196 planked with old plank. Carried.

[volume 3 page 197]

Moved by Alderman McConnell, seconded by Alderman Costello. That His Worship appoint two Aldermen on the Police Committee to act in place of Aldermen Horne and Salsbury. Carried.
His Worship appointed Aldermen Costello and Whetham.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk