Lepers to be moved to Darcy Island – November 16, 1891

Vancouver’s share of the cost of the Darcy Island leprosy quarantine will be 2/7, Victoria’s will be 5/7. W.J. Hogg wrote to request that the Sunday Closing By-Law be enforced. D.J. McLean awarded contract for supplying waterproof overcoats for the police force at a cost of $9.00 each. License Inspector authorized to purchase dog tags for next year’s use.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 566-573

[Vol 4 page 566]

Vancouver Nov 16th 1891
The Council met on Monday November 16th 1891
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Carroll, Scoullar, Godfrey, Hobson, Wm Brown, McDowell, C.L. Brown and Doering.

The Minutes of last meetings were read and adopted.
The following communications were received and read:-
From Rand Bros. drawing attention to the condition of the drain in front of the Hotel Metropole.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From J.L. Franklin, Secretary to the City Band asking that the Council arrange re Bank practises in basement of the Market building.
Referred to Market Committee

From Dr. Bredemeyer asking the City to purchase his mineral collection.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From the Market Clerk furnishing weekly report.

From Drs. Bell-Irving and Thomas reporting on the Lepers.

Referred to Health Committee

From W.J. Hogg asking that the Sunday Closing By-Law be enforced.
Referred to Police Committee

From Andrew Engle claiming $500 for coming to Vancouver on the strength of a telegram re crematory.
Referred to Crematory Committee

[Volume 4 page 567]
From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From R.B. Taylor et al asking for a 4 ft sidewalk on 11th Av.
Referred to Board of Works.

From J. Gosse et al asking for a sidewalk on Lorne Street.
Referred to Board of Works.

From A.H.B. McGowan, asking for the grant to the reading room to be paid over.
Referred to Finance Committee

From H. Abbott stating that he was unable to attend the meeting re lepers.

From C. D. Rand Secretary to Gas Co withdrawing from sale the Gas Works.
Referred to committee having matter in hand.

The following Reports were received and read.


The Finance Committee met on Friday November 13th 1891. Present Aldermen Scoullar, Brown and Hobson. It was recommended:-
1. That the City Treasurer be authorized to deposit a cheque for $50 with the Customs House as a guarantee for the payment of the duty on the jaws of the rock crusher.

2. That the following accounts be paid:-
John McDowell Expenses to Victoria $24.00
A.W. Scoullar “ 24.00
sgd Wm Brown, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That the Report be adopted.

[Volume 4 page 568]

The Police Committee met on Tuesday November 10th 1891.
Present Aldermen Hobson (in the Chair) Carroll, Scoullar and C.L. Brown.
It was recommended:-
1. That D. J. McLean be awarded the contract for supplying the police force with water proof over coats as per sample 229A price $9.00 each and that the chief receive one same, as sample 18215 price $12.50.

2. That J. J. Bower be appointed Pound Keeper at a salary of $50.00 and fees.

3. That the following accounts be paid:-
H. Eligh Milk $1.70
Dr. Bell-Irving Medical Attendance 12.50
Hayes & McIntosh Meat 24.40
H. McDowell & Co Oil .25
J. P. Blake Bread 23.90
Daily Telegram Letter Heads 4.00

4. That the License Inspector be authorized to purchase dog tags for next year’s use and that nine buckets be purchased for Jail use.

5. That Smith and Kidd be allowed to use the lanes but not the streets for wood cutting purposes and that the be required to furnish a bond to the amount of $100.00 as a guarantee that they will leave no refuse after they get through.

6. That Tupper Thomson & Co’s application to use the corner of Abbott & Hastings St. as an express stand cannot be entertained as they are not licensed draymen.

7. That Champion and White and their Bondsmen be notified that the penalty set forth

[Volume 4 page 569]

in their bond will be enforced for failing to carry out the instructions of the Health Inspector as required under the Public Health By-Law and that their license be cancelled as per advice of the City Solicitor.
sgd D.G. Hobson
Acting Chairman

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Doering
That clause 7 be struck out.
Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Hobson
That the balance of the Report be adopted.
Water Works Committee

The Water Works Committee met on Tuesday November 10th 1891.
Present Aldermen Scoullar, Wm Brown and Templeton.

A communication was received from B.T. Rogers manager of the B.C. Sugar Refinery stating that his Company was entitled to free water from the 1st of August.

That Mr. Rogers be communicated with and informed that as the City in not yet in possession of the Water Works they cannot comply with his Request.

That the City Engineer be empowered to receive and take delivery on behalf of the City at the time money is paid over of the plant and property of the Water Works Co. as contained in the list handed in by the Company to the Arbitrators.

That Mr. Salsbury be requested to examine

[Volume 4 page 570]

into the accounts of the Water Works Co. since the 1st of August with a view of ascertaining the amount payable to the City.
sgd A.W. Scoullar
Moved by Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by “ C.L. Brown
That the report be adopted.
Special Committee re Lepers
To the Aldermen
City of Vancouver
The Special Committee appointed by this Council has the pleasure of meeting the deputation from the Council of the City of Victoria, consisting of Aldermen Holland, Renouf, and Munn (Sanitary Committee) and Alderman Robertson accompanied by Dr. Milne, Health officer and Joshua Davies Esq., President of the Jubilee Hospital Board.
Aldermen Gifford and Kennedy of New Westminster were also present at the meeting.
The Mayor welcomed the deputations and on behalf of this City thanked the Council for Victoria for the prompt and neighbourly manner in which it had acted in this matter.
After full discussing the question it was decided that the most desirable method would be for this City to erect the necessary building and provide the equipment and that the combined Cities should afterwards share the cost of the establishment each paying an equal shore of the cost of maintenance which in the present circumstance would be Victoria

[Volume 4 page 571]

two five sevenths and Vancouver two sevenths of the Whole amount.

Your Committee would respectfully put forth this proportion to the Council for its favorable consideration and acceptance.
Sgd. D Oppenheimer, Mayor
“ A.W. Scoullar
“ D.G. Hobson
“ J.T. Carroll
Moved by Alderman Wm. Brown.
Seconded by “ Scoullar
That the Report be adopted.

Moved by Alderman Wm. Brown
Seconded by “ Scoullar
That the Council endorses the proposals contained in the report of the Special Committee for the disposal of the two lepers now in this City and authorizes the Committee to carry out all the details in connection with their removal and domiciling on Darcy Island.

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by “ Hobson
That the names of the applicants for Police Magistrate be read.

Moved by Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by “ Doering
That his Worship the Mayor be requested to call a Special Meeting of the Council on Wednesday at 3 p.m. for the purpose of appointing a Police Magistrate for this City and that in the meantime the City Clerk be instructed to

[Volume 4 page 572]

receive all applications that may be presented to him for presentation to the Council.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Council proceed to ballot for the appointment.
Amendment lost, motion carried.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Doering
That the following accounts be paid:-
Wm Tierney Nelson St. grading $919.41
E. Myers Block 62 & 72. 541 Lanes $157.63
E.C. Britton Melville St 266.00
W.D. Hobson Homer St. 462.16
A.D. McDonald Box drains 389.74
W.G. Fraser Prior St 30.80
W.D. Hobson Lanes 24.5l8. 650.03
M. McIntyre 9th Av. 91.25
W.H. Kendall Rock 890.37
Vancouver Elec Ry & Light Co. Fares 10.00
McLennan & FcFeely Hardware 13.95
D. McGillivray Repairs 39.68
do Cambie St. Bridge 1950.00
Daily Telegram Letter Heads 9.50
John Telford Box drains 220.57
H. Lomas et al Labor 520.00
Van City Foundry Supplies 78.75
W.D. Hobson Granville St. Bridge 920.00

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the tenders for Slack Coal be opened.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the tenders be re

[Volume 4 page 573]

ferred to the Board of Health to examine into the qualities of the coal, and report to Council.
The Council then adjourned.
C.L. Brown
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk