Board of Works, Finance Committee debate fountain purchase – November 18, 1889

Board of Works recommends (and Finance Committee opposes) purchase of a fountain from New York at a cost of $763.00 Fire Brigade staff to be fined $2.50 for a first offense, $5.00 for a second offense, and dismissed for a third offense of: (1) Disobedience of Orders (2) Being in a State of Intoxication (3) Insolence in word or manner (4) Violent or coarse language or behaviour (5) Entering hotels or saloons while on duty or houses of ill fame, unless in the discharge of duty as a fireman.

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Margaret Sutherland and Joy Marie Vasquez

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 198-205

[volume 3 page 198]

Vancouver Nov 18th 1889
The Council met on Monday November 18th 1889.

Present His Worship, Mayor Oppenheimer and Aldermen Brewer, Clark, Costello, Horne, Mason, McConnell and Whetham. The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Johnny Fort Rupert applying for moiety in case of one Wm. Cook. Referred to Finance.

From Geo. F. Bodington, MD. rendering an account for $10.00. Referred to Finance.

From H. Abbott, agreeing to pay half the cost of gravelling and repairing the North Arm Road South of Granville St. Referred to Board of Works.

From E. H. Fletcher, P. O. Inspector, asking permission to locate certain P. O. Boxes. Filed.

From H. B. Gilmour et al asking for sidewalks on Nelson St. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Wm. Prentice, Local Secretary of the British Columbia Smelting Co. acknowledging the receipt of communication re Starting of Smelter. Referred to Finance Committee.

From John McLaren, Sgt of Police asking for winter uniforms for the force. Filed.

From D. B. Murray re payment for day work on Westminster Av. Referred to Board of Works.

[volume 3 page 199]

From J. H. Carlisle pressing upon the Committee the necessity of at once purchasing a team for the Fire Department. Filed.


Works No 32

The Board of Works met on Thursday Nov 14th 1889 and Monday Nov 18th 1889.
Present Aldermen Brighouse, Brewer, Horne, McConnell and Oppenheimer.
We beg to recommend:
1. That P. T. Johnston & Co’s offer to supply trees in lieu of cash retained by the Treasurer be accepted.
2. That Fountain No 52 be ordered from J. L. Mott, price F. O. B. New York $763.00.
3. That Messrs Boyd and Clandenning be allowed $81.00 for extras on Hastings St. east.
4. That there are no funds available for the construction of a concrete sidewalk on Cordova Street as petitioned for by Thos. Dunn & Co. et al.
5. That the freight duty and purchase money of the Sewer pipes be paid on arrival in order to obtain the discount.
6. That a rough shed and platform be erected for the construction of pipe joints and the storage of pipes and that cast iron boilers and a small furnace for heating the composition be placed therein.
7. That the City Engineer’s office be furnished with the Light

[volume 3 page 200]

8. That the following accounts be paid:
Malcolm McIntyre, Oak St. $146.66
Alfred Bunker, Keefer St. 229.61
D. J. McDonald, Prior St. 12.06
D. B. Murray, Westminster Av. 93.57
do et al do 191.62
P. Atkinson et al, Street Work 78.90

9. That the following tenders be accepted:
Keefer St. Sidewalk, McDonald & Barton
Lane in Block II do
Seaton St. Sidewalk do
10th Av. Grading D. Gibbons
11th Av. Grading H. Connacher
13th Av. Grading I. J. Bayly
Pender St. Sidewalk A. D. McDonald
Seymour St. do
Georgia St. James Barton

The City Engineer reports that a six ft. sidewalk from the end of the present sidewalk on Westminster Road to the North Arm Road would cost $144.00 and a three ft. one $84.00 with $25.00 extra in each case for clearing.
As said Sidewalk would be outside the City Limits we have referred the matter back to Council for its decision thereon.

The following tenders were received and read for the construction of the Sewers:
T. H. Matthews & Co Lump Sum $19,805.77
H. P. McCraney Lump Sum 21,194.14
C. T. Co. Piper Lump Sum 24,015.00
WR. E. Hill Lump Sum 24,472.71
Sgd. J. W. Horne, for Chairman

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Brewer. That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.

[volume 3 page 201]

Finance No 31

The Finance Committee met on Friday Nov 15th 1889.
Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Clark, Costello and Whetham.
We beg to report:

1. That we have examined into the charges made by the City Auditor in reference to burial certificates being issued without cash being paid on delivery and find that the City Clerk was justified under the circumstances for such issues in these particular cases.

2. That Thos. Andrews be allowed $25.00 for money in the case of one Morrison connected for supplying liquor to Indians.

3. That John Devine’s resignation as Auditor be accepted but that he be requested to finish his audit to the end of November.

4. That James D. Fraser’s communication asking for a return of his deposit be referred to the City Solicitor.

5. That Havelock Fyfe be paid to date of Notice of discharge in full settlement of his claim against the City for salary as Police Officers.

6. That John M. Stewart be allowed salary to date of Notice of discharge and that all amounts due the City from him be deducted therefrom.

7. That the question of the purchase of a fountain be further deferred.

8. That the following accounts be paid:

E. Shergold, Express hire .75
Revision of Voter’s List 90.00

Sgd. R. Clark, Chairman

[volume 3 page 202]

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Clark. That clauses 5 and 6, relating to the salaries of H. Fyfe and J. M. Stewart be eliminated from the report. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alderman Clark. That the balance of the Report be adopted. Carried.

F. W. & L. No 20
The Fire, Water & Light Committee met on Friday November 15th 1889.
Present Aldermen Brighouse, McConnell, Oppenheimer and Whetham.
We beg to recommend:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
R. Rutherford, Horse Hire $7.00
M. A. Harvey Horse Hire 27.00
I. Forbes, Blacksmithing 8.00
John McAllister Blacksmithing 6.75
John Scuitto, Supplies 20.75
F. W. Hart, Supplies 25.46
Abrams & McLean Supplies 8.85
W. L. Leonard, Hose Wagon 920.00
Tye & Co. Supplies 10.90
H. McDowell, Supplies 1.00
R. C. P. Mills Co. Supplies 18.20
J. H. Carlisle, Freight 5.79
A. Godfrey & Co. Supplies 1.45
A. O. Leach, Duty etc. 55.95
Jacob Sehl, Supplies 111.04
2. That Thos. Dunn & Co’s tender for the furnishing of blacksmith’s tools to the Fire Department be accepted on condition that an hundred pound anvil will be furnished. Contract price ($141.25)

[volume 3 page 203]

3. That the consideration of the purchase of Household Fire Extinguishers be deferred for the present.
4. That Stephen Menard of Lookinglass, Oregon be communicated with in reference to the purchase of a team of horses for the Fire Department.
5. That the following Rules be adopted in addition to those now in force, for the government of the Fire Department under the head of penalties.
Every Member of the Brigade will be liable to a fine of not more than $2.50 for the first offence $5.00 for the second offence, and dismissal for the third offence for any of the following offences:
(1) Disobedience of Orders (2) Being in a State of Intoxication (3) Insolence in word or manner (4) Violent or coarse language or behaviour (5) Entering hotels or saloons while on duty or houses of ill fame, unless in the discharge of duty as a fireman.
6. That Louis Eggert be discharged from the position of Fireman and that he be paid to date of discharge.
7. That the Telephone Co be communicated with asking them for the use of their poles for the fire alarm service on the following streets:
(1) Granville from Georgia to Drake
(2) Georgia from Granville to Bute; and
(3) Westminster Avenue from the Bridge to Seventh Av.
8. That 11 poles be erected along Bute Street from Georgia to Barclay, estimated cost $ each

[volume 3 page 204]

9. That the Vancouver Water Works Co be paid for hydrants giving a pressure of 80 lbs or over on all accounts rendered to date.
10. That the Engine in Fire Hall No One be moved into the hose house and that stalls be erected for the horses in rear thereof.
Sgd. G. S. McConnell for Chairman
Moved by Alderman Brewer, seconded by Alderman McConnell. That the Fire, Water & Light Report be adopted. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Costello. That fresh tenders be called for the construction of the Sewers such tenders to be received up to Thursday November 28th 1889. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Clark, seconded by Alderman Horne. That permission be granted to the P. O. Department to erect P. O. Boxes in locations mentioned in E. H. Fletcher’s communication. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McConnell, seconded by Alderman Mason. That the City Clerk call for tenders for the necessary Police Clothing. The same to be approved of by the Police Committee. Carried.

[volume 3 page 205]

Moved by Alderman McConnell, seconded by Alderman Brewer. That an application be made to Mr. Browning, Land Commissioner of the C. P. R. Co requesting him to grant to the Council the temporary use of a small piece of land on the Company’s Reserve opposite the South end of Abbott St. for the purpose of storing the sewer pipes and for the erection of a shed in which to make the composition joints, such piece of land not to exceed 150 feet square. Carried.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk