Robson Street railway permission repealed – November 19, 1894

Robson Street railway permission repealed – November 19, 1894

Permission given in 1893 for the Street Railway company to lay tracks on Robson Street was repealed*. Council was invited to attend the opening ceremonies for St. Paul’s Hospital. A three plank walk wanted by the Board of Works was disallowed by the rest of Council. The walk would have gone across Bridge Street (now part of Main Street at Terminal) to Ninth (now Broadway), then along Broadway to Ontario Street.

*Though a Street Railway was eventually put on Robson Street, as shown in this photo from 1901*

This transcript was made in 2020 by Transcribimus volunteer  Gerald Soon

City of Vancouver Archives 371-563
BC Electric Railway Car No 26 Robson St-Park, 1901

City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 305 – 318
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[Volume 6 page] 305

Vancouver November 19th 1894

The Council met on Monday November 19th 1894 at 8 P.M.
Present – His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Salsbury, Queen, McDowell, McPhaiden, McCraney, Wm Brown, Franklin, Bethune, and C.L. Brown.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

From John Wolf asking for credit on his license. Filed

From Wm Brand, Secretary of the City Band asking if A.M. Beattie was obliged to furnish light to the Band room under the terms of his lease.
Referred to the Police Committee & City Solicitor

From J.Z. Hall asking that the water be drained off lots 23 & 24 Block 10.200a
Referred to the Board of Works

From Evans, Coleman & Evans warning the City not to pay any monies to Messrs Purdy & Williams until their assignment is satisfied.
Referred to the Water Committee

From the Rev. H.G. F. Clinton inviting the Mayor and Council to a Musical and Dramatical Concert to be held in St. James hall on Thanksgiving Day and enclosing 12 complimentary tickets.
Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ C.L. Brown
That the invitation be accepted with thanks. Carried.

[Volume 6 page] 306
From Rev Father Eummelen inviting the Mayor and Council to be present at the opening Ceremonies at St. Paul’s Hospital on Thursday the 22nd next at 2:30 P.M.
Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Queen
That the invitation be accepted. Carried

From Lord Aberdeen thanking the Mayor, Council and Citizens for the many manifestations of loyal welcome extended to him while in Vancouver. Filed.

From John McLaren furnishing report on the electric lights. Filed.

From R.W. Armstrong asking for the use of the City Hall on the 31st proximo for holding a Court of Revision on the Dominion Voter’s List
Moved by Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by “ McDowell
That his request be granted. Carried.

From W.B. Ross asking for compensation for being injured at the Cosmopolitan Corner
Referred to the City Clerk.

From W.C. Archer asking for compensation for loss of revenue through change of grade on Westminster Avenue.
Referred to the Board of Works.

[Volume 6 page] 307

The following Reports were received and read:-

Board of Works
The Board of Works met on the 15th next
Present – Aldermen McCraney, C.L. Brown, Queen and Shaw

Dr. Philpotts appeared before the Board, asking for an entrance to be made to his premises.
Referred to the Officer in Charge of the Chaingang to make a road sufficient to get in a team; also to clean out the ditch on Georgia Street.

At the request of Mr. McGeer it was resolved to instruct the Street Inspector to fix up 12th Av in front of Mr McGeer’s premises and to put down a one plank walk.

From C. Dogerty asking for a two plank walk over Barnard St. east of Vernon St.
Referred to the Street Inspector to give him some old plank. Mr. Dogerty to put them down himself.

From Geo Martin asking that the alley between Davie and Burnaby Streets from Thurlow to Bute Street be graded.
Referred to the Chain gang for attention

A petition of property owners in Block 54.200a, asking to have the lane graded was also referred to the Chain Gang.
In reference to the bond to be given by Mr. Miller re cement tile sidewalk it was decided to have

[Volume 6 page] 308

Same dated 18th October 1894, the year’s guarantee to date from that date.

From W. Smith & Sons submitting cuts and prices for horse scrapers.
Resolved that a one horse scraper be purchased for use on the streets.

From Len Robjohn’s etal asking for a sewer from Burrard to Bute
Resolved that the petitioners be informed that the Board has no funds for the purpose.

From A. Calori asking that the Streets in front of his premises the Hotel Europe be fixed up
Referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

From H.Hackett etal asking that the lane in Block 34.541 be macadamized
Referred to the Street Inspector

From the City Solicitor and the Street Inspector on the excavation corner Pender and Seymour Streets
Resolved that the Street Inspector be instructed to have the sidewalk replaced to its proper position on Seymour Street.

From Geo Martin asking that the sidewalk be raised in front of Lot 30.Block 2,200a and the approach filled in
Referred to the Street Inspector for attention

[Volume 6 page] 309

The petition for the grading of Robson Street, the City Solicitors letter relating to the extension of the Street Railway on that street and Messrs Gorden, Hermans and Burwell’s letter on the same subject were all read and discussed.
That the matter be laid over as this Board has no funds to grade Robson Street at present.

From Messrs McLennan & McFeely complaining of broken planks in lane at back of their store and asking that the lane be fixed
Referred to the Street Inspector for immediate attention

From W.H. Kendall offering a shipment of Jaws etc for the crusher to the City at cost viz £ 58.15.2
Resolved that Dr Kendall be notified that the matter has been referred to the present contractor and that he had better communication with him.

From A.H. Hatch etal asking for a watering trough at Mount Pleasant.
Referred to the City Engineer to get price for one and report

That any men collecting and breaking up boulders and stones from the Streets fit for macadamizing purposes will if same are

[Volume 6 page 310]

conveniently and properly filed be paid for same at the rate of $1.22 per cubic yard.

Resolved that the Chairman of the Fire and Light Committee be requested to arrange to have the fire teams take the Chain gang out to their work.

That the following work be recommended to be done,
(1) Manitoba Street grading from Lorne to Lansdown
(2) Columbia Street, grading from Lorne Street, Southerly about 310 feet thence along Landsdowne St. to give access to Mr. Battison’s house,
(3) 3 plank sidewalk from the Bridge along Bridge Street to Ninth Avenue and thence along Ninth Avenue to Ontario Street 4200 feet more or less.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
McLennan & McFeely Supplies √ $9.85
Hastings Mill Store Supplies √ 3.63
Creamer & Langley “ √ .35
S.S. Clyde √ 2.50
D. McGillivray Paving 638.22
F. Filion Supplies √ 1.50
Thos. Dunn & Co. “ √ 64.74
W.S. Cook, Delivering Crushed rock. 373.85
A.E.E. Clark “ “ 1014.55
D.G. Morgan etal Labor 579.40

Resolved that the account of Messrs Leamy and Kyle amounting to $533.06 be passed and apportioned as advised by the City Solicitor

[Volume 6 page] 311

The Board then adjourned
Sgd H.P. McCraney

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by “ C.L. Brown
That the Report be adopted

Moved in amendment by Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by Alderman McDowell.
That the Clause in relation to the laying of a sidewalk on Bridge Street be struck out;
Amendment carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Salsbury
That the Report as amended be adopted. Carried.

Police Committee
The Police Committee met on Friday November 19th 1894.
Present – the full Board

From John L. Carter applying for a position on the Police Force.
Filed for reference.

From Robert Barker complaining about the destruction of property on Vacant houses in the vicinity of Drake Street.
Referred to the Chief of Police for attention

From E.H. Downing asking for the refund of a certain portion of the License paid by him

[Volume 6 page 312]

for plumbing purposes.
Laid over to be considered when he is in a position to claim it under the terms of the amendments to the Trades License By-Law.

From P.W. Kennedy claiming $12.50 surety for the arrest and conviction of an Indian found drunk, with whisky in his possession
Referred to the City Solicitor to look up the law on the subject

From W.B. Ross asking to be protected against certain annoyances when walking on the streets.
That he be requested to give the names of the parties who annoy him.

Resolved that the Chief of Police be authorized to purchases 12 pairs of blankets for the City Jail.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
James Carnahan Scavengering √$2.00
D.J. Campbell. Supplies 36.70
Thos Dunn & Co. “ √ 1.60
G.W. Hutchings Repairs √ 3.00
H.E. Langis Medical Attendance √ 8.00
Michael Carriere Scavengering √ 4.00
Johnston Kerfoot & Co. Supplies √ 191.00
W.A. McIntosh & Co “ √ 23.40
sgd C.L. Brown

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Salsbury
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

[Volume 6 page] 313

Health Committee
The Health Committee met on Friday November 16th 1894
Present – the full Board

The following accounts were recommended for payment
Union S.S. Co. Fare √ $2.00
Evans, Coleman & Evans. Supplies 8.00
B.C.M.T.& T. Co “ √ 1.94
Wm Ralph “ √ 3.35
McIntosh & Co “ √ 68.64
City of Victoria Keep of Lepers √ 32.43
F. Filion Supplies √ 6.77
W.S. Gamble Acting Plumbing Inspector √ 30.00
Crowder & White Drayage √ 5.00
Pioneer Steam Laundry Washing √ 89.86
C.S. Phelp Supplies √ 23.90
McLennan & McFeely “ √ 1.50
N. Laundry “ √ 5.00
F. Filion “ √ 1.48
Crowder & Penzer “ 10.90
Dr. Johnston Medical Attendance √ 5.00
M.S. Rose Supplies √ 2.00
Henry Collins “ √ 8.78
Wm Ralph “ √ 10.65
Evans, Coleman & Evans “ √ 7.00
City Printing Works “ √ 12.00
F. Filion “ √ 99.06
R.H. Caswell. Milk Testing 27.50
J.C. Douglas Supplies √ 24.50
Van Gas Co. Rent √ 2.05

[Volume 6 page] 314

G.H. Wilson Supplies √ $4.90
Evans, Coleman & Evans “ √ 7.00
Henry Collins “ √ 12.05
D.J. Campbell “ 30.65
W.H. DeBoer “ √ 67.63
B.C. M. T. & T. Co “ √ 44.33
Weeks & Robson “ √ 5.75
Thos Dunn & Co. “ √ 3.05
J.K. Davis Glazing √ 3.75

From John Wolf asking for a share of the Citys scavengering. Filed

From M.C. McLean secretary of the Ratepayers Protective Association asking if the passage of the Milk Vendors By-Law would increase the City’s expenses and if it would necessitate an increase of the City Officials.
That he be informed that the City’s expenses will be increased and an additional of one man made to the City Staff.

From C. Slade etal and E. Myers asking for permission to cut timber on the Cemetary grounds.
Referred to the City Engineer to stake off the grounds in acre plits giving an equal frontage on the North Arm Road.

From John Brenton and R.H. Caswell submitting reports on the Milk Tests made. Filed.

From Johnson Gibbins V.S. asking for the preference of appointment in connection with the inspection of cattle. Filed

[Volume 6 page] 315

From Miss Macfie furnishing monthly report. Filed

From J.R. Anderson, Statistician, stating that the Government was quite agreeable to Mr. Hicking bottom locating in Vancouver Filed.

That the sum of $1000 be placed in the hands of the Chief of Police to be applied towards assisting Mrs McHugh and her three children to purchase a passage to Cleveland.
Sgd John McDowell

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Salsbury
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday November 16th 1894.
Present – the full Board

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
News.Advertiser Ads $355.80
The World P & P Co. “ 357.40
McLennan & McFeely Supplies √ 4.90
City Printing Works “ √ 21.55
G.F. Baldwin Disbursements 12.00
H.Kersey Repair √ 3.00

From John Tellers asking if the purchaser’s Title for lots purchased at the tax sale where the property stands in the name of the Government is subject to the 2nd & 3rd instalments due.
That he be informed that the terms and conditions will be made known on the day of sale.

From J. Dixon, Secretary of the Licensed Victuallers asking that the License on Billiard and Pool Tables be reduced from $20.00 to $10.00
Referred to the incoming Council for consideration.

That the sum of $7483.71 be paid over from the sum of $38,260.63 now on special deposit in the Bank and placed to the credit of the revenue Account.
sgd W.F. Salsbury

Moved by Alderman Wm Brown.
Seconded by ‘ Franklin
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

Fire & Light Committee

The Fire & Light Committee met on Monday November 19th 1894
Present – the full Board
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Welsh Bros. Supplies √ $176.23
Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg Co. Supplies 55.75
D. Wilson “ √3.20
Crowder & Penzer “ √ 14.47
James Carnahan Scavengering √ 1.00
Thos. Dunn & Co. Supplies √.55
B.C.M.T. & T. Co. “ √ 2.79

[Volume 6 page] 317

Wm Hamilton Mfg Co. Supplies √ .50 cts
F. Filion “ √ $.7.61
McLennan & McFeely “ √ 2.21
B.C. Iron Works Co. “ √ 26.21
Wm Ralph “ √ 11.30
Thos Dunn & Co “ √46.16
Van Elec Ry & L. Co Lights √ 1806.00
Sgd J.L. Franklin
Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report be adopted.

Moved by Alderman McDowell.
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to sign the two late petitions addressed to the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia praying that the leave be granted to amend the City Charter and that all clauses in the Municipalities Act relating to Vancouver be repealed. Carried.

Moved Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by “ McCraney
That the Pay Roll of the Water Works employees amounting to $397.50 and up to Noon 12th be passed and payed subject to the approval of the Water Works Committee. Carried.

[Volume 6 page] 318

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the resolution of the Board of Works of May 11th 1893 and approved at the following meeting of Council giving authorization to the Street Railway Company to lay a track on Robson Street be and is hereby rescinded. Carried.
Yeas. Aldermen Queen, McDowell, McPhaiden, McCraney, Wm Brown, Franklin and Bethune.
Nays Aldermen Salsbury, Shaw & C.L. Brown.

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Queen
That in order that the dismissal of the Assistant City Engineer be placed on the same footing as that of the Street Inspector be it resolved that he be paid to the end of this month. Carried.

The Council then adjourned.

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk

R.A. Anderson