Linton’s Cabins Rebuilt – November 22, 1897

Vancouver City Wharf 1897

The Health Inspector reported Mr. Linton has rebuilt cabins in place of those torn down. Photo shows Mr. Linton’s yachts near the City Wharf. The finance committee authorized the $2.00 purchase of a Star Automatic Paper Fasteners (early model of stapler). The Trades By-Law was amended.

This transcript was made in 2021 by Transcribimus volunteer Joanne McCormick

Original handwritten minutes: City of Vancouver Archives
COV S-31, Volume 8, pages 73-77

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[Volume 8, Page 73]

The Council met on Monday November 22nd 1897

Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Townley, Painter, Neelands, McQueen, McPhaiden, Brown, W.S. MacDonald, D.G. McDonald and Bethune. The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From the Clerk of North Vancouver holding the City responsible for damages to {the North Vancouver} wharf caused by the landing of water pipes.
Referred to the City Engineer.

From W. T. Seymour Wells asking for the return of Auctioneer’s License Fee as he only held one sale {and forced to leave the province due to ill health}.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Webster Brothers, complaining about sewage matter running under their premises from the stables of Robert Barker & Co.
Referred to the Health Committee.

From Emil Morf quoting rates for engraving a map of the Klondike.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Charles Woodward enclosing sample copies of circulars showing how he has been advertising Vancouver as an outfitting point for the Klondike.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

[Volume 8, page 74]

The following Reports were received and read:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday November 19th 1897.
Present: Aldermen McQueen, Brown and Bethune

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
Evans, Coleman & Evans supplies $9.50
News, Advertiser supplies $19.00


From the Secretary of the Board of Trade enclosing resolutions in relation to advertising the Klondike.

From the World P&P Co., asking the City to subscribe for copies of their Klondike addition (sic). Laid over.

From W.P. Turner quoting figures for engraving a Klondike map.

From the City Auditor furnishing Report for October.

From the Minister of Agriculture stating that the Government could not reconsider its decision in relation to the Lepers on D’Arcy Island.
Referred to the Chairman and City Solicitor to draft a reply.

Resolved that one of the Star Automatic Paper Fastners (sic) be purchased for the Civic Officer for the sum of $2.00.

antique Star Paper fastener

Resolved that 40,000 copies of the Klondike pamphlet be printed as approved by the Board.

Signed James McQueen,

[Volume 8, page 75]

Moved by Alderman McQueen;
Seconded by Alderman Bethune
That the Report be adopted.

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday November 17th 1897
Present: the full Board

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
W.J. McGuigan inquest $10.00
Round & Edgerton cemetery fence $134.90
James Stark supplies $20.55
Dr. A. Poole medical evidence $5.00
C.S. Philp supplies $19.08
News, Advertiser supplies $8.00
McDonell & Co supplies $64.87
Cleeve Canning Co supplies $6.75
Weeks & Robson supplies $17.00
H.E. Langis medical evidence $5.00
BCMT & T Co supplies $19.68
J. Dodson supplies $22.10
Pioneer Steam Laundry washing $69.75
Crowder & Penzer supplies $5.17
J.W. Mallory report $3.00
Vancouver Gas Co supplies $.75
Evans, Coleman & Evans supplies $11.77
Clarke & Stuart supplies $4.80
J.E. Barwick supplies $2.00
City Grocery Co supplies $89.93
G.A. Roedde supplies $56.00
J.C. Woodrow supplies $58.76
J. Carnahan supplies $6.00
BC Iron Works Co supplies $22.50
J. Stevens & son supplies $13.65
E. Clough express hire $.50


From the Health Inspector reporting that a Mr. Linton had erected new cabins on Lot 1 , Block 6, O.G.T. in place of those torn down.

[Volume 8, page 76]

Referred to the City Solicitor to instruct the Health Inspector as to the necessary steps to take.

Resolved that the Chairman of the Board be authorized to interview the Caretaker of the Crematory with a view of having him keep the brick work in the Crematory in ordinary repair along with his other duties.

Signed D. McPhaiden,

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden;
Seconded by Alderman W.S. MacDonald
That the item in relation to the payment of $3.00 to J. W. Mallory be struck out and the balance of the Report adopted.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen;
Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
That the Rules be suspended to allow of the introduction of a By-Law to amend the Trade License By-Law.

The By-Law was accordingly introduced and read a first time.


Moved by Alderman McQueen;
Seconded by Alderman Bethune
That Alderman McPhaiden be appointed to act on the Committees represented by Alderman Clandening during the absence of Alderman Clandening.

Moved by Alderman Brown;
Seconded by Alderman W.S. MacDonald

That the men who have been employed repairing the break on the water works pipe on the north side of …

[Volume 8, page 77]

…. Of the Inlet be paid by the Treasurer for the time they have been at work on presenting their accounts properly certified.

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen;
Seconded by Alderman Painter
That the Rules be again be again (sic) suspended to allow of the Second Reading of the By-Law to amend the Trades License By-Law.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 2nd time.

Moved by Alderman McQueen;
Seconded by Alderman Bethune
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for its consideration.

Alderman McQueen was appointed Chairman.

The By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported to Council as complete.

The Rules were again suspended and the By-Law read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman McQueen, Seconded by Alderman Bethune.

The Council then adjourned.

Thomas Francis McGuigan
City Clerk

W. Templeton


Comments in parenthesis { } denote further illumination provided by the writer and from The Vancouver Daily World Newspaper; City Council, November 23rd 1897, pg 3