Vancouver Fire Hydrants to be made locally – November 28, 1892

Vancouver Council agreed to buy fire hydrants and valves from the B. C. Iron Works. R. A. Muskett requested a road be built to his house on Fairview. Former Mayor and current policeman Malcolm MacLean to be furnished with an overcoat uniform with the others.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 5 pages 221-228

[vol 5 pg 221]
Vancouver November 28th 1892.

A special general meeting of the Council was held on Monday November 28th 1892 at 4 p.m.
Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Collins Scoullar, McGuigan, McCraney, Odlum, Franklin, and Gavin.
The following communications were received and read:-
From the Hastings Saw Mill Co asking for payment for planking Dunlevy Av.
Referred to the Board of Works.
From E. B. Morgan etal asking for a six foot sidewalk on Comix Street from Burrard to Thurlow.
Referred to the Board of Works.
From W. J. Brewer complaining about the Street Lights
Referred to the F. W + L. Committee
From H. B. Turner, asking that crossings taken up on Westminster Av be replaced.
Referred to the Board of Works
From C. D. Rand Secretary to the Improvement Co. asking the City to reconvey a portion of two lots in Block 48. Subdivision 181.
Referred to the Finance Committee and City Solicitor

From A. L. Lowell Indian Superintendent giving the number of acres required by the City on Capilano Creek, and fixing the price for same.
Referred to the F. W. + L. Committee
From the B. C. Iron Works stating that they would make hydrants and valves at the same rate, as the City are paying to Eastern firms laid down here, and guaranteeing an equally good article.
Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by ” Scoullar
That the B. C. Iron Works get the order for making valves and hydrants provided they give a guarantee that they shall be equal to those now on hand, and at the same price.
From Mrs. A. E. Webster, asking that Alexandra Hospital be supplied with City Water.
Referred to the Water Works Department

[volume 5 page 222]

From Chipman, Morgan + Co asking for a bonus of $200,000 in aid of the construction of a Dry Dock.
Referred to the Finance Committee
From W. H. May etal, asking for water on Lansdowne Street.
Referred to the F. W.+L. Committee

From J. S. Povab, asking to be refunded $18.50 paid out by him for clothes etc purchased to replace those destroyed by order of the Health Inspector.
Referred to the Health Committee
From John McLaren reporting on the Electric Lights.
From Joseph Huntly asking for an investigation into charges alleged to have been preferred against him by certain Aldermen.
His Worship appointed Aldermen Collins McCraney and Anderson, as a Committee to investigate, and report.

From E. V. Good asking for the position of nurse.
Referred to the Board of Health

From the City Solicitor stating that the case of the C. P. R. Co vs the City re Gore Av would come upon appeal before the full court at Victoria on the 12th of September.
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by ” Franklin
That the City Solicitor be instructed to defend.

The following Reports were received and read

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday September 24th 1892.
Present Aldermen McCraney, Gavin, Franklin and Scoullar.
It was recommended:-

[volume 5 page 223]

1 That the Street Inspector be notified to have the logs removed from the lane in Block 16.200 A, and notify Messrs Brunton and McLean to remove the stones +c placed there by them.

2 That the City Solicitor be instructed to send in his report on matters referred to him by this Board, by Thursday next.

3 That the following accounts be paid:-
Evans, Coleman + Evans, Sewer pipes $222.03
H. Lomas etal, Labor. $263.30

4 That the communication from R. A. Muskett asking for a road to his house on Fairview be filed with other petitions.

5 That the Communication from McQuarrie + Co in the sewers be referred to the City Engineer to reply to.

6 That the communication from T. O. Townley re drain on Seaton Street be referred to the Health Inspector.

7 That the Street Inspector be instructed to see if he cannot get some stone clippings to make a bottom for crushed rock for Hastings Street + Raymour Av. [sic]

8 That the communication from Williams Bros re a sidewalk roadway through Blocks 86 + 93 264A be laid over as there are no funds.

9 That the Street Inspector be instructed to give Norman McLean and others old plank for a sidewalk on 5th Av if he can spare them.

10 That the City Engineer be instructed to inform John McKenzie, Dominion Government Agent how matters stand between the City and Dr Kendall in respect to the quarry on the North Arm.
sgd H. P. McCraney
Moved by McCraney
Seconded by Collins
That the clause

[volume 5 page 224]

in the report in the lane in Block 16, 200A be referred back to the Committee, and that the balance be adopted.
Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee met on Friday November 25th 1892.

Present Aldermen Anderson, Collins, Odlum and McGuigan.
The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

It was recommended:-
1 That the resolution re the B. C. Cooperage and Jute Co. be referred back to the Council without modification.

2 That S. L. Twigg be refunded $7.00 paid twice by him for taxes in 1890.

3 That the following accounts be paid :-
S James Special Audit $275.00
C. P. R. Co Rent of Recreation Grounds 25.00
W. B. Fisher Clerical Work 60.00
The World P. + P. Co Paper 10.00
Bank of B. C. Insurance etc on Bonds 307.85

4 That the City Solicitor be instructed to draw up an Agreement for the engagement of a Solicitor a fixed salary of $2500. a year.

5 That a Charter Committee consisting of Alderman Anderson, Collins, McGuigan, McCraney and Odlum to consider necessary amendments to the City Charter.

6 That a Communication from the B. C. Mills Timber and Tradition Co asking for a uniform assessment and uniform water rates for all manufacturing industries be filed.

The City Auditor sent in a report stating that he had audited the Tax Books and found same corrected; also stating that the tax books should in audited in future before the Notices are sent out.
sgd R. A. Anderson
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by ” Odlum
That Alderman Franklin’s name be substituted for that of Alderman Odlum on the Charter Committee.
Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by ” Odlum
That the clause re the B. C. Jute Co be laid over for one week.
Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by ” Odlum
That the balance of the Report be adopted
Police Committee.

The Police Committee met on Tuesday November 15th 1892. Present Aldermen Collins, Odlum and McCraney. It was recommended:-
1 That L. L. Black and others who petitioned against a Chinese wash house on Seymour Street be requested to give such information to the Police as will establish the fact that the place complained of is a public nuisance.

2 That the City Clerk be instructed to correspond with J. F. Clark of Toronto to ascertain if J. C. Irvin is his agent there, and whether the statements made by said agent are borne out by facts.

3 That Malcolm McLean be furnished with an overcoat to be made by the same party who made the other overcoats.

4 That the Chairman of the Police Committee be authorized to purchase twelve pairs of gray blankets for the use of the jail.

[volume 5, page 226]

5 That the following accounts be paid:-
Van Gurney Cab Co. Rigs $3.50
J. H. Gurney Ry fares 9.00
J. McLaren ” 2.00
Daily Telegram, Supplies 8.00
W. A. McIntosh ” 54.44
Thos Dunn + Co ” .65
Tilley + Son ” 1.00
Thos Dunn + Co ” 1.00
W. C. Marshall drayage .50
Atkins + Atkins supplies 2.00
G. L. Allan ” 2.25
R. V. Winch ” 14.45
J. P. Blake ” 12.80
Ideal Grocery ” 43.52
sgd Henry Collins
Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by ” Odlum
That the Report be adopted

F. W. + L. Committee
The F. W + L. Committee met on Friday November 25th 1892.
Present Aldermen Franklin, Scoullar and McGuigan.
It was recommended:-
1 That the following accounts be paid:-
G. L. Wilson Supplies $35.75
Thos Stephenson, Refund 1.00
Geo Erwin. Lunches 3.25
W. P. Turner etal. Labor 1263.80
J. M. Thomas, etal ” 611.60
Ernest Buse, Lumber 49.03
W. S. Westcott, Laying Main 1275.55
Veitch + Mickson, ” pipes 914.18
Palmer Bros. Supplies 25.20
Gutta Percha + Rubber Co. ” 18.00
Shelton + Co. ” 20.75
Telephone Co. 6.20
Ideal Grocery. Supplies 22.80
Godfrey + Blowey ” 54.65

[volume 5 page 227]

G. A. Fraser + Co. Supplies $12.30
Thomson Bros. ” .85
Atkins + Atkins ” 4.25
Alex Gartshore hydrants 3607.50
Ideal Grocery Supplies 245.74
B. C. Cattle Co ” 9.00

2 That Fire Hall No one be insured in the Guardian Assurance Co through W. E. Gravely Agent for one year to the amount of $250000 premium $100.

3 That S. K. Twigg who wishes the City to buy or lease his lot on Hastings Street next to the water works lots be informed that said lot is not required by the City and that the City Engineer be instructed to remove all material on said lot to the fire hall lots on Oppenheimer Street.

4 That C. L. Brown who petitioned for water on 10th Av west of Westminster Av be informed that the matter is being attended to.

5. That E. J. Peck who petitioned for more light for the Baptist Church be informed that as the Church stands in the center of four lights that the Committee cannot see its way

6 That the communication from the City Engineer advising the construction of a reservoir on the South Side of the First Narrows be deferred to the new council with his other report in reference to the tunnel.

7. That John Smalley’s salary be increased to $55.00 per month, dating from November 1st he having been promotion to the position of driver in the fire department.

8 That tenders be invited for brass work and that the City Engineer be instructed to get such valves, and hydrants as may be necessary at the contract price.

[volume 5 page 228]

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by ” Franklin
That the report be adopted.

The Council then adjourned.

F. Cope
Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk