G.A. Jordan new Police Magistrate – November 30 1891

G.A. Jordan elected Police Magistrate. Matron “not to admit D.T. patients*” to the city jail. City scavengers must dump all watery matter into manholes using proper chutes from the carts into the manholes. The City to apply to the Government (of BC) to use English Bay between Gilford and Bidwell Streets for bathing purposes, and to build bath houses and other “bathing conveniences”.

*(Delirium tremens (DTs) is a rapid onset of confusion, shaking, sweating, and rapid heart rate, usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol)

This transcript was made in 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Donna Kynaston
and sponsored by Shirley Barnett

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 535-542

Vancouver, November 30, 1891
Vol. 4, pg. 584

The Council met on Monday, November 30, 1891.

Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen, Brighouse, Carroll, Scoullar, Godfrey, Hobson, Templeton, Wm. Brown, McDowell and C.L. Brown.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and read:

From Alfred Barnes et al requesting that the sidewalk on Water Street be replaced.
Referred to Board of Works
From Baker Bros. on the same subject.
Referred to Board of Works
From E.C. Caldwell asking for the grading of the lane in Block 87.196.
Referred to Board of Works
From Wm. Cargill, Secretary to N.S.S. Co. asking what steps the Council are taking towards the settlement of the wharf rent.
Referred to Board of Health
From John McLaren reporting on the electric lights.
From the Market Clerk reporting on the receipts.
From Smith and Kidd asking for permission to cut wood on the streets.
Referred to Board of Works
From F.J. Hart and other asking for a sidewalk on 11th Avenue.
Referred to Board of Works

Vol. 4, pg. 585

From S.W. Welsh et al asking for a sidewalk in front of the New Baptist Church on Mt. Pleasant.
Referred to Board of Works

The following Reports were received and read:

The Police Committee met on Tuesday, November 24th, 1891.
Present: Aldermen McDowell, Scoullar, Hobson and Carroll.
It was recommended:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
John Sciutto, Supplies $44.65
M.G. McLeod, Ry. Fares 2.50
D.J. McLean, Overcoats 102.50
T.R. Morrow, Supplies 2.64
Wm. Moresby, Boarding prisoners 153.00

2. That W.J. Hogg, Secretary to the Royal Templars of Temperance, be informed that the Council has not the power to enforce the Sunday closing clause of the liquor licence By-Law same having been declared ultra vires.
Signed John McDowell, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Report be adopted.

F.W. & L.

The F.W. & L. Committee met on Friday November 27th and Monday November 30th 1891.
Present: Aldermen Templeton, Godfrey and Wm. Brown.

It was recommended:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
Crowder & Penzer, Supplies $ 78.31
Palmer Bros. Supplies 27.90
W.J. McBride, Supplies 95.54

Vol. 4, pg. 586

Van Elec Ry & Light Co., Lights 1,333.61
Gutta Percha Rubber Co., Hose 1,100.50
Gurney Cab Co., Fares 4.50
J.M. O’Toole, Supplies 5.96
H.P. Dunn & Co., Supplies 255.61
T. Forbes, Horse shoeing 2.00
G.H. Bagby, Horse shoeing 2.00
C.M. Hawley, Supplies 11.00
Fraser & Co., Supplies 4.40

2. That the application of the Standard Oil Co. to erect a store house for oil near the North end of Carl Av be granted in terms of their letter to Council.
Signed Wm. Templeton, Chairman

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the Report be adopted.

The Finance Committee met on Friday, November 27, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Brown, Carroll, Hobson and Scoullar.

It was recommended:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
W.E. Gravely Insurance Fire Hall #1 $100.00
T.O. Townley, Registration of Deed 3.40
Tye & Co., Glass 1.25
J.W. Robinson, Salary as Assessor 268.00
J.M. Fox, “ 254.00
Palmer Bros., Coal 21.00
Fox & Robinson, Disbursements 5.35

2. That Fire Hall #1 be reinsured for one year in the Citizens Insurance Co. For $2500.00.

3. That Trueman and Caples Communication…

Vol. 4, pg. 587

…asking for a grant from Council be filed.

4. That the Communication from Mrs. A.E. Webster asking for an advance on account of the Alexandra Hospital appropriation be referred to the City Engineer.

5. That the resignation of John Leask as City Auditor be accepted, to take effect at the end of the year, and that in the meantime Stanley James be appointed to perform his duties, as requested by him.

A Communication was received from His Worship the Mayor advising the Council to erect an addition to the City Hall to provide room for Water Works operations.
Referred to the City Engineer
Signed W. Brown, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by Alderman C.L. Brown
That the report be adopted.


The Board of Works met on Thursday, November 26th 1891.
Present: Aldermen Templeton (in the Chair), Wm. Brown and C.L. Brown

It was recommended:
1. That application be made and a plan prepared and forwarded on behalf of the City to the Government for permission to erect public bathing houses and other bathing conveniences and the right to use that portion of English Bay between Gilford and Bidwell Streets, and this Board does further recommend to the incoming Council the advisability of providing proper facilities and suitable means of access to the said Beach on English Bay.

Vol. 4, pg. 588

2. That tenders be called for the construction of a box drain on Cambie Street to connect with existing box drain.
3. That a temporary sidewalk be put down on Heatley Avenue from Hastings to Harris Street and a 6 ft sidewalk on the West side of Carl Av from Princess to Keefer.
4. That the slashing and burning of 2½ acres in the East End Park at $150.00 per acre as arranged by Mr. Lawson be paid to the Sureties for the McDonald & Barton contract.
5. That the Communication from J.M. Browning re the improvement of 7th and 8th avs be referred to the City Engineer to examine and report upon.
6. That the following accounts be paid:
A.B. Diplock, Stationery $ 5.50
Wm. Archibald, Princess Street 126.14
S. Beaumont, Burnaby Street 140.62
D. Gibbons, Lane 13.05
W.S. Cook, Davie Street 758.46
Matheson & Hayden, East End Park 240.00
J.B. Lovell, Sidewalk 17.25
Wm. Blair, “ 47.24
Thomas et al, Payroll 411.65

Signed Wm. Templeton, Acting Chairman
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Carroll
That the report be adopted.


The Health Committee met on Thursday November 24th and Monday November 30th 1891.
Present Ald. McDowell, Templeton and Scoullar.

Vol. 4, pg. 589

Alderman McDowell was appointed Chairman pro tem.
Tenders were received from Connor and Glennon and Wm. Leck for putting a heating apparatus in the wing of the City Hospital, their prices being $2497.00 and $1670.00 respectively.
Referred to the City Engineer to examine and report.

It was recommended:
1. That the Health Inspector be instructed to direct the City Scavengers to dump all watery matter in the manholes, one or two only to be used, and to be as near the outlet as possible and that he provide proper chutes to receive the liquid from the carts.
2. That the Committee is of the opinion that the City Jail is not the proper place for D.T. Patients and that in future the matron be instructed not to admit them.
3. That all accounts in connection with the Dubberly family be paid only from the date of the issue of the requisitions.
4. That the following accounts be paid:
F.W. Hart, Burials $ 30.00
Palmer Bros., Supplies 70.55
John Sciutto, Supplies 61.93
H.E. Langis, Post Mortem 18.00
H. Eligh, Milk 50.49
Geo. Stevens, Surgical Instruments 99.75
Dr. McGuigan, Inquests 30.00
Texas Lake Ice Co. 6.50
H.H. Layfield, Supplies 1.50
Hayes & McIntosh, Supplies 61.54
Creamer & Langby, Supplies 13.75
A.H. Thomas, Examining lepers 10.00
Mrs. Broderick, Nursing 38.00
Alex McDonald, Digging graves .75
J.P. Blake, Supplies 11.10
Haley & Sutton, Supplies 23.58
Columbia Carriage Factory 7.75
Brunette Saw Mill Co. 15.00

Vol. 4, pg. 590

E.R. Ingram, Milk ) 24.00
T.R. Morrow, Drugs ) Dubberly family 14.60
Dr. Wilson, Medical attendance) 107.50

5. That the City Engineer be instructed to purchase 20 barrels or more if necessary for crematory use.
Signed J.T. Carroll, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That Clause 2 be struck out.
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Report be adopted.

The following applications were received for the position of Police Magistrate:
G.A. Jordan, F. Schofield, W. Ferris, A.B. Jackson, H.P. Boys, T.B. Schoebotham and T.T. Black.

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for the consideration of the applications.
Alderman Scoullar was appointed Chairman.

After a number of ballots was taken it was found that G.A. Jordan had received a majority.
The Committee then rose and reported the appointment of Mr. Jordan.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the appointment be made unanimous.
Nay Hobson and Scoullar

Vol. 4, pg. 591

Moved by Alderman Wm. Brown
Seconded by Alderman Scoullar
That the Government be asked to appoint Mr. Jordan a Justice of the Peace.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That permission be granted Messrs Smith and Kidd to use a steam saw mill for cutting wood on lanes of the city when open; where lanes are not open they to be allowed to use streets.

Notice of Motion
Aldermen Carroll and C.L. Brown gave the following notice of a resolution:
That the City Solicitor be and is hereby instructed to prepare a By-Law to provide for election of Water Commissioners said By-Law to define their duties and state the remuneration to be paid for their services also length of term of office.

The Council then adjourned.
A.W. Scoullar, Chairman
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk