$100,000 raised for Electric Light – October 4, 1894

photo of building with street light in foreground
Above the building under construction is an example of a Vancouver street light

Electric lighting by-law passed with a majority; five Aldermen appointed to search out best price for lighting. K. Silverman claimed damages against the City for injuries received on Cordova Street.

This transcript was made in 2020 by Transcribimus volunteer  Chris Mizzoni

Illustration: Vancouver electric street light above a building in in progress

City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 252 – 254
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[Volume 6 page 252]

Vancouver October 4th 1894
The Council met on Thursday October 4th 1894
Present His Worship, the Mayor and full Board of Aldermen.

From Armstrong & Spencer on behalf of K. Silverman claiming damages for injuries received by said Silverman in front of The Sullivan Block on Cordova Street.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From the City Clerk stating that the By-Law to raise $100,000 for electric lighting purposes had carried with a majority.

From Messrs Wilson and Campbell, Solicitors stating that the Trustees had appointed Mr. F.C. Innes as an Arbitrator on the contract between the Vancouver Electrical Co. and the City and asking the Council to appoint theirs.

Moved by Alderman Queen
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the communication be filed.

From H.T. Caferley making offers for the lighting of the City
Moved by Alderman Queen
Seconded by Alderman Franklin
That the communication be filed.Carried

[Volume 6 page] 253

The following Report was received and read:-

Fire and Light Committee
The Fire and Light Committee on Thursday October 4th 1894.
Present the full Board.
The following tenders were received for installing an electric light framework :-
Western Electric Co. 53. 506
W. Lazier 57. 308. 54
B.C. Iron Works 55. 864
B.C. Iron Works 56. 393
B.C. Iron Works 53. 064
Gerit Electric Co & Wm Hamilton Co. 55. 079

That the tender of the B.C. Iron Works be recommended for acceptance subject to modification the contract to be extended into on the By-Law coming into effect.

That the City Clerk be instructed to invite tenders for a water lot such lot to have a water frontage of at least 150 feet, and that he be also instructed to ask for applications for an electrical engineer. The applicants to state salary expected applications to be in by the 19th

sgd J.L.Franklin

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by Alderman Bethune
That the report be adopted. Carried

Moved by Alderman C.L. Brown
Seconded by Alderman Salsbury
That the Committee of five be affounded to work on the electric light Co. to ascertain the lowest rate obtainable for lighting the City for the next five years.

The Council then adjourned

R.A. Anderson

T.F. McGuigan
City Clerk