Sumas-Vancouver Railway Report Filed, But Not Adopted – October 15, 1894

Sumas-Vancouver Railway Report Filed, But Not Adopted – October 15, 1894
abandoned Sumas substation once part of the BC Electric Railway

The Special Committee tasked to investigate delay in building the Sumas-Vancouver Railway gave its report. Though the Committee recommended its adoption; however Council agreed only to file the report. Vancouver to reimburse the City of Victoria $41.59 toward its share of the keep of the lepers on Darcy Island.

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Illustration: B.C. Electric Railway at abandoned Sumas substation
Northern BC Archives & Special Collections

City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6, pages 260 – 274
original handwritten minutes here

[Volume 6, Page 260]

Vancouver October 15th 1894

The Council met on Monday October 15th 1894.
Present: His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Salsbury, Queen, McDowell, McPhaiden, McCraney, William Brown, Franklin, C.L. Brown and Bethune.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Edwin Machin, Secretary of the Library Board inviting the Mayor and Aldermen to inspect the mural exhibits in the library.
Moved by Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman C.L. Brown
That the invitation be accepted. Carried.

From the City Auditor submitting the report for August: Filed.

From Dr. Thomas reporting on the unsanitary condition of Dupont Street. Referred to the Health Committee.

From Messrs Armstrong & Spencer asking that a doctor be appointed to examine K. Silverman, as to his injuries. Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden.
That Doctors Thomas and Johnston be appointed to examine him. Carried.

[Volume 6, page 261]

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights. Filed.

The following Reports were received and read:

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee met on Friday October 12th 1894.
Present: Aldermen Salsbury, McDowell, William Brown and Bethune

From the City Auditor furnishing monthly report. Filed.

From W. J. Bowler, City Clerk of Victoria explaining the positions of Victoria regarding the lepers on D’Arcy Island and showing that a greater sum was spent by Victoria in proportion to the same amount contributed by Vancouver. Referred to Alderman Salsbury.

From Davis, Marshall & MacNeill serving a writ on behalf of Mrs. Campbell for damages for the death of her husband. Referred to the City Solicitor.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
News. Advertisers Supplies $9.20 & $47.17
G.A. Roedde Supplies $50.00
HP Clough Drayage $4.00
Crowder & Penzer Coats $21.00
Bank of BC Sinking Fund $4407.67
F. Filion Supplies $3.00
City Printing Works Supplies $7.50
Clarke & Stuart Supplies $6.00
Signed W.F. Salsbury, Chairman

[Volume 6, page 262]

Moved by Alderman C.L. Brown; Seconded by Alderman Salsbury
That the report be adopted. Carried.

Board of Works
The Board of Works met at 10am on October 12th 1894.
Present – Alderman McCraney, Shaw, Queen, C.L. Brown and Franklin.

From Messrs. Smith and Freeland, calling attention to the state of the road in front of their store Mount Pleasant. Referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

From Thomas Hunter asking for a crossing on Haro Street at Lot 6, Block 33, 185, also for permission to enclose boulevard.
Request for crossing granted, temporary permission granted to put a railing around boulevard to protect grass.

The request of William Bradshaw who complained of water lying in front of his residence and that of W.S. Weeks etal complaining of stagnant water on vacant lots on Hornby street between Pender and Dunsmuir Streets were referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

From William Bailey applying for the position of Inspector on Wood Block paving. Laid over.

From N.S. Hoffar, architect, applying for permission to connect the Garden Block ….

[Volume 6, page 263]

….with basement drain in Block 3, 09, L. Referred to the City Engineer.

From Mellish and Gray complaining of the state of the road opposite the cellarway at the City Hospital. Referred to the Street Inspector to put down some cinders.

Resolved that Bailey Bros. Be granted permission to construct a small brick addition at the rear of their premises on Cordova Street subject to a suitable plan being deposited in the City Engineer’s office.

Resolved that this Board considers that as Westminster Avenue has been put in so much better condition by the City for the Vancouver Street Railway Co., their account of $126.00 for one man’s hire in assisting in fixing the track should be taken as an offset against same and that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Street Railway Co.,

Resolved that the Sewer Inspector Mr. J. Brenton, be instructed to submit a report to this Board at their next meeting as to the state of the sewer, and be hereby instructed to discharge one of the men employed under him looking after the same.

Resolved that the Street Inspector put the sidewalk on the south side of Hastings Street between Abbott and Cambie Streets in a passable condition.

[Volume 6, page 264}

Resolved that the petitioners for the opening up of the park of subdivision 185 west of Nicola Streets be notified that they must get it surveyed themselves and the corner posts put in before the levels can be taken by the City.

Resolved that the resolution passed by the Board of Works on the 7th of June last relating to the dismissal of the assistant engineer, be recommended for consideration by the Council owing to the lack of funds and the prospects of their (sic) being no work for a time requiring the services of an assistant engineer.

Mr. Fee asked for a short-piece of sidewalk on Bute Street, 132 feet in length. He was told he would have to put it down himself, the City furnishing the lumber & nails.

The following tenders for wood block paving were received and opened:

[table id=39 /]

• For ease of visibility, fractions included as decimal points.

[Volume 6, page 265]

Resolved that the tender of Martin Kelly for furnishing the granite curb stones required and that of D. McGillivray for the balance of the work be recommended for acceptance subject to the Court of Revision.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
Welsh Bros. Supplies $7.48
AEE Clark Supplies $658.80
WS Cook Delivering crushed rock $333.32
Evans, Coleman, Evans Supplies $12.00
HP Dunn & Co Supplies $65.33
C. Nelson Supplies $.75
Van Elec Rly & L Co Supplies $5.00
CPR Land Dept Supplies $1.00
Diplock & Co “ $9.62
Keefer & Godden Wharfage $4.00
Clandening etal Labour $833.00

Signed H.P. McCraney, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Bethune; Seconded by Alderman Franklin
That both the Street Inspector and the Assistant Engineer be discharged and given one month’s notice to that effect. Lost.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Salsbury; Seconded by Alderman Queen,
That the question of the discharge of the Street Inspector be referred to the Board of Works. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Franklin; Seconded by Alderman Queen
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

[Volume 6, page 266]

Health Committee
The Health Committee met on Tuesday October 9th 1894.
Present – Aldermen McDowell, Salsbury, William Brown, C.L. Brown

From Dr. Thomas and R.H. Caswell applying for the position of milk inspector. Filed for reference.

Resolved, that the City accountant be instructed to obtain from Dr. Thomas a detailed account of the claim against the Ceylon Government for accounting purposes.

That the City Solicitor be instructed to take such stepss as he may deem necessary to have the registration of Lots 22 to 26, B14, 196 rectified.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
Dunn & Co. Supplies $2.60
Carter Bros Repairs $7.32
WJ. McGuigan Inquests $25.00
Crowder & Penz Co Supplies $3.78
BCMT & T Co Supplies $22.42
S. Van Brick & Tile Works $9.00
F. Filion Supplies $84.09
Champion & White Supplies $5.75
J.K. Davis Supplies $1.50
Weeks & Robson Supplies $25.78
Mellish & Gray Supplies $125.11
C. Nelson Supplies $147.61
McIntosh & Co Supplies $141.48

[Volume 6, page 267]

Russell, McDonald & Co Supplies $10.20
Texas Lake Ice Co Supplies $9.20
C.S. Philp Supplies $35.55
W.H. DeBou Supplies $80.57
D. Goldberg Supplies $.75
Alfred Summerton Labour $3.10
F. Filion Supplies $2.98
D.J. Campbell Supplies $11.42
James Carnshaw Drayage $.50
Pioneer Steam Laundry Washing $66.07

Signed John McDowell, Chairman
Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman C.L. Brown
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

Fire & Light Committee
The Fire & Light Committee met on Wednesday October 8th 1894. Present: the full Board.

From Godfrey & Sewell, JJ Hanna, etal and Thos Duke, asking for electric lights. Laid over.

From JC Peterson asking for the appointment of Inspector of chimneys, flues, etc. Resolved, that he be appointed at a salary of $1.00 a year.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
H. McDowell & Co Supplies $18.94

[Volume 6, page 268]

James Carnahan Scavengering $1.00
B.F. Heney Supplies $7.00
F. Filion Supplies $13.23
Thomas Dunn & Co Supplies $9.03
Welsh BrP Supplies $156.31
Van Elec Ry & L Co Supplies $1794.99
Cdn General Elec Co Lights $2.98
McLennan & McFeely Supplies $11.45
F. Filion Supplies $6.80
John Boyd & Co Supplies $.75
J. Gibbins Supplies $7.00
London Carriage Works Supplies $5.50
Crowder & Penzer Supplies $14.08
Diplock & Co Supplies $.70
News Advertiser Supplies $5.50
BC Tel & D Co Delivering $3.00

Signed J.L. Franklin, Chairman
Moved by Alderman William Brown; Seconded by C.L. Brown
That the clause in the report in reference to the appointment of JC Petersen be expunged. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman Salsbury
That the Report as amended be adopted. Carried.

Special Committee
The Special Committee appointed to investigate into the reasons for delay in the construction of the B.I. & F.V.R.R. held a meeting at the City Hall at 7 pm on the 9th instant and report…….

[Volume 6, page 269]

….as follows, Present Alderman Bethune in the Chair, McCraney, Franklin, McPhaiden and C.L. Brown and also Messrs. C.D. Rand and Percy Dickinson representing the B.I. and F.V.R.R. {Burrard Inlet & Fraser Valley Rail Road}

The affidavits of Messrs. CD Rand, JM Ashton, Percy Dickinson, JL Barlow, HS Huson, AM Fitch and Henry L. Achillis, and the order of Judge Jenkins the Special Report of Masher Carey and the copy of the order in Council of the Governor General of Canada were all read and discussed.

Resolved that all the documents referred to be referred to Mr. Hammersley, City Solicitor to examine and report at the meeting to be held at 730 pm on Friday evening next (the 12th instant) in the City Engineers office. Signed Alex Bethune, Chairman

The Special Committee met again on October 12th 1894.
Present: Alderman Bethune, McCraney, Franklin, McPhaiden and C.L. Brown and also C.D. Rand on behalf of the BI and FVRR, Mr. Hammersley City Solicitor was also present.

The matter was freely discussed, the City Solicitor giving his opinion in the question and submitting his report. It was finally resolved as follows:
The Committee having heard Mr. Rand and having read the affidavits of Messrs. CD Rand and President of the BI & FRP (sic) Company, JM Ashton of Tacoma, Attorney for the Railway Company Percy Dickinson of Tacoma, Contractor and Financial Agent HS Huson of Tacoma, Director of the BI & FRV Co (sic), AH Fitch of Tacoma, Banker JL Barlow of Tacoma, Engineer ….

[Volume 6, page 270]

…HL Achillis of Tacoma, Banker.

An order of the United States Court eastern district of Wisconsin, USA dated 30th October 1893. Report of Alfred L. Cary Esquire, Master of the District Court dated 21st September 1893. Report of the Committee of the Privy Council of the Dominion of Canada 15th November 1893 all of which documents have been deposited in the City Hall. Find that the following statements are sworn to and contained therein:

1. That the necessary funds for the construction of the Railway from Sumas to Vancouver were arranged for in August 1893.
2. That a By-Law authorizing the granting of a bonus by the City of Vancouver to the Railway Company on certain conditions contained therein was passed by the citizens of Vancouver on the 24th September 1892 and a second By-Law also authorizing the granting of the bonus was passed by the said citizens on the 10th of December 1892.
3. That litigation immediately ensured promoted by opponents to these By-Laws, which litigation was not finally settled until the 12th April 1893.
4. That the work of clearing right of way and construction of the Railway was commenced in June 1893 and has been continued since.
5. That leave was granted by the Privy Council of the Dominion of Canada to build a bridge over the Fraser River and forwarded to the Company from Ottawa on the 15th of November 1893.
6. That owing to the Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Company passing into the …

[Volume 6, page 271]

…hands of Receivers the contract between that Company and the BI &FRV Company was not signed until August 1893.
7. That the Northern Pacific Railroad Company passed by an order of the United States Circuit Court into the hands of Receivers on the 17th August 1893, that owing to this an order had to be obtained from the United States Court authorizing the carrying out by the Receivers of the contract with the BI & FRV Company, which order was obtained on the 30th December 1893.
8. That litigation ensued between the officers and receivers of the Northern Pacific Railway Company and the contract with the BI & FVR Company and the Northern Pacific was finally executed by the officers of the latter company on the 2nd March 1894.
9. That after the 2nd March 1894, strikes and civil commotions occurred in the North Western States of America and the Northern Pacific Railway Company could not enter on construction of the line.
10. That financial arrangements for the construction of the line were made by the firm of Messrs. Dickinson & Company in March 1893.
11. That the promoters of the line have expended the sum of $8000 in construction and expenses connected therewith up to date.
12. That a survey and location of the live and plans of the Bridge were made by Mr. Barlow, Engineer.

Signed Alex Bethune, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Bethune; Seconded by Alderman Franklin
That this Report be adopted.

[Volume 6, page 272]

Moved in Amendment by Alderman William Brown; Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the Report be filed. Motion Carried.

Ayes: Aldermen Bethune, Franklin, McPhaiden, CL Brown and McCraney
Nays: Alderman Salsbury, Shaw, McDowell, Queen and William Brown.
The Mayor cast his vote in favor of the motion.


Moved by Alderman William Brown: Seconded by Alderman McCraney
That the Water Works Pay Roll for the week ending October 8th amounting to $271.40 be passed and paid subject to passing the Water Works Committee which meets tomorrow. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman Queen
That a return be furnished of all names of regular employees of the City, salaries paid, same to state whether married, if taxpayers also what provision insurance or otherwise, they have secured for themselves or family in case of sickness or death and that a copy of said return be furnished each Alderman. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell; Seconded by Alderman Salsbury
That the following accounts be paid:
City of Victoria Lepers $41.59

[Volume 6, page 273]

Moved by Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman CL Brown
That the following resolution passed by the Board of Works on the 27th of September be confirmed by Council:
The Board finds that on the 13th day of March 1893, permission was granted to the Company to use the following streets within the following limits namely:
From Gore Avenue to False Creek via Railway, Alexander and Powell Streets, Raymur Avenue and Crab Tree Lane. In view of the probable delay in completing the railway withing the earlier of the two periods fixed by the By-Law the Board considering it necessary before reporting on the application to enquire into circumstances which the company allege have prevented the various prosecution of the Works until recently required the attendance before the Board of Mr. CD Rand President of the Company and having fully investigated the matter, the Board satisfied with the explanations given therefore resolve that the said portions of streets be assigned to the use of the Company’s railway and works and also the following namely: all the streets which will be required to form the right of way through the City as far as the City limits as shown on the plans submitted by Mr. CD Rand, President of the BI & FVRR at this meeting and marked approved and dated 27th February 1894 a copy of which plan is deposited in the City Engineer’s office which the Board finds are also required by the Company, the assigning of these streets being subject to all the conditions set out in the By-Law No 166 and to the conditions contained in the resolution passed and sanctioned by the City Council on the 13th day of March 1893. Carried.

[Volume 6, page 274]

The Council then adjourned.

Thomas Francis McGuigan
City Clerk

R.A. Anderson

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