Building of City Hall complete; contractor F. W. Sentell to be paid in full. Thos. H. Boyd awarded contract for improvement of Cambie Street. “On account of the large amount of street work contracted for”, Civil Engineer D.L. McCammon appointed Streets Inspector at a per diem rate of $1.50 for a minimum of three hours’ work supervising road construction.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 145-151

Vancouver Oct 18th 1886

The Council met on Monday October 18th 1886 at 7.30.PM.

Present his Worship, the Mayor presiding, Aldermen Balfour, Cordiner, Coldwell, Humphries, E.P. Hamilton and L.A. Hamilton.

The Minutes of Last Meeting were read and adopted.


A Communication was read from W.S. Gore Surveyor General in reference to the Public Cemetery.

Moved by Alderman L.A. Hamilton seconded by Alderman Balfour
That the Communication of W.S. Gore be referred to the Board of Works with power to employ a Surveyor.

Communication from T. Elwyn Deputy Provincial Secretary acknowledging receipt of letter from City Clerk re hospital and stating that at the present time the Government was not in a position to give a grant to the City Hospital.

A Communication from Alderman Northcott requesting six weeks leave of absence.
Request granted on motion of Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Humphries.

A Communication from George Byrnes requesting the Council to instruct the City Engineer to fix the boundaries of his Lot on the corner of Carrall and Water Streets and also praying them to raise the grade of sidewalk near his lot on Carrall Street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

A Communication was read from Thos. C. Sorby respecting sewerage.

Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Coldwell that communication of Thos. C Sorby be referred to the Board of Works for their guidance in giving contracts for Sewers. Carried.

From Tait & Co asking for part of Fire Hall Lot referred to F. W. L.

Communication from John Haggerty asking permission to use part of plank way on Cordova Street for building purposes, referred to the Board of Works with power to Act.

J. Butterfield, 1 Cord of wood $3.50 B. of Health


The Finance Committee met on Wednesday October 13th 1886 at 2.p.m.
The account of the Vancouver Herald for $23.50 for advertising etc referred to this Board being found correct we recommend its payment.
sgd L.A, Hamilton
for Chairman

Report adopted on motion of Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Coldwell.

The Board of Works met on Thursday October 18, 1886.

The account of George W. Gibson for $31.73 which was referred by Council to this Board, after examination we recommend to be paid.

In the matter of the assessment of B. Springer’s Lots for the improvement of Cordova Street we feel that the Board of Works cannot deal in this matter and would recommend its reconsideration by Council.

Alderman E.P. Hamilton having certified that the City Hall has been completed according to the plans and specifications of the City Engineer we recommend to Council the payment of F.W. Sentell the contractor on said Hall.

We have instructed the Chief of Police to cause all obstructions to be removed of the wharf at the North end of Carrall Street that would in any way interfere with the free passage of the fire engine.

The City Clerk having certified that the Cambie Street petition contains the proper number of signitures (sic) we would recommend to Council the granting of the prayer of the petitioners.

We have called for tenders for the improvement of Columbia Avenue and Cambie Street, bids to be received up to Monday Noon which action we trust will meet with the approval of Council.

We would recommend to Council that Alderman E.P. Hamilton be permitted to purchase plank and lay same on Abbott Street from Cordova South fifty feet and for crossing of lane on same street as we consider this work most necessary.

In answer to the call for tenders for Columbia Avenue and Cambie Street we have received the following:

Cambie Street:
William Harkins
Grubbing and Grading per cubic yard 34c
Lumber placed in Street & Walks $15.00 per m.
Thos. H. Boyd
Grading Ditching & Grubbing 1.48 per foot
Sidewalks 39c per foot
Centre Planking $15.00 per m.

Columbia Avenue
William Harkins
Grading and Cross logging .36 per C. yard
Lumber placed in Sheets & Walks 15.00 per m.

William Harkins not having sent in any deposit his tenders were not entertained but we recommend to the favorable (sic) consideration of Council the tender of Thos. H. Boyd for the improvement of Cambie Street.

On account of the large amount of street work contracted for and the inability of the City Engineer to give the necessary attention thereto this Board do recommend to Council the appointment temporarily of a Street Inspector to have charge of the overseeing on the part of the City of the contracts for work on Hastings, Westminster Avenue, Oppenheimer and Powell Streets, leaving to the City Engineer the supervision of Contracts on Carrall, Cordova and Cambie Streets. Pay of said Street Inspector to be charged against the local improvements on said Streets.

Report of Board of Works adopted on Motion of Alderman Coldwell seconded by Alderman Cordiner.


Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Cordiner, that Alderman Dunn be appointed a member of the Fire Water and Light Committee in the absence of Alderman Northcott.

Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Cordiner that Alderman Coldwell be appointed a member of the Fire Water and Light Committee in the absence of Alderman Hemlow.

Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Cordiner
That the Fire Water and Light Committee be empowered to furnish Fire Hall and that the Board of Works be instructed to have it lined up inside and completed in detail.

Moved by Alderman L.A. Hamilton seconded by Alderman E.P. Hamilton
That D.L. McCammon Civil Engineer be appointed Street Inspector temporarily to fill the position recommended in the report of the Board of Works
That he have the powers of supervision given to the City Engineer in the Contracts on Hastings, Powell, Oppenheimer & Westminster Avenue
That he should give not less than three hours a day in supervising said work, that he be paid at the rate of $1.50 per diem for such days as he is employed, that he cooperate with the City Engineer in his duties and that his services may be dispensed with at any time on giving forty-eight hours notice to that effect by this Corporation.

Notice of Motion.

Alderman Humphries gave notice that at the next meeting of the City Council he will offer a resolution to annul the By-Law passed by the Council at its last meeting in regard to the water front and the north end of Carrall Street, claiming that the action of the Council in that regard was illegal and void.


The Council went into Committee of the whole on By-Law No 16 on motion of Alderman L.A. Hamilton with Alderman Balfour in the Chair.

In Committee the By-Law was taken up where it was left off at the previous meeting and finished, after which Council rose to report.

The By-Law was then read a third time & passed on motion of Alderman L.A. Hamilton seconded by Alderman E.P. Hamilton.

A letter was read from Dr. McGuigan offering his services free to the City. No action taken.
The Council then adjourned to meet again on Monday the 25th inst.

M.A. MacLean

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk

Vancouver’s city hall is complete – October 18, 1886