Champion and White to oversee garbage burning – October 19, 1891

Champion and White to oversee garbage burning – October 19, 1891

Champion and White appointed as caretakers of the new city garbage burning facility at a joint salary of $75 per month. Board of Works to meet with the City Solicitor about how best to remove squatters from the City’s foreshore. Six additional intersections identified for future street lights, including 6th and Carolina.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 524-534

[Vol 4 page 524]
Vancouver Oct 19th 1891
The Council met on Monday October 19th 1891
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brown Wm & C.L. Brighouse, Carroll, Godfrey, Scoullar, Templeton, Hobson, McDowell.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read, and adopted

The following communications were received and read:-

From S.H. Brown, Chairman of the Trustees of Zion Church asking for the Market hall free for one night each week when not otherwise engaged.
Referred to Market Committee
From Sydney C.D. Roper, Compiler of Statistics acknowledging receipt of letter from City Clerk.
From Chas. A. Stoess asking for settlement of his account
Referred to Board of Works
From Wm Webster Manager of the U.S.S. Co asking for a settlement of the wharf account.
Referred to Board of Health
From the Market Clerk furnishing Weekly Report.
From Messrs.’ Eberts and Taylor serving a writ on the City for hydrant rental etc,
Referred to Finance and City Solicitor
From the Chief of Police reporting on the Street Lights
From McPhillips & Williams asking for the payment of the News Adertisers account

[Volume 4 page 525]

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That the account be paid if found correct.

From J.C. McLagan again insisting on an investigation of the News Advertisers advertising account.
The Mayor referred the matter to the Finance Committee but it was moved by Alderman MacDowell Seconded by Alderman Brighouse that the matter be laid over.

From Wm Ralph et al, asking that the lane in Block 3. O.G.T. be repaired.
Referred to Board of Works
From R.A. McMorran, asking for the sidewalking of 10th Av from Westminster Road to Prince Edward St.
Referred to Board of Works
From Andrew Engel, asking the Council to fix a date for testing the crematory.

Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by Alderman Brighouse
That the Council inspect the Crematory on Wednesday the 28th inst, at 2 p.m.

From W. J. Gallagher submitting a statement as to how the City advertising was done, and how it should be done.
Referred to Finance Committee
The following Reports were received and read:-
The Police Committee met on Tuesday October 13th 1891.

[Volume 4 page 526]

Present Aldermen McDowell, Brown, Scoullar and Hobson.
Alderman McDowell was appointed Chairman in place of ex-Alderman De Pencier.
It was recommended:-
1. That the following accounts be paid:-
Malcolm McLean, Salary as Special $80.00
Malcolm McLean, Notaries $55.00
McDonald Bros. Drayage 1.50
Hayes & McIntosh Supplies 17.75
John Scuitto “ 33.45
S. T. Tilley & Son “ 13.00
M.G. McLeod Ry Fares 6.50
J.P. Blake Supplies 15.20
H. Eligh “ 1.65
Frank Robertson 2.00
Champion & White Scavengering 2.00

2. That Wm Murphy be awarded the contract for supplying uniforms to the Police at the following rates:-
For officers’ suits $30.00 each
For Sergeants’ suit 35.00
“ Chief’s “ 40.00
Color to be blue.
3. That Sergeant Haywood, officers Harris and Coldwell and Wright watchman McLean be requested to sign the agreement signed by the other officers of the force.
4. That the appointment of E. Haywood as Night Watchman be cancelled and that Malcolm McLean be re-appointed at the same salary to date from October 6th 1891.
5. That the City Engineer in instructed to report upon the repairs needed at the Pound House and prepare plans for the erection of sheds.
6. That the Chairman be authorized to purchase

[Volume 4 page 527]

a stove for the Jail.
sgd. John McDowell
Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That a clause be added to the report empowering the City Clerk to call for applications for Police Magistrate, such applications to be received up to November the 2nd 1891.

Moved as an amendment to the amendment by Alderman Scoullar seconded by Ald C.L. Brown
That the date for receiving applications be fixed for November the 16th

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ Templeton
That the balance of the Report be adopted.
Board of Works.

The Board of Works met on Thursday October 15th 1891.
Present Aldermen Templeton, Wm and C.L. Brown.
It was recommended:-
1, That the City Solicitor be notified to meet the Board of Works to discuss matters in connection with the removal of the squatters from the foreshore.
2. That the City Engineer be instructed to notify W. H. Fraser, contractor for the Wing to the City Hospital to furnish satisfactory security for the due fulfilment of his contract by Monday the 19th inst otherwise his tender may be declared null and void.
3. That a copy of the local papers doing the City advertising for this time being Kept on File in the City Engineer’s office for reference.

[Volume 4 page 528]

4. That the City Engineer be instructed to purchase a plough for City use.
5. That as the residents on Campbell Avenue are complaining of the State of said Av. that the City Engineer be instructed to notify the Tramway Co. to carry out the terms of their Agreement with the City.
6. That the following tenders be accepted:-
Central School Grounds Boyd & Clandenning
Ninth Av Grading M. McIntyre
Ninth Av. Sidewalk J. Bayler
Bute St. E.C. Britton

7. That the following accounts be paid:-
M.S. Rose Plumbing $31.79
H. Lomas et al Labor 415.80
Thos. Dunn & Co Supplies 98.60
B.C. Mills Co. “ 50.26
S. Beaumont Eveligh St. 56.68
A.D. McDonald Box drain 118.08
W.D. Hobson Hamilton St. 40.00
W.H. Kendall Crushed Rock 1175.85
A. Fraser Hornby St. 107.58
H Beaumont Thurlow St. 279.00
J.C. McCurdie Eveligh St. 283.63
J.D. Fraser Hornby St. 314.50
W.D. Hobson Robson St. 69.94
W.G. Fraser Prior St. 277.20
J. D. Fraser Nelson St. 54.70
J. D. Fraser Keefer St, 252.95
D.H. Morgan 8th Ave 100.01
E.C. Britton Crossings 67.23

The Communication form W.G. Lewis re the Park Road at the Light House was laid over. The Communication from E.C. Chapman re 7th Av was referred to the City Engineer and also the matter of a box drain on Robson St.
sgd. S. Brighouse

[Volume 4 page 529]

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.

Fire, Water & Light

The F.W. & L. Committee met on Wednesday October 14th 1891.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
C.M Howley Repairs 3.90
John Wolfe Scavengering 2.00
Crowder & Penzer Supplies 49.94
John Scuitto “ 17.00
Fraser & Co. “ 10.80
C.G. Johnson “ 10.50
T. Thomson & Co Drayage 5.00
G.H. Bozley Shoes Set: 2.00
I. Forbes “ 4.00
Van Elec Ry & Light Co. 1339.80

The Committee adjourned to meet on Monday the 19th inst at 3 p.m. for the purpose of deciding on the location of the six additional street lights.

The Committee met on Monday the 19th inst. After various parts of the City were visited in reference to placing additional light we beg to recommend the erection of lights:-
1. At the junction of Barnard & Jackson
2. “ “ “ “ Princess & “
3. “ “ “ “ Carolina & Seventh
4. “ “ “ “ Robson & Homer
5. “ “ “ “ Ninth & Centre
6. “ “ South North End of Cambie Street Bridge (East side) also that the light at the junction of Prince Edward St and Sixth Ave, and 12th Av and Quebec St be raised in Length.
sgd Wm Templeton
[Volume 4 page 530]

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ Templeton
That the Report of the F. W & L Committee be adopted.

Water Works Committee

The Water Works Committee met on Friday October 16th 1891.
Present Aldermen Wm Brown, McDowell, Templeton and Scoullar.
Alderman Scoullar was appointed Chairman.
A communication was laid before the Board from Messrs Eberts & Taylor, Solicitors for the Vancouver Water Works Co stating that if a settlement was not arrived at before next Tuesday at noon re payment of interest account on overdraft in Bank that they would move to have the Water Works By-Laws quashed.

The City Solicitor was instructed to take whatever actions he thought necessary in the matter. It was resolved that the City Engineer be instructed to examine and report on the necessary repairs and extensions to the Water Works System and that the Vancouver Water Works Co be asked to give him the necessary facilities for examining the Works.
sgd. A. W. Scoullar
Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Hobson
That the Report of the Water Works Committee be adopted.
The Health Committee met on Tuesday October 13th 1891.
Present Aldermen Carroll, Scoullar, Templeton and McDowell.

[Volume 4 page 531]

It was recommended:-
1. That the following accounts be paid:-
W.C Marshall Drayage 1.00
R.V. Winch Supplies 13.52
Koby & Sutton “ 31.80
Alex McDonald Digging Graves 2.00
F. W. Hart Burials 30.00
Hayes & McIntosh Meat 51.48
S. T. Tilley & Son Supplies 2.70
Texas Lake Ice Co. “ 15.30
Dr. McGuigan Inquest 10.00
H. Eligh Milk 51.48
Champion & White Scavengering 25.00
J.P. Blake Bread 10.50
Creamer & Langley Supplies 3.00
Hudson’s Bay Co. “ 24.00
Russell McDonald & Do “ 5.00
Van Steam Laundry Washing 29.01
Thos E. Askins Supplies 6.30
Webster Bros “ 15.25

2. That the Health Inspector and the Chairman of this Board be authorized to take whatever precaution they be deem necessary to prevent the introduction of contagious or infectious diseases into the City.

3. That Champion & White be appointed caretakers of the Crematory, at a salary of $75.00 per month for the two, in accordance with the terms of their application.
The communication from Wm Fowler re Slaughter Houses has referred to the health Inspector.
J.H. Mc Millan’s re lots in rear of Hospital was laid over.
sg. J. T. Carroll, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That the report [be] adopted.

[Volume 4 page 532]

The Finance Committee met on Friday October 16th 1891.
Present Aldermen Brown, Hobson, and Scoullar
It was recommended:-
1. That the following accounts be paid:-
G.A. Roedde Assessment Rolls 42.00
Telephone Co 22.40
C.P. Telegraph Co. 14.12

2. That applications be invited for an assistant to the Assessment Commissioner. Applications to be received up to Monday Oct. 19th at 4 p.m. Term of office to expire at the end of the year.
3. That the City Solicitor be instructed to enter an appearance for the City in the suit between Thos Pritchard and the Corporation
4. That $3,000.00 be placed to the credit of the School Board in the Bank of Montreal.
5. That the City Engineer be instructed to procure copies of all plans filed in the Registry Office relating to Vancouver for the use of the Assessment Commissioner.
6. That the Valuators be notified to report at once to the Assessment Commissioner.
7. That the Poll Tax Collector be paid 20 per cent instead of 10 per cent on all amounts collected by him from the beginning
Communications were received from J. C. McLagan and W. J. Gallagher complaining about the manner in which the City advertising was being done by the News Advertiser; also from F. C. Cotton defend

[Volume 4 page 533]

ing his position in the matter complained of.

Laid over pending the outcome of the suit now entered by Mr. Cotton against the above named J.C. McLagan and W. J. Gallagher. The New Advertiser presented certain advertising account for payment which were laid over.
sgd Wm Brown.

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ Templeton
That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted.
Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Brighouse
That the appointment of an Assistant to the Assessment Commissioner be left to the Finance Committee.
Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Brighouse
That the Estimate on account of the East End Park be paid if found correct subject to the advise [sic] of the City Solicitor, as to whom is to receive the money.
Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the account rendered by Messrs.’ Robinson and Fox, Valuators for $12.15 for car fares etc. and recommended for payment by the Finance Committee on the 18th of September be not paid until a detailed statement is furnished showing the above payment was paid out.
[Volume 4 page 534]

Notice of Motion

Alderman Carroll gave notice that at the next regular meeting of Council he would present the following motion:
That the City Clerk be instructed to call for tenders for the Complete Scavengering of this City the parties tendering to furnish names of at least two resident ratepayers as sureties for the due performance of contract.

Separate tenders to be handed in for each Scavenger districts, tenders to state what sum monthly will be required for each district. Tenders to be in the hands of the City Clerk not later than noon of Monday November 2nd.
The Board then adjourned.
C.G. Hobson
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk