McGeer vows he will close Westminster Road – October 20, 1890

Property owner James McGeer gave notice that he would close Westminster Road running through his property within ninety days unless some arrangement was made with him. Question of whether to omit taxes on improvements to existing real estate is deferred to next year’s Council.

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and sponsored by Arnold Silber

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pg 81-85

Vancouver October 20th 1890

The Council met on Monday October 20th 1890

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Carroll, Garden, Horne, Fox, Sentell, Costello, McLeod, Mason and Doering.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

From Geo. McKay, resigning the position of Pound Keeper.

From Leatherdale and McDonald notifying Council that they had settled all claims for labor with Blair + Sheredins
Board of Works.

From J.W. McFarland, Secy of Vancouver Water Works Co acknowledging receipt of offer for the payment of 23 hydrants.

From Wm. Smith, Dept. Minister of Marine acknowledging receipt of a communication from the City Clerk asking permission to construct a bridge across False Creek.


From John Devine + Son asking that a stump be cut on 6th Av.
City Engineer.

From J.M Spinks asking that a crossing be replaced which was taken up from Pender St.

Board of Works.

From Drake Jackson + Co making a proposition on behalf of the Phoenix Water Works Co, to construct a system of Water Works.
Water Works Committee

From the City Solicitor furnishing copies of the City By-Laws.

From Thos. Cyrs submitting an account for filling in on Water St and for work done on Cemetery through Madagan, whose time cheque be cashed.
Board of Works.

From the Market Clerk notifying the Council that the Market building was in a leaky condition.

Market Committee

From James McGeer giving notice that he would close Westminster Road running through his property ninety days from date except some arrangement was made with him.

Board of Works.


Market. No 2

The Market Committee met on Saturday October 18th 1890.

Present Aldermen Garden and Fox.
It was recommended:-

1 That the Market Hall be rented to the Zion Church Congregation during the winter months for holding services on Sundays and that a charge of $25.00 per month be made for the use of such Hall for Sundays.

2 That a fee of $35.00 be charged to the Knights of Pythias for the use of the Market Hall for the 30th inst., the City supplying light; heat and seating accommodation, and further that the lower floor be given for refreshments purposes if not in use, for an additional fee of $10.00.

3 That the Market Hall be rented to the Loyal Orange Association for the 5th of November for the purpose of holding a ball, the rent to be $35.00 for the evening.

4 That the Market Hall be rented to the Comos [?] Club every second Thursday each month during the Season, in the evenings for dancing purposes, rent to be $35.00 per night.

5 That the Market Clerk be instructed to collect all rents in advance.

6 That the Council be requested to furnish the Market Hall with 400 chairs and supply stoves, tables, stationery etc.

7 That every Friday at 3.30 P.M. be fixed as the regular meeting day for this Committee.

8 That the clause in By-Law no 79 imposing a license of $100.00 per annum on Hawkers etc be brought to the notice of Council, with a view of having the same cancelled or amended.

sgd James F. Garden
Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by “ Horne.

That Clause one of the Report relating to the renting of the Market Hall to the Zion Church be struck out until the matter has been more fully considered.

Motion Lost.

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by “ Mason.

That the Report be laid over for one week.

Moved in Amendment by Alderman Fox
Seconded by Alderman Garden.

That the Report of the Market Committee be adopted.


Introduction of By-Law.

Alderman Carroll introduced a By-Law to amend the Fire Limits By-Law, which was read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by “ Mason

That the Assessment Commissioner for this Municipality be instructed to omit from the Assessment Roll the improvements on real estate.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Fox
Seconded by Alderman McLeod.

That whereas the term of this Council is nearly closed,
And whereas there is no urgent necessity for, nor advantage to be derived from any interference at present with the By-Laws relating to the mode of assessment;

And whereas it is most important that the whole question of taxation be most fully considered by the incoming Council, whose duty it will be to provide for next years’ expenditure, it is inexpedient for this Council to disturb the present By-Laws, or in any way cause further complications for the new Council to whom the matter will more properly belong.


Moved by Alderman Horne
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the City Engineer be instructed to procure the necessary plank to put Westminster Avenue in a passable state of repair till the gravelling is completed. Plank to be 2 inch.


Moved by Alderman McLeod
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the resignation of George McKay as Pound Keeper be accepted.


Moved by Alderman Sentell
Seconded by “ Fox.

That C.M. Fowler be appointed Pound Keeper at a salary of $60.00 per month and fees.

Moved by Alderman Horne
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the following labour account be paid:-

B. Romang et al. $141.82

Consideration of By-Laws.

Alderman Fox moved the second reading of the By-Law to regulate the selection of the employees of the City.

Notices of Motion

Alderman Sentell gave notice that he would at next meeting of Council, introduce a By-Law to compel the owners of lots within the City Limits to clear lane, and if they fail to do so that the City have same cleared and charged against the respective lots.

Alderman McLeod gave notice that he would at next meeting of Council introduce a By-Law to have the boundaries of the present pound limits extended southerly to the City Boundary instead of to Tenth Avenue as at present fixed.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk