Granville Street to be Paved Between Hastings & Cordova – October 22, 1894

Granville Street to be Paved Between Hastings & Cordova – October 22, 1894

A By-law was drafted to pave Granville Street between Hastings Street and Cordova Street for $4,000. The position of Street Inspector was eliminated. The Fire & Light Committee held off decisions on hiring an electrical engineer and on buying a site for a power house. A number of taxpayers allowed to delay paying their taxes until the reservoir was complete.

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COVA Bu P16.1
Southern view of Granville Street from Cordova Street

Original handwritten minutes:
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6, pages 275 – 274

[Vol 6 page] 275

Vancouver October 22nd 1894

The Council met on Monday October 22nd 1894.
Present. His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Salsbury, Queen, McDowell, McCraney, McPhaiden, Wm. Brown, C.L. Brown, Franklin and Bethune.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the Chief of Police reporting on the Electric Lights.

From C.G. Major, Assignee for Messrs Leamy and Kyle stating that the meeting of the creditors would be help in Westminster on Monday the 29th inst.
Moved by Aldermen McDowell
Seconded by ” Queen
That the City Clerk render him an account for the amount due the City from Leamy & Kyle.

From W.S. Wiffen asking on what grounds his building on Dupont Street was declared to be in an unsanitary condition.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

From R.G. Mackay of St. Paul Minn. asking that a large Photograph be taken of this City and placed in the best corner in his City.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Drs Thomas and Johnston, reporting on the condition of Silverman’s injuries.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

[Vol 6 page] 276

From Mason and Peterson offering a bear and racoon to the City,
Referred to the Park Commissioners.

The following reports were received and read:-

Board of Works
The Board of Works met on the 18th of October 1894.
Present. Aldermen McCraney, Shaw and Franklin.

Mr Gideon Robertson interviewed the Board with regard to a new sidewalk for the South Side of Cordova Street between Cambie and Abbott Streets especially opposite the stores lately vacated by the Hudson’s Bay Co. He was informed that the Board would examine the sidewalk and if it was dangerous, order it to be repaired.

Mr. J.M. Spinks interviewed the Board in reference to the opening up of the streets west of Nicola Street.
That this Board recommends that the portion of District Lot No. 185 lying west of Nicola Street be opened up from water to water under the local improvement plan.


From J.C. Rounding of Sydney stating that a sample hardwood turpentine pile had been shipped by the Araura and hoping same will be thoroughly inspected.
To be acknowledged and filed.

From A. Lee Rogers, asking the City to put in a small branch sewer with which he can connect his house on north half of Lot.13.B.16 185.
Referred to the City Engineer for attention.

[Vol 6 page] 277

From J.W. Newton etal asking to have Park Lane fixed up and a box drain put in.
Referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

From J. Brenton, Sewer Inspector reporting on the state of the sewers.
Referred to the Engineer for attention and a report at their next meeting.

From R.E.H. G. Buckner of Toronto enclosing circulars re Finch wood preservative.
Filed for reference.

Resolved that the plans of the Garden building being erected on Carrall Street, corner of Hastings Street submitted by Mr. Hoffar, Architect, be approved by the Board, the usual copy to be deposited in the City Engineer’s Office.

Resolved that the services of the Street Inspector be dispensed with after the expiration of one month’s notice to date from the end of this month, the City Engineer being empowered to engage a man at such time as may be necessary.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
McLennan & McFeely. Cement tile walk rebate. $21.00
J. Miller. “. ” “. “. 55.44
B.C. Land & In. Agency “. “. “. “. 112.84
Evans, Coleman & Evans. Supplies. 1.60
Robert Harrison. Labor. 6.00
T. Clough. Drayage. 14.50
Andy Linton. Hire of launch. 6.00
Watts & Trott. “. “. “. 16.00
Van. Sash & Door Co. Supplies. 7.00

[Vol 6 page] 278

D.H. Morgan. Supplies 405.45

sgd H.P. McCraney

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by ” ” Queen
That the Clause in the report referring to the opening up of Streets in 185 be referred back to the Board of Works.

Moved by Alderman Salsbury McDowell.
Seconded by. ” Salsbury.
That the Report as amended be adopted.

Fire & Light Committee

The Fire & Light Committee met on Monday October 22nd 1894.
Present. The full Board.A number of offers were received for a site for the power house.
All laid over for examination.

The following applications were received for the position of electrical engineer:-
From H.M. Cowley, Norman Ross, R. Hoffmeister, F. Hoffmeister and S.T. Arthur.
Resolved that the applications received be referred to the City Engineer for
further information.

sgd. J.L. Franklin

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by ” Franklin.
That the Report be adopted.

[Vol. 6 page] 279

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee met on Friday October 19th 1894.
Present. Aldermen Salsbury, McDowell and Wm. Brown.

The Dominion Express Co submitted a bond guaranteeing to hold the City harmless in case they paid $1250.00 for certain coupons lost in a wreck on the C.P.R. in May last.

That the bond be recommended for approval, and a cheque issued for the amount demanded.

A deputation from the Fire Underwriters consisting of Messrs J.J. Banfield, H.T. Ceperley and H.A. Mellon waited upon the Committee in reference to the proposed license on Fire Insurance Companies.

The deputation stated that they would be willing to pay the tax without raising their present rates if the collection of the tax was allowed to remain in abeyance until the completion of the reservoir. The Committee agreed to this proposal and respectfully request the Council to sanction same.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
A.E. Crickmay. Duty etc. $35.50
E. Clough. Drayage. 1.00
News Advertiser. Ads. 16.20
T.O. Townley. Reparation. 6.35
H. Kersey. Repairs. 10.50
J.J. Cowderoy. Clerical work. 13.75
sgd. W.F. Salsbury

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by ”
C.L. Brown
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

[Vol 6 page] 280

Water Committee

The Water Committee met on Tuesday October 16th 1894.
Present. Aldermen Wm. Brown, Bethune, McPhaiden and Shaw.
The foreman’s report of work done to date was received and filed.
That the cost of a draft to Toronto be added to James Robertson & Co’s Bill.

That Purdy & Williams estimate on the reservoir be held over till the next meeting.

That an amount equal to C.W. Macaulay month’s pay as foreman be granted to Mrs Macaulay to be used towards defraying his expenses to Scotland.

Moved by Alderman Bethune
That S. Madison be paid at the rate of $2.50 per day for the present.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Thos Dunn & Co. Supplies $25.51
B. C. Iron Works. “ 216.39
Creamer & Langley. “ 115.02
D.J. McPhalen. Work 6.10
I. Izen. Supplies 5.00
James Robertson Co. Supplies 1445.19
F. F…. “ 3.72
Welsh Bros. “ 29.03
Diplock & Co. “ 3.00
P. Oben “ 16.00

[Vol. 6 page] 281

W.C. Marshall. Express. 2.25
Market Hardware Store. Supplies. 4.60
B.C. Miller. “ 2.92
Thos. Dunn & Co. “ 3.40
B.F. Heney. Repairs. 7.75
Van Gas Co. Gas. 1.00
McLennan & McFeely. Supplies. 37.48
City Printing Works. “ 2.00
D. McGillivray. Reservoir. 752.60
Van City Iron Works. Supplies. 67.85
Crowder & Penzer. “ .00
W. Hooper etal. Labor. 612.90
sgd Wm. Brown

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Salsbury
That the Clause in reference to S. Madison be referred back to the Committee.

Moved by Alderman Wm. Brown
Seconded by “ McDowell
That the Clause in reference to S. Madison be expunged.

Moved by Alderman Franklin.
Seconded by “ McDowell.
That the Clause in reference to Mrs Macauley be laid over for one week.

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report as amended be adopted.

[Vol 6. Page] 282


Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ McDowell.
That the Militia be requested to take part in the demonstration to the Governor General.

That the Mayor be requested to call a Public Meeting in the City Hall to discuss what form the demonstration to the Governor General should take.

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by “ Shaw.
That the resolution of the Board of Works of the 7th of June 1894 relating to the dismissal of the Assistant Engineer be adopted.

Consideration of By-Laws.

Moved by Alderman McCraney.
Seconded by “ Wm. Brown.
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for the consideration of the By-Law to raise $4000.00 for block paving Granville Street between Cordova and Hastings Streets.

Alderman Wm Brown was appointed Chairman.
The By-Law was read over Clause by Clause and reported to Council as complete with amendments.

[Vol. 6 page] 283

It was then read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman McCraney, seconded by Alderman Wm Brown.

Notice of Motion
Alderman Salsbury gave notice that, at the next meeting of Council, he will introduce a By-Law to amend the Traders License By-Law.

The Council then adjourned.

S Brown

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk