handwriting from Vancouver’s first City Council minutes May 10, 1886

Reading the original handwriting from the early Vancouver City Council minutes can be a challenge. The nineteenth-century script is a spiky form of cursive, written with pen and ink; not always easy for twenty-first century eyes to decipher.

Some of the terms common in the minutes are no longer in use.  Some words can be figured out in in the context of the sentence. Others, such as names, are far more difficult.

Here are some articles and resources to help volunteer transcribers and the public read and understand the original handwritten minutes of early Vancouver.

Names of Mayors and Aldermen: 1886 | 1887 | 1888 | 1889 | 1890 | 1891 | 1892

City Directories online at the Vancouver Public Library: you can search by last name or by street.  If the person you’re looking for isn’t listed in the year you are researching, try the year before or the year or two after.  Always try alternate spellings!

Vancouver’s Elected Representatives by Wayne D. Madden, October 17, 2003, online at the Internet Archive


Reading the handwritten minutes

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