Second Meeting to Review Lighting Contract – November 19, 1895 10:00 am

This transcript was made in 2021 by Transcribimus volunteer Gerald Soon

Original handwritten minutes: City of Vancouver Archives
Series 31 Volume 6 page 846 only

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The Council met on Tuesday November 19th 1895 at 10 am. Present His Worship the Mayor and full Board of Aldermen, also the City Solicitor and the representatives of the Western Electric Heat + Power Co.


From Geo de Wolf offering to light the streets of the city as follows:-

On ten year contract will supply 2000 candle arc lights (to be located substantially as at present) for 160 lights 26 cts per night for a minimum of 310 nights, when lights reach 200 and over, 25 1/2 cents, and 250 and over 25 cents

A marked cheque for $1000 was enclosed.
Laid over

From the City Solicitor stating that he was of the opinion that the bond to be taken for the due performance of the conditions of the contract for electric lighting should be given by satisfactory sureties who are and will continue within the jurisdiction of the Courts of British columbia and who have property within the jurisdiction of the Court.
Filed for reference.

The proposed Agreement for lighting the Streets of the city was again considered but no final action was taken.

It was then moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
That the Council adjourn until 7:30 p.m. for the transaction of general business.

Henry Collins

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk