Post Office obstruction on Granville Street to be removed – September 7, 1891

Federal government seems to have stopped building post office on Granville Street, but has left stone blocks and building debris obstructing traffic. Two railcar loads of gravel to be purchased from the CPR for use on city streets. A by-election to be held, as Alderman de Pencier has left the city.

This transcript was made in 2016 by Transcribimus volunteer Martha Hazevoet
and sponsored by Shirley Barnett

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 487-494

Vol. 4, pg. 487
Vancouver, September 7, 1891

The Council met on Monday, September 7, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Carrall, Brighouse, Godfrey, Templeton, Hobson, Brown and McDowell.
Alderman Brighouse was appointed Chairman.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and read:
From H. Stanton, Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor acknowledging the receipt of a communication re Mr. Hallett.
From Springer & Campbell offering to write up the City on condition that the Council would subscribe for a certain number of copies of the issue containing such descriptions.
From J.C. Drewry on behalf of the Toronto Globe offering a similar proposition for the consideration of Council.
From Thos. H. Robson et al praying for the sidewalking of Keefer Street.
Referred to Board of Works
From the Secretary of the Board of Trade inviting the Council to take seats on the platform in the Market Hall on the 8th inst. during the lecture of Colonel Howard Vincent.
From Henry A. Barton, Deputy Attorney General, informing Council that it was contemplated to hold an enquiry on the complaint against Mr. Hallett.
From the Chief of Police reporting on the Electric Street Lights.

Vol. 4, pg. 488

From E. Chapman et al asking for the grading of 7th Avenue from Centre Street to Hemlock Street.
Referred to Board of Works
From the Market Clerk furnishing weekly report.
From Malcolm Smith stating that it would be unnecessary to hold an investigation on the complaints against Mr. Hallett as the Government intended to do so.
Referred to Police Committee
From J.A. Fulton asking that the streets be sprinkled along the line of the march on Labour Day.
Referred to Board of Works
From C.S. Douglas asking for a sidewalk on Burrard Street between Melville and Eveleigh.
Referred to Board of Works
From John Matthews et al requesting that the land in rear of Eveleigh Street be graded.
Referred to Board of Works
From H. Abbott asking that the crushed rock be delivered on scows at the C.P.R. slip.
Referred to Board of Works with power to act
From Yates, Jay & Russell asking for a settlement of the claim of J.G. McDonald on Westminster Avenue.
Referred to Board of Works
From T.T. Black et al asking that the Fire Limits be extended to embrace the whole of Granville Street.
Referred to F.W. & L. Committee

Vol. 4, pg. 489

The following reports were received and considered:


The Finance Committee met on Friday, September 4th, 1891.
Present Aldermen Brown, Hobson and Scoullar.
It was recommended:
1) That the following accounts be paid:
The Daily Telegram, printing $ 47.15
Thomson Bros., stationery 1.50
V.W.W. Co., ½ expenses of two meeting of arbitrators to arrange 27.75
2) That tenders be invited for re-insuring the hospital furniture.
3) That as T. Oppenheimer has been assessed for Blocks 123 to 127 in District Lot 540 for a greater number of acres than said blocks contain through portions of District Lot 192 being included therein, under the advice of the City Solicitor, we would recommend that the Collector be instructed to accept the taxes properly chargeable to said Blocks in full settlement of the amount due, the balance being already charged to District Lot 192.
4) That Messrs. Corbould, McColl and Jenns be paid $100.00 the balance due to them for professional services in connection with the Smith case, the City Solicitor being of the opinion that they are entitled to it.
5) That the street sprinkling be discontinued after the 12th inst.
6) That the City Solicitor be instructed to tender to the Vancouver Water Works Co. payment for 23 hydraulics, which are considered to have

Vol 4, pg. 490

sufficient pressure for fire purposes, and that the Chief of the Fire Brigade be instructed to report as to whether the pressure has been maintained since his last report.
7) That the Provincial Government be requested to furnish the names of all parties in the City of Vancouver who have paid their poll tax for 1891.
8) That the sum of $200 be placed to the credit of the Park Commissioners for roofing the sheds where the animals are confined and for plowing, harrowing and seeding down the grounds behind the ranger’s house.
Signed by Wm. Brown, Chairman

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Godfrey
That the report of the Finance Committee be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Tuesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 3rd, 1891.
Present: Aldermen Brighouse, Brown, Templeton and Godfrey.
It was recommended:
1) That the City Engineer be instructed to get a new wire rope, a governor and two wooden pulleys of the requisite diameter for Dr. Kendall’s quarry at the North Arm.
2) That the City Engineer be authorized to get two carloads of Yale gravel from the C.P.R. authorities for use on the streets.
3) That $50.00 be expended in repairs to the landing place at Brockton Point. The Union S.S. Co. to expend an additional $50.00 in

Vol. 4, pg. 491

repairs, the whole work in connection therewith to be done by the said company, under the supervision of the City Engineer.
4) That the matter re Dr. Kendall’s quarry be left in the hands of the City Engineer to arrange re a new wire rope, necessary pulleys and repairs to the broken bolt and to examine into and report into the necessity of supplying a governor for the machinery, it being, however, distinctly understood between Dr. Kendall and the City Council that there be no more demands made for further supplies or alterations by said Dr. Kendall.
5) That the communication from J.D. Fraser et al re a Charter for a Street Railway be referred to the City Solicitor to see if the Company is bona fide and to give his opinion as to what power the Board of Works has in the matter.
6) That tenders be called for the work in connection with the piers and wings of Granville and Cambie Street Bridges.
7) That 1000 feet of lumber be supplied to the caretaker of the Cemetery for shed purposes.
8) That Wm. Davie, fireman, be granted $10.00 a month extra in services in connection with the road roller.
9) That the following tenders be accepted:
8th Avenue grading, Centre Street cost D.H. Morgan
“ “ “ Columbia Street “ do.
10th Avenue, sidewalk J.C. McCurdy
Eveleigh Street “ do.
Davie Street “ do.
Hornby Street “ do.
Lanes Blocks 85, 95 + 105, 541 M. McIntyre
9th Avenue grading H.D. & E.P. Fraser

Vol. 4, pg. 492

Princess Street, sidewalk E. Sanders
10) That the following tenders be invited:
a) Lanes
Grading all lanes not already graded, south of Georgia and east of Granville street 541
b) Lanes
Grading lanes in Blocks 8, 16 and 22, 185
c) Prior Street sidewalk both sides from Gore to Jackson
d) Homer Street grading full width through blocks 55 and 56, also between Smythe and Nelson Streets
e) Grading east end school grounds
f) Sophia Street and 14th Avenue clearing and grading
g) About 4000 ft box drains in Yale Town

11) That the following accounts be paid:
W. Crickmay supplies to quarry $ 562.84
McLennan & McFeely, supplies 19.25
J.M. O’Toole, supplies 8.59
Robertson Bros. & Co., Supplies 2.25
James Hartney, Supplies 75.48
Sheridan & Blair, relaying sidewalk 25.50
W.G. Fraser, Harris Street 66.40
McLean Bros., Harris Street 115.71
Dalkwell & Pinto, Nelson Street 108.65
Creighton, Fraser & Co., Supplies 1.70
H.P. Bailey, Richards Street 109.41
W.D. Hobson, Robson Street 629.46
D. Gibbons App. to Cambie Street Bridge 753.50
James Foster, Bridge St. 462.00
Boyd A. Clandenning, Nicola Street 1,652.13
H.P. Bailey, Barnard Street 133.56
Thomas et al, labour 374.05

The petition from Misses Johnson was filed.

The petition from Walter Black was laid over.
Signed S. Brighouse
Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman McDowell
That the report of the Board of Works be adopted.

Vol. 4, pg. 493
Introduction of By-Laws

Alderman Godfrey introduced a by-law to fix the time etc. for holding an election in Ward 5 for the election of an Alderman to fill the position left vacant by reason of Alderman De Pencier having left the City.

By-law read a first time on motion of Alderman Godfrey, seconded by Alderman Hobson.

By-law read a second time on motion of Alderman McDowell, seconded by Alderman Godfrey.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole with Alderman Godfrey in the Chair.

The By-law was read over clause by clause and reported complete.

It was then read a third time on motion of Alderman Templeton, seconded by Alderman Godfrey.

Mr. J.C. Drewry, representing the Toronto Globe, was on resolution allow [sic] to appear before the Bar of the Council to explain the advantages of his paper as an advertising medium and offering to write up the City for $300.00.

After hearing him through it was moved by Alderman McDowell, seconded by Alderman Brown
That this matter and that of Springer and Campbell be filed.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That the account of Mr. E. Cook amounting to $43.75 being for rent of wharf for delivery of broken stone up to August 29th be paid.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Templeton

Vol. 4. pg. 494
That the application of the Board of Trade for the user of the Market Hall on Tuesday the 8th inst. be granted, no charge being made for same.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by Alderman Templeton
That whereas for many months Granville Street has be [sic] partially blocked with building material to be used in the construction of the Post Office on which operations has been suspended for some time, therefore be it resolved that the Dominion Government be communicated with requesting them either to recommence building or remove the obstructions to traffic without delay.

The Board then adjourned.
D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk
City Clerk